(Cape)rs in Beverly Hills: Day 4 x L.A.

Cape, Top & Necklace: Forever 21 // Hat: Topshop // Pants: Cotton On (Santa Monica) // Shoes: Material Girl // Bag: Nine West // Bracelets: Aldo

When it's raining and you're in a dour mood, one of the best remedies is to look back over old pictures of happier and sunnier times. In this instance, that would include reminiscing about my recent trip to L.A. (according to many of my friends and acquaintances, I even managed to get a tan!). Instead of thinking about how I have to work late tonight due to extended holiday hours ('tis the season to be a grinch), I decided to blog about this particular lovely morning when I got to do some last minute shopping in Beverly Hills before we had to leave for our 7:30 pm flight back to Bellingham. I got to wear my new cape from Forever 21 for the first time (my bf bought it as a present for enduring a long day and night of Dir En Grey-related activities); it was just as comfortable and effortlessly stylish as I had hoped!

We started off Beverly Connection, a mall that boasted of a Nordstrom Rack, Ross, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Old Navy, and other fun-to-scour shopping destinations. When I ventured into Marshalls, I was pleasantly surprised by how many amazing deals there were on designer brands such as Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Diane von Furstenberg-- it must have been the rich environment of the Beverly Hills that influenced such wonderful selection! Next, we stepped into the Nordstrom Rack (which ended up being our last stop as I found everything that I wanted there). After excitedly searching through countless racks, I managed to pick out a lovely pair of blue-print-on-white Current/Elliot jeans that cost a mere $40 USD (down from $258 USD!) and a patent black Kate Spade tote bag. I was debating between getting the cheaper tote bag or a legit leather Kate Spade bag; however, my frugal side came out and I decided that the cheaper bag I got, the more items I could afford!  

After grabbing my purchases, we ate a quick lunch at Beverly Centre, a large shopping mall across from Beverly Connection, and headed on early to the airport. We ended up getting to the airport about five hours earlier than our flight departure time so we settled down with some Netflix (I'm so glad we brought my laptop)and ate a light seafood dinner of seared mahi-mahi. I wish now that I had bothered to check my purse to make sure everything was in there because it was somewhere around this time that I lost my wallet! Despite this unfortunate setback, I had a wonderful trip and am so glad that I got some sunshine during these dreary winter months of ours. Have any of you got any plans for the holidays?


  1. Sorrie to hear abt the wallet =/ But glad that u had a great LA trip with awesome shopping deals & safe flight there & back! LOVE the cape & how versatile it is. Plus it looks like it would just get better & better with wear through many more cold seasons!

  2. Wow...you got an AMAZING deal on those Current/Elliot jeans. Love this outfit that you're wearing! You look so pretty and chic :)

    xo Azu


  3. Ahh, good deals are the best. I've always been a huge fan of Nordstrom Rack! So jealous that you snagged a Kate Spade tote bag and some Current/Elliott jeans!

    Xo, Hannah


  4. Love this casual look, great cape!!!!
    Beautiful pictures!


  5. Great look :)
    Your bf has a great sense of style because the cardigan is really, really great!
    I like it :)
    Maybe I will find myself also something nice because on wednesday or thursday I am also going to a Forever 21 shop :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  6. Amazing HONEY!!!


  7. You look so stylish!! I love the pleather pants so much. They add a bit of subtle edge,yet are super chic. Love the shawl with the graphic tee, so trendy! You definitely fit in like a glove with all the fashion forward people residing in LA : )



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