Birthday High Tea Date

On Sunday I was spoiled rotten by the beautiful Jasmeen of Keeping Up With Jasmeen with a lovely high tea date at Tracy Cakes. This local restaurant and bakery has three locations in Langley, Abbotsford, and White Rock; we made an enjoyable drive out to the Langley location that was made even better by the sunny weather. While it was certainly out of the way, I had an incredible time chatting about blogging and life within the lovely confines of this tiny but impeccably run establishment. In fact, I felt that the secluded nature of its location added to the immense charm of the bakery and allowed us to take a much-needed break from the hectic pace of city life (at least for a few hours). My gorgeous companion (pictured above) is a well-known patron of this particular high tea haven and so was excited to share the experience with a newbie like me. As soon as I walked into the place, I immediately fell hard for the Pinterest-worthy decor that appealed to my feminine sensibilities. Every inch of the house was covered in placards with cute sayings and adorable knick-knacks; I felt like I couldn't take enough pictures of the place, so hopefully the pictures above capture at least a fraction of its prettiness. If that wasn't wonderful enough already, we were lucky enough to enjoy a 2-for-1 special in which we only had to pay $25 for the both of us!

Thank you Jasmeen for such a luxurious and utterly enjoyable Sunday!


  1. nice you look very pretty :)

  2. beautiful dear =) visit? =)

  3. Beautiful pictures, And the place looks great! Relax and peaceful!

  4. Happy bday gurl!
    Nice pics. i like those location. I would definetely feel very comfy in this bakery.

    x Lori

  5. Wonderful photos!!!

  6. Jasmeen looks really nice :)
    I think it's amazing how you can make friends through blogging. The last time I met with some bloggers from Vienna we were chatting for ages. It was like we knew each other for years but I have met them only once before :)
    The local looks really, really nice :)
    it's such a pity that in my town there is no place like that :(

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  7. I LOVE that decor, totally has a Pinterest vibe! I've had high tea at the Empress in Victoria and loved it; defs a great way to spend an afternoon! All those cakes and treats look so yummy. Happy (early) Birthday lovely! Excited to celebrate with you on Saturday :)

    -Sarah xo

  8. This is such a sweet & lovely experience for drinking tea & eating lots of goodies!! I love the whole look to it with the charming perks in the interior, the cottage feel, & the fact that u're secluded from the usual busy city life- simply wonderful =) Happy happy "pre-birthday"!!! I hope u spend it the best ways ever & make it a memorable one~*

  9. Ahh I LOVE high tea and now this makes me realize I haven't gone in ages.

    And wait...are you an Aquarius like me? :D I'm finding more and more in common with you!! <3


  10. Love the photos, and the place is too cute! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!


    xo Jess


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