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Topshop, Harem Pants, Fashion, Vancouver, Print

Topshop, Harem Pants, Fashion, Vancouver, Print
Topshop, Harem Pants, Fashion, Vancouver, Print
Topshop, Harem Pants, Fashion, Vancouver, Print
Top: H&M // Pants: Topshop (similar) // Necklace: Forever 21 // Bracelets: Ardene, Sirens // Shoes: The Hudson Bay

When Topshop first came to Vancouver, I was extremely excited to finally have this fashionable brand in my home city and within easy reach. However, after I had gotten over my initial awe of the giant store's shiny interiors and flashy decor, I was disappointed to discover that the Vancouver store was drastically overpriced. This should have come as no small surprise as everything in Vancouver seems to be inflated to a price much higher than its actual value. Luckily, as the store lost its novelty and finally seemed to realize that its sweaters aren't worth $80, the clearance racks started to grow and grow until those pink price tags and signs could no longer be ignored by this shopaholic. Since I work in close vicinity to that particular store, it shouldn't be a huge shock that my closet has become well-populated by all of the sales items found during my ventures into that dangerous territory. The 10% off student discount doesn't help either...

Anyways, in this post I decided to wear this newest acquisition of abstract print harem pants. Harem pants and other loose-fit trousers have become my latest obsession and I find myself buying them at almost every opportunity (an intervention in the near future would probably be wise). Since I got this piece for just a few cents over $15, I highly suggest that y'all check out the clearance section at Topshop as the clearances are seriously bad (in a good way).

P.S. Apologies for the slightly late post, I was busy enjoying a thoroughly wonderful weekend full of love, friendship, and delicious food (Happy Belated Valentine's Day!). Furthermore, all attempts to get some blogging done were thwarted by the attention-sucking matrix that is Homeland-- I'm obsessed and can't stop watching that show!


  1. Same here! the first topshop opended for not so long in berlin germany and we have the same problem here. The prices are too high and i hope they can fix that as well !
    I love ur harem pant on this look. For me they are the most comfiest pants u can wear and are stylish too.

    Glad haven u back! Happy belated Val's day too.

    xx Lori

  2. Lovely harem pants! Cool look.

  3. Wow, I've missed so much but I'm happy to catch up now! Glad to hear about your lovely week--Chinese card games are the best haha and I get so into them (my fave is Red Five). It also sounds wonderful to have long-distance relatives visit! I rarely get to see my extended family because everyone else lives in China, but I always love traveling to see them.

    I'm loving the edgy looks you've posted recently. Your tights are too cool in the past few posts and of course your hair is always so pretty. This confident look is no exception--it takes an exceptional person to pull off harem pants so well, nonetheless bold printed ones! And I love how you kept the rest of the look simple, for yoru geometric necklace really pops. Those ankle boots are also super chic--I've been looking for a similar pair! Your nail polish is unique and pretty as well.

    Sorry to hear that Topshop was seriously overpriced! I'm in love with window shopping on their site online though haha. But glad you picked up these bad boys on clearance for such a good deal. The sales are always awesome late January to February!

    Have a wonderful week, Deborah!

  4. The pants look amazing, i really like them!
    Wow, but that's not okay that they sold the stuff more expensive then it actually is!
    But I know things like this. Here in my town you have some stores where they sell some brands more expensive then in other shops. The stupid is that if you do not know this you buy something that costs somewhere else less :S

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  5. Those printed harem pants look incredible on you, and are so unique! I have yet to own anything from TopShop, but I'm sure there are tons of pieces I would love. Also, I'm glad you were able to enjoy the weekend with your friends and family :)


    xo Jess

  6. That outfit looks so comfy and is perfect for the weather we've been having! Plus, I totally want to add some printed pants to my wardrobe so I might have to get you to scope out some good deals for me too! I can't wait for you to finish Homeland so that we can nerd out on that too :) Glad you had such great weekend that was full of love!

    -Sarah xox

  7. I absolutely love the fact that not only are u uber stylish but u're stylish in the most smart & practical shopping way! I have to agree with u on TopShop! I love their clothes & all but sometimes their prices are a bit steep. I usually go more for their blazers & seriously I've seen blazers where they would be $400! That's insane, rather shop at like Bloomingdales then. But then again, sometimes sometimes I get tempted w/ their fashionable designs hehe. If I see myself wearing it for more years to come then it's a go for me I guess despite the pricey tag.
    I highly doubt that I can pull off Harem pants like u! It's nice how u paired them w/ the form fitting turtleneck top!
    Hope u are having a great beginning of this wk so far~

  8. The only topshop stores we have in Seattle are little pop up ones inside of Nordstrom! I think Top Shop has such cute and trendy clothes, but I agree that some of their items are a bit overpriced. The sale racks are the way to go! It's crazy what kind of goodies you can find on sale. Love the look! I've wanted harem pants for awhile because they look so cozy, but can't seem to find a pair that doesn't make it look like I'm wearing diapers! You look amazing though! You look so effortless chic with the grey turtleneck. Love the animal print of the pants- it's gives off an edgier vibe. Ooh, and I love the blue nail color! Hope you had a fabulous Valentines : )


  9. I love a good pair of harm pants-- they feel easy cool--- and this pair is no exception! Nice score--- love when the sale rack pays off!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  10. cool look:) if u wanna follow each other let me know i ll be happy :) kisses from italy

  11. Love that outfit Doffy..!! The psychedellic prints give a nice contrast to the otherwise grey and black outfit. Also love how you added punk accessories, they go well although they are from a different colour palette.. and I 'm in love with those shoes <3 You look great in it!

    xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!


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