The Dotted Blues

Peplum Jacket: Mario Serrani // Necklace: Forever 21 // Hat: Topshop // Pants & Shoes: H&M // Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target 

Last Sunday was yet another display of a spectacular fall-- the leaves were an explosion of autumn colour, the sunshine was in abundance, and people from all walks of life were taking the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to get away with wearing just this peplum jacket over a light sweater since lately I've been living underneath my giant wool blend winter coats. I was debating whether I should also wear a scarf or stole but decided to top off my Sunday outfit with the wool hat instead. Although this Topshop fedora cost a bit more than I would usually pay for a hat, I find that its versatility and easy style more than makes up for the price tag. As well, I'm determined to wear all of the blazers and jackets that I've bought recently (and promptly forgot as soon I bought new things), including this jacket on which I spent a good amount on to buy and then another good sum to tailor the waist. 
Regarding today's agenda, I'm excited to be hanging out with a fellow blogger today for a coffee date and "window-shopping," after which I will be working out and heading back home to work on a project that's due all too soon. However, you know I'll be interspersing my intense work sessions with some fun Netflix breaks!  



  1. Awesome peplum jacket and great outfit for fall!

  2. Amazing look
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    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  3. Love your complete look, from the hat to the amazing boots! Great color on the jacket. Such an easy chic.

  4. Super stylish photos. I love the top and the print of the pants is very amazing.

  5. Lovely outfit, classy look.

  6. So perfect for Fall!!! And youre makeup is gorgeous :)
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  7. This is such an amazing look, you look so chic!! love the hat:))
    And the pants are great too, I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat!!!

  8. You look fab in the peplum! Love that you paired it with bold trousers.

  9. Ur outfits are so inspiring! I don't wear a lot of colors in my outfits esp if it's the fall or winter but u always pull off various colors far too well :D So trendy!

  10. Wow, really great look!
    I love it to be hones :)

    And the hat is also really cool :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  11. I love this outfit! The trousers so so nice :)

  12. Wow, you look amazing. That hat is so cute and it look lovely on you. :)

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    my new outfit post

  13. nice classic look :)

  14. lovely look! that peplum jacket looks so great with the dotted pants!

  15. So stylish ! Beautiful outfit !
    I'm following you now.


  16. Love love this look Debbie! I want it all..from the felt hat to the asymmetrical peplum top to the printed pants and your awesome booties!! Fantastic look for fall and the pictures are gorgeous :)

    refined couture 

  17. Great association of clothes and the colours are perfect together!

  18. I love this outfit! And you're such a beauty!! Those accessories are to die for!

    Lace and Lipstick Style


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