Sunshine & Stripes

Pants: Topshop // Necklace: Suzy Shier // Shirt via work // Jacket: Forever 21 // Shoes: Rockport

After discovering just how horrible working at the mall can be during the month of December, it's been wonderful to have a few days to relax and destress before heading back to the grind. Yesterday I had the rare opportunity to spend some time with church friends and to ease into the Christmas spirit (something not possible at the mall). As I am presently the Sunday school teacher for kids in Grade 5 to 6, I was obliged to follow these kids around my church's neighbourhood yesterday and sing Christmas carols to the local businesses. It was much more fun than expected to hand out little gifts to unsuspecting locals, sing a bunch of classic carols at the top of my lungs, and herd all of the eager little munchkins from door to door. We even got a few "professional" gigs at some of the restaurants and Starbucks; I'm pretty sure that we wowed these proprietors and their customers with our talent! After church and a quick gym workout, the bf and I headed downtown for a Canucks game against the Colorado Avalanche. Although it was quite a slow game and I could feel my eyes closing due to lack of sleep, we won 3-1 and I was happy to be able to see my beloved team in person once again. 

In terms of this outfit, I was happy to wear my new Topshop pants that I scored for an amazing $10 (down from $76) last week just after Black Friday. I have a million pairs of pants but just couldn't resist that pricetag and those bright stripes! What are some great deals you've gotten lately?

P.S. I just looked outside and it's snowing!! Guess that sunny but super frigid weather couldn't keep up forever. 


  1. Wow! Serious steal on those pants!! Love the color of your moto jacket. I've been looking into getting one in that style and color since it's a beautiful color for fall and winter! Pretty necklace as well :) Totally freezing here too...the weather's gotten so gross out. Guess we know that winter's officially coming! Have a great week Debbie :)

    refined couture 

  2. Oh, this is such a nice tradition. We in Austria do not have Christmas carol singers :(
    I think this is so nice. I love watching english Christmas movies and when those kids go from hose to house and sing or there's a group of people singing in the street this looks so nice! I wish we would have something like that also here :(

    I also like your outfit, especially your necklace :)

  3. Hello! I love your bag! Where did you her it? I love the lights behind on some of the pics:) I am running a giveaway, would you like to participate?

  4. awesome photos and I love the colours of your jacket! need to have one like that


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  5. First of all, I think you look particularly beautiful in these photos. :) And second, yay for being a Sunday school teacher! They are so underappreciated, but sometimes there are moments where it's rewarding and it sounds like you had such a moment. May you find some more peace from the mall craziness this week!


  6. You look awesome. I'm in love with the necklace, i want it!

    Cindy González.

  7. love the jacket and the bag


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  9. Lovely look!

  10. Love this blog! Just joined and look forward to following you. :)

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  11. You are so pretty and you're style is amazing!:D Love this outfit ♥

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  12. Great outfit! And I have been checking you blog and its really cool.

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  13. very nice!!!!!!!:)Wow, amazing photos!
    stunning post! i really love it!!!!

  14. I LOVE love love your jeans collection. This pair is so much fun!

    Xo, Hannah


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