Monochrome & Fur

Shirt: Kenneth Cole via Winners // Dress & Tights: H&M // Shoes: Rockport // Necklace & Bracelets: Forever 21, Ardene // Ring: H&M // Belt: vintage

Good day everyone,
Or since it's currently 11:30 pm, good evening! I just had one heck of a long day with technological malfunctioning (what else is new?), project deadlines, and rushing all over Vancouver. Nevertheless, there were more than a few things that made me smile on this sunny/cloudy/rainy day. First off, I got to see the fabulous Luv from Fashion to the Nine in order to chat over lunch and coffee, after which we took the opportunity to take some more blog post pictures with my new camera lens. Then after class I enjoyed an hour long spa date with the bf as a super early Christmas present (we can never actually give our presents in December, we are always too impatient). After enjoying my luxurious facial and body exfoliation, I felt so relaxed and sleepy that I didn't want to leave. Last but not least, I got into contact with a local fashionista (who has mutual friends with me) over Instagram of all places! Now we're all set for a dinner date on Saturday and I'm super excited to dress up and get to know this lovely lady better. 
For this particular outfit, I was enjoying a wonderful and rare off day from both work and school; however, I felt the need to dress up for a coffee and shopping date with Luv and so went with this fur vest and monochromatic ensemble. I was especially proud of myself for managing to wear only "old" items (read: items more than a few months old), such as this Kenneth Cole shirt and H&M dress. Also, I've been going crazy wearing skirt and sweater combinations lately-- I think I need an intervention soon. What are some of your favourite fall outfits lately? 


  1. awesome outfit !
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  2. lovely post..... Visit my blog too and if you like we can follow each other on GFC,bloglovin and google let me know

  3. this is such a pretty classy outfit! love your bag and necklace the most! nice nail polish too! :)

  4. This look is so amazing! I have to make an outfit with my fur vest, too. Love the boots!!


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  5. Amazing look. You Can Enter For Leggings Giveaway On My Blog. Fashion Talks

  6. I love this look!

    The Cutielicious

  7. You do layering perfectly! Love your bag x

    Jodie Marie
    à la Jode

  8. Love the fur vest! I love the belt with it as well. The pleated skirt is so skirt and I love how the chic layered feel you have going on. I'm also a huge fan of sweaters and skirts! Love your mint colored nails too!! : )


  9. You look SO stunning and chic. Love your fur!

    Xo, Hannah


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