Gold Details in the Mix

Boots: Material Girl // Tights and Necklace: Forever 21 // Sweater: American Eagle Outfitters // Shirt: Olive and Oak via Urban Outfitters // Bag: Nine West

Last Friday, I was able to meet up with one of my besties, Luvania of Fashion To The Nine, for a coffee date after one long and hectic week (sadly, this week is probably even more stressful than the last). After having our usual laughs and sharing our enjoyably strange stories, we of course decided to take a few outfit post pictures for our lovely readers. 
The highlights of this outfit include this adorable pair of polka dot tights from Forever 21 (much cheaper than H&M and they're of decent quality!) and my new pair of ankle booties from Material Girl (via The Bay). I was pretty proud of myself for not spending very much on clothing in the last couple of weeks (food however is a different story) but after receiving my pay cheque I was unable to resist this pair that I had been eyeing for the last month or so. I especially love them because their chunky heels make them easy to wear on all sorts of terrain and the black pleather and gold metal plating is a very appealing combo! 
As well, this knit sweater has become one of my fall fashion staples of late due to its neutrality and its warmth, both of which are elements that make this sweater an essential layering tool in my closet. 

On another note, I've been slowly packing away my lighter, brighter summer tops, shorts, and skirts (and skorts) into another closet as they are cluttering up my wardrobe like there's no tomorrow. There are few things more frustrating than standing on your tippy-toes in front of your closet while looking for a hidden pair of pleather pants when a million chiffon tops are blocking your view!
How are the rest of you organizing your fall wardrobe? 


  1. I really like everything, the cute booties, the grey sweater, the accessoires! I think I even have almost the same tights.


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  2. Love following your blog !
    You have awesome style.
    Cute booties.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  3. Love this! From the sweater to the shirt underneath to the paneled skirt :) Perfect fall layers!! Looks cozy but chic!

    refined couture 

  4. so lovely outfit the grey sweater...although polka dot tights not really my type but u look so great on that

  5. so pretty! that sweater is amazing. organizing me closet? what's that?

    Kate | The Fancy Pants Report

  6. Haha, I seem to only spend my pay checks on clothes and food! Love the outfit. I love how you added pieces to make it more fall appropriate, like layering with the sweater and the tights. Your new booties are so cute, definitely worth the money. I love the animal print texture and gold detailing. They have a slightly edgy feel, but also look very high fashion.

    And oh goodness, I packed away my summer stuff a few weeks ago into boxes. But now my closet is bursting with all my fall and winter coats! I'm glad I'm not the only one who transitions their wardrobe with different seasons. All my friends make fun of me!


  7. OMG!! SO GORGEOUSS!:D You're so very pretty!:D ahaha, your outfit is just absolute perfection!:D I especially love those boots! They look so expensive and well made. I'm a sucker for gold hardware details on shoes. HAHAHA

    ♥ Charms│My ∞ Fashion Confession

  8. I'm so in love with this outfit!!! you look amazing and those boots are gorgeous:))
    beautifully styled dear!!!

  9. Rockin' booties, Deborah! I love how u're always so well put together & could those tights be any more cuter & suitable for the weather ;) And the part where u said u were slowly putting away ur spring & summer clothes away sounded sad haha but it's true, we need more space for the fall/winter!

  10. cute outfit! I love the booties, the necklace, the sweater, everything you're wearing!

  11. It's so nice you have someone to share coffee with and talk out things. I'm sorry to hear things are stressful (I totally relate) but I hope things calm down a bit soon! Lovely outfit. I adore the printed tights!

  12. great post! would u like to follow eachother?

  13. haha food is always my downfall too :( and that's so fun you have a blogger friend close by! and i LOVE forever 21 tights (and yours are no exception) and love their prices even more. $3.50? I can afford that.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  14. Love love love the lip colour, and gorgeous boots!
    Becca x

  15. You always look so chic. I love your lip color!

    Xo, Hannah


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