The Spring Shopping List

A Floral Frenzy

During exam period, there's no better distraction than a good TV drama and some online shopping. In terms of television shows, I've been completely absorbed by each and every action-packed episode of Homeland. If the intensity of the show isn't enough to draw you in, the yumminess that is Rupert Friend will usually do the trick! The British hottie, who once acted as Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice, stars in this award-winning series as an intriguingly mysterious Elite Black Ops CIA operative (cue the endless "friend" jokes between my equally-obsessed girlfriends and I).

But we digress, this post is really about shopping online and getting excited for spring. And really, what says sunshine and singing birds better than flowers on your clothing and accessories?

Lucca Couture Silky Tulip Romper: (Urban Outfitters) Personally, I can't wait to bring these fun items out of my closet as they are such comfortable, spring-and-summer-appropriate pieces. Doesn't the very name "romper" make you think about frolicking happily in some flower-ridden meadow somewhere?

Tropical Harem Pants: (Forever 21) My obsession of late has been harem pants. The bolder the print, the better in my opinion. If you are looking for something in which you can look fabulous while also enjoying a gigantic dinner, this is for you!

Collection Blakely Printed Pumps: (J. Crew) I am absolutely in love with J. Crew's amazing Italian-made shoes and dream of the day when I finally get my paws on a pair. These printed pumps are made even more swoon-worthy by the incredible gold-plated details on the inside of the heels.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Waves Backpack:  (Urban Outfitters) You may have left high school long ago but it seems that high school never leaves you. Reminisce on those good ol' days (or completely terrible ones) with this adorable yet practical bag that will have you looking stylish while comfortably carrying many more items than you could manage in your purse.

Floral Sunnies Case: (Topshop) Tired of those boring old sunglasses cases? Change things up this spring with a sassy cat-eyed sunnies case!

Yellow Daisy Stud Earrings: (Topshop) While the big-eye-in-the-sky may be quite unreliable during this time of the year, you can always bring out that spring sun by wearing bright, cheerful pieces such as these daisy studs.

P.S. I am presently writing this post with no intention of actually putting my credit card into use as I am motivated to save my hard-earned money for my upcoming trip to Miami and cruise to the Bahamas. The thought of sipping cocktails on South Beach and cruising the clear blue waters of a tropical paradise is enough to make even a shopaholic like me think twice about spending unnecessarily!


  1. Aww those printed pumps are to die for!!! So cute. I love everything here.

  2. I love these colourful and printed items. So excited for spring and i also started seeking for hot looks on the net.
    But i dont want to spend too much cuz i also wanna do an trip to london next yr. By gods grace :)
    Enjoy ur weekend!

    x Lori

  3. Great choice Doffy, these spring colors are very cute ♥

  4. The printed pants are super sweet!
    I do not watch Homeland but I am completely obsessed with Pretty little liars and Criminal Minds. I think even my mum now knows that her daughter is obsessed with Criminla Minds. I try to watch it every time when it's on tv which is like 4 times per week because we get the Austrian and german Television :)

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    Instagram // Faceboook

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  6. I love floral prints) Great selection)

  7. Those shoes are beautiful!!

    Would you like to follow each other?


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