Dotted Pink Neon

Dress & Belt: Target via Clothing Swap // Tights & Shoes: H&M // Necklace: Aldo // Bracelet: Ily Couture // Bag: Michael Kors

One of the worst things about the wintertime, other than the cold, is the dryness in the air that results in persistently dry skin and static cling. When wearing this dress so recently acquired from a fellow fashionista during a two-person clothing swap, I found that this piece greatly succumbed to the ill effects of static electricity and had a tendency to cling to my body in strange ways. Nevertheless, I do love the print and faux leather details of this dress. 

Other than the static cling and minus-something temperatures (my eastern Canadian readers will laugh at my petty complaints about the weather), I had a fantastic weekend that had me relaxed and rejuvenated enough to face another week of school and work. On Friday, I had a great double date with Jasmeen of Keeping Up With Jasmeen and her boyfriend; we first ate a dismal meal of hotpot at some ghetto little Chinese restaurant in Burnaby (we blame UrbanSpoon for giving us bad intel). After dinner, our experience improved greatly as we went bowling at a local bowling alley that was featuring "cosmic bowling" (my favourite kind of bowling!) at the time. I got a high score of 147 points (nearly all my turns were strikes or spares) and a lower score of 122-- not too shabby for someone who bowls once or twice a year! 

On Saturday, I attended two birthday parties, one for my fabulous bestie Luvania of Fashion To The Nine and the other for the best friend of my boyfriend. Luvania's party was chock-full of incredible food and was immaculately decorated (I can't wait to show you the pictures when I steal them off of her blog). It was also amazing to reunite with Fatima, the other half of Fashion To The Nine, and Sarah of Crowded Closet in order to catch up with each other regarding our recent experiences and accomplishments over the past year. At the second party, we ended up having a chill night while playing Cards Against Humanity and watching Despicable Me on Netflix. 

Sunday was the day of a long-awaited baby shower for a couple with whom my boyfriend and I are close with (we visited them once in San Francisco back in May). While I love this down-to-earth and very cool couple, I was a tad nervous about attending the shower since: 1) I knew no one but the mom-to-be, 2) I would be the youngest person there, and 3) I had no clue what you did during a baby shower. Luckily, the shower turned out to be populated by a small group of fabulous women who welcomed me with talk of babies, doggies, Vancouver life, guys and their cars, and many other fun topics. Not to mention that the grandmother-to-be was once a caterer-- the food unsurprisingly was absolutely scrumptious! Consequently, I had a wonderful time and was very happy that I ended up going. I'll count it as one more item I can check off my list of life experiences.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend as well and aren't stressing out too much about the return to our daily routines of work and school!

P.S. I am so excited that I have just finished booking my highly-anticipated return to the homeland (Singapore) and other areas of Asia in the summer! This vacation will be at least 42 days long since my family hasn't been able to make this trip for four years due to my mom's summer school schedule. We will first fly to Shanghai, take a tour to other parts of China, and then move on finally to Singapore. A few weeks later I will be joined by my boyfriend and we will be flying out to Hong Kong, which I will be visiting for the first time. How's that for an exciting journey?!   


  1. Like that bag! Isn't hot pink such a great way to do a pop of color? :) And your bowling scores put me to shame--I think I got over 100 once in my entire lifetime. Sad, I know.

  2. really gorgeous!! love that neon!
    Emma xx

  3. Your weekend sounds perfect! :)
    And I am happy that you'll be going to Singapore :)
    I have never been outside of Europe, that makes me sad sometimes :(

    I really like your outfit and how you pared it with pink :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  4. It seems you have a spectacular week, I love the color of the bag and belt.
    Great look.
    good luck in singapore.

  5. I love the dress and belt, looks so cute together!

  6. wow u look so amazing.
    great pics and the bag ...i think i fall in love with it even though i dont like pink haha


  7. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog dear,
    i'm falling in love with your bag dear >.<


  8. I really love how u always stay fabulously chic despite any weather esp in this wicked winter haha. Sweet dress & pops of pink for this dress! And I hear ya on the itchy dry skin (thank u heavy duty body lotion) & statics everywhere which btw some of them actually hurt more than others, eek! Oh & also on being misled by Urban Spoon is another thing I can agree with but for me, Yelp. Too many places that were hyped & had me confused when I went ;) The 2 b-day parties & baby shower sounds like it was a blast!
    P.S- Niiiice bowling scores!

  9. Oh my gosh I love your boots! I'm kind of obsessed with black booties and the lucite heel on yours s gorgeous!! Love the pop of bright pink with the shift dress. So fun and girly. It sounds like you had a really fun active weekend.I have yet to attend a baby shower, but some of my friends have started to get engaged so maybe I will soon! And wow-that's amazing about going back to Singapore!!! 42 days is sooooo long! How exciting!!!



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