Friday, 24 January 2014

A Lady in Leopard

Sweater: H&M // Collar Pins: Topshop // Pants: Cotton On // Bag: Material Girl // Shoes: Expression via The Bay

Sometimes a warm and fuzzy sweater is all that is required to brighten up your entire day. This was certainly the case with this lovely leopard sweater that I received as a Christmas present from the lovely Sarah of Crowded Closet. As soon as I released this sweater from the confines of Sarah's elegantly wrapped gift (she'll laugh at this since she deplores her gift-wrapping skills), I knew that I was in love! She was completely correct in her assumption that I would enjoy such a bold animal print and that it would be extremely practical for the wintertime. Since I have an obsession with buying sweaters, I was very glad that my friend was able to expand my collection without me having to spend any money. 

It just goes to show that making friends with the awesome bloggers who live in Vancouver has undeniable benefits!


  1. AHH SORRY! I was meant to tell you that I am FOLLOWING you!!! please ignore my past comment LOL but yeah! [; hope you enjoy your trip to asia hehe<3 which i'm sure you will!


    1. Oh I think i successfully removed my past comment heheh

  2. really cute outfit !
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  4. Lovely look!

  5. you look nice:) x

  6. Lucky you to have such an amazing friend who knows your desires! You look so cute in this outfit.
    I love sweathers too because they are so comfy and easy too combinate.

    x Lori

  7. ohh gosh you look so cute! love that sweater! <3
    Emma xx

  8. you look lovely....great outfit


  9. i love how you styled it girl! I'm glad you like the sweater so much; when I saw it I just knew it would the perfect Christmas gift for you! Can't wait to catch up with ya girlie :)

    -Sarah xox

  10. Hi, I just came across ur blog n I love it, ur style is reallly lovely. I just followed u on bloglovin, mayb u cn check out my blog n follow back?

  11. The sweater looks really nice n you!
    It's great that your friends know exactly what you like :)

    And i love the little detail at the blouse *_*

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  12. Love the sweater! I'm a big fan of leopard print


  13. A stylish lady in leopard indeed! That is one sweet gift from a fellow blogger :] As for having a big sweater collection, having as many sweaters as we can possibly have is a must in this cold season! There's none of that "guilty feeling" on having too many sweaters like sometimes being guilty of buying too many shoes (for me that is!). They come in handy plus they're so warm & comfortable. Hope u had a really great weekend, Deborah! Here's to another new wk~~

  14. What a gorgeous sweater--you and your friend have such great taste! And i must ask...did you match the color of your lips with the interior of your bag?? If so, that's some expert level detailing! haha Simply beautiful Deboraph :)


    xo Jess

  15. i like this outfit so much!
    your sweater looks nice:)
    i m following you via gfc, would you like to follow back?


  16. Awww, that's so sweet of her to get that sweater for you. I need to make some blogger friends who will buy me cute gifts! Love the bold print and I love the collared shirt underneath. I originally thought you had a collared shirt and a cute chain necklace, but then read the post and realized the chain is part of the shirt. I love that! So cute and fun. Love the booties as well. I've been dying to buy a new pair of booties and yours are perfect. I love the rich cognac color.