Wild in MinkPink

Soft Blazer: MinkPink // Cutout Tee: Topshop (similar) //  Faux Leather Track Pants: Piper Project // Shoes: DKNYC (similar) // Necklace: Forever 21 // Hat: Target (similar) // Bag: Material Girl (similar)

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of heading down to the states for the day to shop with my boyfriend, my eldest brother, and his wife. As my brother and my sister-in-law just returned from Asia (they worked in China and Hong Kong for the past 6 years), it was amazing to have the entire day with them to catch up, swap stories, reminisce about childhood memories, and get some good bargains. We first stopped at the Seattle Premium Outlets; however, since there wasn't much there in the way of deals, I only bought one pair of wedges from Nine West before we moved on next to Nordstrom Rack. I was glad that I waited because I managed to get a whole bunch of wonderful deals-- it's at times like this that you always wish you hadn't shopped so much before so that you could blow your entire spending budget at this one place! Nordstrom Rack always holds a plethora of incredible bargains as long as you're willing to sort through millions of racks to find them. I managed to find quite a few but could only buy about four or five items in order to stay within my very limited budget.
In today's outfit, I wore my MinkPink "Survivor" soft blazer, pink cutout Topshop tee, and these Piper Project faux leather track pants. The soft blazer was one of my favourite finds as I love MinkPink but never wanted to buy their items at full price; the abstract leopard print and the long draped design suit my style completely and will hopefully be incorporated into many outfits in the near future. As well, I piled on the faux leather and leather in this outfit, what do you guys think?
I'll be wearing my other deals in the upcoming posts, have any of you found any amazing deals lately?


  1. I really like tha pants, they are so cool :)
    Just like your outfit, as always :)

    Oh, your brother worked in Hong Kong? I know how it feels when a brother isn't living in the same state. my brother lives in Norway and it's really bad sometimes because I really like him and he is that one that has been at home when I was little (my sister and my oldest brother where already studying and didn't care a lot about their youngest sister!) :)

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  2. Love your Faux Leather Pants, so nice!

  3. those are the perfect leather pants!! the tight ones dont look right on me and these ones are just perfect. i havent come across any good deals yet =( but hopefully for presidents day there will be a lot!


  4. Love the leather cap and leather pants! You look absolutely amazing :) And unfortunately, I have not spotted any head over heals deals lately :(

  5. Woow the blazer is soo freakin hot!! I love it .. for real i do :D
    I just checked up the store MinkPink and i totally have a crush on their items.
    Thnks for sharing dear and i'm lookin forward to ur next outfit post. <3

    x Lori

  6. OMG! This is amazing and so inspiring. <3 You look amazing. I love your pants. Great blog. I follow you by GFC. <3 It would be nice if you like to follow me too. :*

  7. Gorgeous outfit, The pants are amazing!


  8. Glad you were able to have a successful shopping trip in Seattle! I hardly ever go to those outlets, mostly because they're about an hour from me and they're always PACKED! Last time I went there was like 5 tour buses of people from Canada that came down just to shop! There's a Nordstrom Rack 10 minutes from my house and it's a dangerous thing! It's always fun to see what treasures you can find. Love this look! I'm such a big pleather fan, so your pants are to die for!! The silky blazer is so pretty! I love all the colors and the and print. The leather hat is so cool and the perfect add on! : )



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