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Hello everyone,
This last weekend and week has been a jumble of fun and stress, according to whether I was finishing my projects or enjoying some much-needed social/physical activities. Let's took a look at what I've been up to:
A friend of mine wanted to buy a Bath and Body Works candle so I helped her take advantage of the 2 for $15 deal by getting this "Pumpkin Cupcake" item myself. I have yet to use it because I've been using my Saje diffuser candle lately but I'll let y'all know how it is!
My latest project for PUB 131 (the third project due in three weeks) consisted of my recreating four pages of the Vancouver Sun on Adobe InDesign. Talk about a snorefest! But at least I guess I was learning something...
A friend of mine who works at the new Tory Burch store on Alberni Street invited me to the private soft opening last Friday. Although the store boasted a classy and chic interior, the amount of people crowded upstairs in the shoe and bag room had me feeling more than a little claustrophobic. 
... But at least we got really cute treats like these!
After Tory Burch, I headed off to Kamei Baru on Smithe St. to meet the bf for dinner and a movie (Captain Phillips). We feasted on delicious oysters, chicken wings, chicken curry, and sipped on Asahi Black (our favourite beer).

We also enjoyed a special Spanish Mackerel called Aji- this minute plate cost a good $15! 
The next morning the bf and I stuffed ourselves on a huge brunch at a local dinner. Omelettes are usually my breakfast of choice!
I am very thankful that I have recently upgraded my Club 16 status to Elite Plus as going to both the Coquitlam and Vancouver locations has allowed me to work out much more than I had been able to in the last few months. As a result, I can feel myself improving my fitness levels immensely lately, both cardio and strength-wise. A friend of mine has requested that I write a fitness post on running and general fitness tips so that might be in the works for the near future! 
Fright Night! Both a fun time and a complete waste of one. I was very happy to go with some of my ex-coworkers as we could all catch up with one another while stuck in HOUR long lineups. Yep, you read that right. An hour. For each attraction. My advice? Either don't bother to go or go on a weeknight, weekends are killer! The immense number of people and the length of the lineups are much more frightening than the actual haunted houses, believe me... 
I was very disappointed that the one haunted houses we managed to get into (after waiting impatiently in a ten-lane lineup) turned out to be the same house I went into last year. So I was very much unshocked by anything in there... Plus I have yet to scream in a haunted house, I think watching a million horror movies has greatly desensitized me to the experience. 
I haven't been to SFU Burnaby in quite a while so when I saw the Starbucks that recently opened up on campus, I was more than impressed with its lovely open door/patio concept that was perfect for catching up with friends in the fall sunshine.
As I was paid this last Friday, I felt it was high time to treat myself by going on a mini spending spree. I bought this Topshop hat and fur stole ($46 each... A bit on the pricey side), a Topshop pencil skirt that was on sale for only $24, and a pair of H&M booties. I was also debating whether I should buy this Canon 50mm f1.8 camera lens that I've been meaning to buy for a while now. However, since I'm a strict budget in order to save up for my L.A. trip, I decided to forgo the expenditure until next pay cheque.
Just last night I experienced a major food coma while eating an enormous hotpot meal with a bunch of my friends. The couple who hosted the event more than know their hotpot necessities; we were so stuffed by the delicious ingredients that we ended up not being able to finish most of the food. Today (Sunday), I had yet another hotpot dinner at Boiling Point with another couple... I think I need to take a break from hotpot dinners for the next while...


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