Winter Escapades

Cape & Necklace // Forever 21 
 Bow Embellished Blouse // ASOS 
Shoes // Expression via The Hudson Bay 
Bag // 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target 
Hat // Ever New

If you live in Vancouver, you learn to live with the ups and downs of inhabiting a rainforest region. Whether the precipitation comes down as rain, snow, or hail, you have to be prepared for the wet stuff no matter what time of the year it is. The last few days were no exception; new blankets of snow were transforming our land into a giant snowglobe, much to the dismay of many. Nevertheless, I count my blessings and am glad that this little snow flurry is nothing in comparison to the blizzards that terrorize the eastern side of this continent. In light of the weather, I took out my trusty cape and a wide-ish brimmed hat in order to keep warm and my hair dry. I also made an effort to stay inside as much as possible so that I could study for my upcoming midterm exams (with several hot cups of tea), as well as recover from what remains of a cold that I've been suffering from these past few days. All in all, I had a relaxing yet productive weekend-- how about you?


  1. Great look darling, I love your hair!
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  2. Great outfit! Beautiful photos!

    Have a good week!

  3. great look :)

  4. That hat is great and such a fun element in the snow! I have to admit- I miss snow--- but only sometimes!

    ~ Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  5. Love your top
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    A chic kiss ;)

  6. Thank you for following me, I am following you too ;)

  7. Hi pretty! following you back :)

  8. U look so stylish even tho u're sick! Love the bow blouse & the add on with the hat! Ugh & tell me about it with the days of snow! I'm more of a winter girl but all these numerous days of snow had me wishing for spring already xP Sending u lots of get well wishes & good luck w/ ur exams!

  9. you look SO gorgeous! love the entire outfit, it's just flawless! :) <3
    Emma xx

  10. Great outfit, you look amazing! It looks super cold there, but you are rocking this look so well!!

  11. Such a cute look :)
    Oh, now you also have some snow! :)
    Blizzard? Omg, i am really happy that we do not have something like this. But this winter has also been rough to us. Some people from my village that live higher didn't had electric for a couple of days and a friend of mine didn't even come out of her village because there was so much snow :S

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  12. Oh men! The weather is not easy now a days. But we have to do the best of it. Better stay indoors and hide from the outside like u've said it before haha!
    What i like the most of this amazing outfit is the cape. I love it!
    U look so cute and all fits perfectly together.

    x Lori

  13. You look lovely!

  14. I love your style!! :)

  15. you look so lovely, amazing look!

  16. Debbie! I have to admit I was really shocked when I looked outside my window and saw snow; I mean it looked like something out of Narnia, non? Anyways, I'm loving how great you look despite the bitter cold we had. As you know, I'm in love with those gingham style trousers from Topshop and loving the paring of the cape and hat. I'm in desperate need of a blogger catch-up so lets make it happen girlie :)

    -Sarah xo

  17. Your mix of prints works so well together. Great eclectic outfit!


  18. wow< i think this outfit is very stylish! i like ur blog. can we follow each other?

  19. it looks so cold in Vancouver, I like to see the snowy scene in your picture :)
    I hope I was there to make a snowman or playing with snow cause it is super hot in Malaysia
    and due to hot weather, we have water shortage problem ><
    anyway, I like your cape ^^

  20. It was heartbreaking and expensive games for our country. We got first place in the medal standings, but it's not so important thing. I think that the main purpose of the Olympic Games - the friendship of peoples and sports fair competition. Do you like the organization of the Olympic Games? Thanks for your comment!

  21. I'm surprised it didn't snow in Seattle too this past weekend because it was so darn cold. I love this outfit! I actually just bought a hat very similar to yours from Forever 21. I love the pattern of the pants with the pattern of the cardigan. The cardigan looks so cozy. The mauve color of the top is really pretty and I'm loving the giant bow detail. When I go out in the snow I wear sweats and rainboots. You look so stylish!! : )



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