The Wishlist: White and Gold

white and gold

Lately I've been harbouring a hankering for all things white and gold. In fact, my upcoming birthday party was to have a white and gold theme; however, upon pinning a bunch of party decor ideas on Pinterest, I realized that it would be slightly easier to include pink in the colour scheme. All party planning aside, some of my readers may know that I have a recently-begotten obsession over home decor and accents ever since I started re-decorating my bedroom over the past summer. As a result, I've accumulated quite the list of decor-related items that I would love to have but haven't yet bought due to a dreadfully thin wallet. Since my bedroom decor accents are predominantly white, having some more white and gold pieces would be ideal. My favourites of this collage would have to be the urchin, the antlers, and the adorable cocktail decanter; the little details on each of these items would make them an interesting addition to any room. I choose the doll head cups on an impulse as I thought they were quite unique and cute. However, upon closer inspection, I now find them a tad creepy...

If any of my closer friends are wondering what to buy me for my upcoming birthday, perhaps this compilation could be a bit a hint? ;)


  1. Inspiriting and nice mis of colors :)
    Today new post,Fur coat and leather
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  2. I really like gold! Gold and white makes a perfect match, right?

  3. Lovely selection of items! Liking your blog - would love to follow each other if you fancy it xx
    Mili Mola

  4. What is it abt white & gold that makes it all dreamy & nice~~ I love the combo, both rich looking & girlie fun! And ditto on having great interest & love for interior decorating! I loved seeing your interior charm here & there, can't forget abt the cool old-school camera that was an actual sharpener ;D P.S- I love the pillows from the selection! They would be so pretty on a white leather sofa or even red for that daring look!

  5. Great selection dear!!!

  6. Ahh I love everything in this post! I agree with that you said about the doll head mugs, but they're still cute at the same time! I think my favourites are the pillows… reminds me of those super cute ones from Chapters.
    Can't wait to see how your party all comes together!



  7. great items!! love the cups <3
    thanks for follow me dear! follow you back on GFC now!
    follow me also on Bloglovin, Pinterest, Twitter and let me know, I'll follow you back asap ;)
    have a nice day!

  8. sweet blog girly [: love your photos<3 keep up the great work!!
    and would you be interested to follow each other?? do let me know!


  9. Have you ever tried red and gold? It's perfect too.

  10. I love your blog

  11. Buen post.
    Pasate y si gustas sigueme por Gfc


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