"Beautiful Bookworm": A ModCloth Polyvore Challenge

Beautiful Bookworm by fortunadebbie112

Sheer Blouse // Ankle Pants // Shoes // Handbag // Wrap Watch // Statement Necklace // Hat // Belt

(All items available on ModCloth.com)

If you've ever seen the Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astair classic "Funny Face," you probably why I chose the title for this particular post. In that wonderful musical, Hepburn plays a quiet bookworm who is suddenly thrown in the glamorous world of fashion modelling with the help of the ever-dapper, sure-footed Fred Astair. I don't know about you, but I would be pretty happy if that particular career fell into my lap while working in a dusty bookshop! This outfit, inspired by the bookish beauty of Hepburn, was created for intelligent and independent women who love fashion; fabulous females who dress for themselves and value stylish comfort.   

When ModCloth challenged me to create a Polyvore outfit collage around this week's featured item (The Grand Tour Guide Top in Ivory) , I knew that I wanted to build a stylish ensemble that didn't sacrifice comfort for fashion. However, don't think that practical and comfortable means sweatpants and UGG boots! Comfortable style can be as simple as choosing wedge heels or fancy loafers instead of stilettos, or fancy slacks instead of a tight skirt. While searching for more ModCloth items to flesh out this outfit challenge, I struck by the extremely attractive and unique selection offered by this site; so many items are so interestingly quirky and offer prints and patterns not often seen in major retailer stores. I was especially struck by this lovely pair of sash-tied pants, the black and gold fox-head belt, the cutout Jeffrey Campbell wedges, and this lovely hat (I have an acute obsession with hats). As the cherries on top, I added in a wrap watch, a pop of yellow with the statement necklace, and a spectacularly adorable crossbody bag. Every one of these items would have a very warm welcome into my own closet!     

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and are inspired to create even more fantastic outfits for yourself! 


  1. loved the styling!


  2. The hat and the pants look really nice :)
    OH, shame on me, I have never seen that movie!
    But I have some free time this weekend so maybe I will watch it :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  3. Omg Funny Face is one of my favorite movies ever! I have the movie and watch it at least once a year. Love your picks, especially the cutout wedges. I think you would totally rock this look. :)


  4. Love your wishlist, I think that outfit would look really good on you!

  5. I've checked the the page.
    Very nice clothes!

    I like ur combination.

    xx http://fabeau-trends.blogspot.com

  6. I love Hepburn, and is a one my favorites movies.
    nice post

  7. Hi dear nice blog =) would u like to follow each other ? let me know =)

  8. Modcloth always has really nice clothing and accessories like that red scallop detail bag. I'm not sure how I would style a belt with pants that have a self-tie belt already. A bit confused on this part. I'm glad you added a wide-brim hat though, it's definitely what this outfit needed.

    Invisible Blush

    1. Haha, you totally called me out on my mistake! I actually realized my faux-pas AFTER I had finished making the outfit collage. It's really too bad because I love that fox belt!

  9. beautiful... items.. so cute.. am following please follow back here my new post... http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2014/01/28-uni-college-football-jacket-and-hand.html what do you think about it?

  10. Nice look!


  11. Very nice post!

  12. Oh, I totally agree with your idea of practical and comfortable. I adore this look--those pretty wedges are perfect with that gorgeous scalloped bag!

    Also, I spent some time reading your past posts and I loved the 2013 recap. I have a nerdy obsession with earning A's and am an enthusiastic runner as well. I smiled when I saw Toastmasters since my dad is in a club. I also enjoy public speaking though! Your look in your last post was so well-balanced too! The balance of the neon pink was just right and it was the perfect touch to that fun print dress. You're so glam and pretty!

    Cheers to another great year for you! Have a happy weekend :)


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