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(Taken while on a walk in my neighbourhood)

Greetings everyone,
How have you been enjoying this gorgeous fall season thus far? The beautiful weather has had a huge hand in keeping my mood bright and optimistic even throughout stressful school crunch-times. When I was not working, I managed to enjoy a great deal of delicious food (two hotpot dinners over the Thanksgiving long weekend), shop a bit too much (darn those Thanksgiving weekend sales), and enjoy the company of wonderful friends and family.
More gorgeous Vancouver scenery at Deer Lake Park. 
The first live hockey game I've been to this season: Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks. The dreaded SJS have beaten us badly for our first two bouts with them and I'm getting worried that we won't be able to get our edge back whenever we face off against them... Nevertheless, it was enthralling to see our boys in blue back in action!
I upgraded my regular membership at Club 16 to "Elite Plus" status, meaning I now have unlimited access to all gyms in the lower Mainland, unlimited tanning (not so interested in that), and discounts off random products. The most important thing is that I can now go to the Waterfront gym and enjoy this fantastic view! Also, I am slowly training myself again for my fourth Sun Run race- I am determined to beat my personal best of 45:06!
We enjoyed some delectable chocolate fondue at our friends' place. One of the hosts was creative enough to create a chocolate coating on top of a Melona popsicle- amazing!  
My obsession over home decor and accents continued. While at Metrotown, I bought this key accent/hanger and resisted buying more random things, like an amperstand-shaped bookend. 
The boyfriend bought me this awesome Saje stoneware natural candle diffuser along with a "Gratitude" diffuser oil. The perfect way to relax after a long day at work or school! 
Shopping a bit too much at Metrotown: China Glaze matte green nail polish that reminds me of Christmas cookie icing, a "Follow Your Heart" sweater from Old Navy to match my geeky fox one, a cardigan from Urban Behaviour ($8!), and a pair of print loafers from The Gap that I've been wearing everywhere lately!

Hope you all have been enjoying this fall as much as I have!


  1. The first photo is so beautiful, I feel autumn already!:)

  2. I read metro-town and I'm like oh yay!! a fellow blogger in the same city. Yaay!we can definitely speak of the Vancouver weather together. The weather is cold though, but still pretty! Looks like an amazing day! :)

    Keep in touch if you want, I just joined your site too :))



  3. Lovely pics!! Can't believe I haven't followed you on Instagram, now I'm your new follower there!


    Follow me on Facebook


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