Dir En Grey Concert: Day 3 x L.A.

Faux Leather Top: Urban Outfitters // Cardigan: Ross // Skorts & Shoes: Zara // Tights: Urban Planet // Necklace & Cutout Cuff: Forever 21 // Bracelets: Ardene, Ily Couture 
 Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Vest: Zara // Top: Topman // Pants: A/X // Boots: Cole Haan // Belt: King Baby

Greetings all,
The BF and I just got back from the Dir En Grey rock concert that was the main reason for this entire trip to L.A. My BF has loved this famous Japanese rock band since highschool (which was quite a while ago) so he had to go when he found out that the band would be performing in L.A. for the last leg of their tour. Although I had no idea who they were before dating him, P convinced me to join him by tempting me with good shopping, food, and sightseeing. We both obviously had to dress up for the occasion so I bought a faux leather top on sale at Urban Outfitters and the BF bought a faux leather vest  from Zara. When we arrived at the concert venue, House of Blues, I wasn't sure whether I'd actually enjoy the experience since I'd only listened to a few of the songs previously. To make matters worse, my feet were killing me since I had unwisely chosen to wear four inch heels and it was standing room only (we were in the mosh pit all night). Crazy sweaty people were everywhere and I was scared that I would get injured from overly-eager moshers. Also, the opening act was some French hardcore rock band that had me wishing that I could go for a nap in the car.
However, I was more than glad that I persevered until the main act came on the perform: Dir En Grey was amazing! The main vocalist was amazingly talented and charismatic; his use of flamboyant costumes, visuals, and freaky facial expressions/makeup was extremely entertaining and I found myself having a great time! I also was impressed by how many fans of different ethnicities adored this very Japanese band. While the first act seemed to take an eternity, Dir En Grey's performances seemed to speed by. I wouldn't have minded joining my BF and many others in the sweaty moshing; sadly, I was wearing the wrong footwear to join in on the fun. For my first rock concert, I was thoroughly impressed and found myself humming my favourite song on the drive back to the hotel ("Rinkaku").  


  1. Great outfits! Beautiful pictures!

    Have a good week!

    Internetional GIVEAWAY!

  2. You both look so great I love your leather top

  3. Aren't finding new things to love the best in a relationship :D Love the rocked out outfits from u & ur bf, u guys are killin' it!

  4. I love this outfit! The top is my fav <3


  5. I love the top, so cute! You look gorgeous as always!
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  6. You look so pretty, love your outfit!! I'm so happy to hear that you had fun in your trip to L.A



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