Prom Dress Paradise: Dress V

Although there is not enough money in the world that could tempt me to endure the awkwardness of high school all over again, there is one thing that I would go back in time to change: my prom dress. While the dress I chose was fine and dandy, it was nothing in comparison to the spectacular gowns of my youthful self's imagination. If I ever had the chance to re-do my prom night, I would opt to wear a fantastically gorgeous floor-length gown that would flatter my best features while remaining within my very limited high school student budget.

When Dress V ( asked me to write a post on their prom dresses, I was given the opportunity to browse their selection and fantasize about how my prom night might have gone if I had worn a particularly beautiful dress of theirs. Are you one of those lucky gals who is about to experience her prom night in the upcoming year? If so, pay attention to these lovely dresses below:

Sound the Sirens
There's no better way to exude "sexy" and "sophisticated" than by wearing a fabulous floor-length, vibrantly-red gown. I adore the simple and elegant design of this particular piece as I find that many prom dresses have a tendency to go overboard in terms of embellishment and glittery details. As well, the minute touch of glitter on the one shoulder strap is all that is required to compliment the siren red of this show-stopper.

Dress details:

Simply Gorgeous
Although I do not have many positive experiences with taffeta, this prom dress may have what it takes to change my mind entirely! When I first sighted this beauty, I was immediately smitten by how the simplicity of its colour wonderfully contrasts the intricacy of its design; the subtle embellishments on the bodice work in perfect harmony with the eye-catching ruching of the skirt. I can only imagine that wearing this gown would be like stepping into the favourite Disney princess movie of your childhood (the fact that I just watched "Frozen" may have been a slight influence on my last sentence)!

Dress details:

Midnight Sweetheart
Like many young girls, I grew up idealizing fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. However, upon the rude awakening of adolescence, I and many other girls discovered that such flat and cookie-cutter love stories do not occur in real life; real love is much more complex and harder to navigate than a dragon's den. Nevertheless, we still love the idea of the clock striking midnight and our handsome prince finding our glass slipper on the stairwell. For me, this dress mirrors all of those wonderful, incredibly naive notions of love; its lovely midnight blue colour and sweetheart necklace are the perfect combination of sweet and regal. As well, if you are apprehensive about revealing too much skin, the beaded cutout design of the top will help to decrease any sense of impropriety.

Dress details:

If you wish to browse Dress V's prom dress selection, follow this link:

I hope that you all enjoyed coming along with me for a little trip down memory lane with these lovely prom dresses. If you are at that special prom dress age, I hope that you find the dress of your dreams (perhaps even on Dress V)!

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Dress V, all opinions expressed within this post and blog are exclusively my own.


  1. Gorgeous dresses but my fav is the blue one soo gorgeous

  2. Awww, prom! I actually kind of miss high school. My prom dresses were always floor length and pretty fancy like the ones you featured in your post, but I'm noticing that girls wear really short little dresses to prom now. It almost looks like they're going clubbing! (at least in Washington). My favorite is the red one. The color is so bold and I love the jeweled one shoulder. It's elegant and chic without being too over the top. Great reviews! : )


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  4. wow nice dreses!
    i like the 3rd.


  5. Such a really great and interesting post! these dressed look so perfect.

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    Thank you!

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  6. Beautiful dresses!!!


  7. Oh, the blue one is gorgeous!

    I think I wouldn't want to go to high shcool back either. I mean, it has been okay to meet every day your friends in the same class but on the other hand I was so bored of biology, chemistry and those stuff. And I really hated my German teacher :D

    But I would love to go to my prom again and wear a big beautiful gown :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

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