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Jacket & Pants: H&M // Faux Leather Crop Top: Urban Outfitters // Shirt via work // Necklace: The Hudson Bay Company // Shoes: Zara // Sunglasses: Aldo

At this time of the year, I'm sure that many of you have personally experienced just how awful the malls can be in terms of the immense crowds and cranky customers. As someone who works in Guest Services, we are often on the front lines of this hectic atmosphere; as a result, I often feel completely exhausted after finishing a seven or eight hour shift. Tonight, however, I felt lucky enough to finish work at 6 pm and to be able to go home at decent hour to enjoy dinner and some time with the bf. On the bright side, I've finished my Christmas shopping and decorating at home-- I'm ready to relax during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and beyond! How are the rest of you dealing with the craziness of Christmas shopping? 

In terms of today's outfit post, the lovely Luvania from Fashion To The Nine (who presently is on vacation in Hawaii and needs to come back already) took these pictures for me after we enjoyed a much-needed coffee date about a week ago. I've been gravitating towards black and white outfit combinations lately and have realized just how addictive this colour palette can be! However, I really want to get back to wearing more colour so let's hope I'm successful in future posts. 

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  1. Gee. Those immense crowds, malls are so hot whenever I go during these holiday season!
    Anyways, Love your look here! :)

  2. This outfit is perfection! I love the jacket and leggings paired together. And the cropped sweater is just darling. I might brave the downtown crowds again just to pop into H&M even though I've just finished my Christmas shopping :)

  3. Love this outfit! The leggings and the boots are amazing!


  4. love the coat and necklace!

  5. ooo.... so pretty
    love the leggings and the necklace


  6. I have those pants!!! I love how you styled this. Black & white outfits are always by go-to in the winter. Lovely outfit!


  7. such a pretty look !
    visit my blog :

  8. Wow, this look is really gorgeous :)
    I like the pants and the necklace :)

    Oh yeah, the malls are right now so full, I really hate shopping :D
    Yesterday I went to the mall and wanted to buy myself some pair of shoes and the sales women did ignore me for like 5 minutes. I was so angry I marched out of the shop!
    Tomorrow I will have to go to the mall to buy some gifts. But I will go there right in the morning so there won't be such a crowd :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  9. Nice outfit! Love your style! You look genius! Love your outfit!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

  10. I am in love with this outfit!! The white shirt underneath makes the whole outfit
    for me!!! You look gorgeous as always dear!!

  11. fell in love with the jacket/coat. :)
    Keep in touch! ♥

  12. Yay! Another fan of the black and white combo. I love this look on you because it's classy yet fun :)
    Great outfit <3
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  13. Really can't say it enough but u're so stylish Deborah ;) I'm lovin' the pants & boots! Major kudos to u working at the mall during this time of the year! I highly doubt that I could survive working there haha but I'm sure u're an awesome employee! Have a wonderful weekend~~

  14. I am literally drooling over this outfit! You look so urban and chic-- just like a city girl! I adore your pants and black riding boots, and your jacket adds the perfect warm touch. I'd wear this look head to toe!

    Xo, Hannah


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