Around the Room: Favourite Decor Accents

In previous posts such as this, I have mentioned that I am a tad bit obsessed over home decor. While I do not yet own a home, my fingers are just itching to get started on decorating a personal living space. Until I begin living in my own apartment, I indulge my decorating tendencies within my small and cozy boudoir-- take a look at some of my favourite accents!

Recently, I acquired this darling gold lipstick-stained teacup and saucer from Lofty Living in New Westminster, as well as my second I See Noise print from the local designer Randa Salloum. In my mind, nothing beats white and gold when one is searching for tasteful decor that will instill a sense of tranquility into one's home.

I was too lazy to hang up this gold stag print, so instead I "layered" it on my bookcase mantle with a couple of other frames. The happy end result: an easy compromise that looks effortlessly good.

Just after the holidays, I indulged my love for gold with this deal on champagne flutes at Chapters. While I have yet to drink the bubbly stuff in them, I did manage to use them during my birthday party party; they currently serve as fancy holders for various objects such as these straws and makeup brushes. 

On my most recent foray to Home Sense, I picked up this adorable little tray (okay, it's actually some sort of soap holder from the Bathroom section) as every gal needs something pretty to serve her tea on!

On a previous trip to the aforementioned store, I purchased this key-holder as a pretty way to hang some of my necklaces within easy view and access.

Lastly, I love admiring my very first I See Noise print of the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle that I bought along with an Audrey Hepburn print (which I gave to a close friend). The red IKEA frame was not only extremely cheap, but completely catered to my preference for bright and bold colours. 


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  3. You have such exceptional taste, the details in your room are beautifully intricate and thoughtfully chic. Love the Chanel No 5 frame. Hope you're having a good week so far.

  4. great inspiration :)

  5. such a cool post!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful decorations, in love with that lipstick stained tea cup!

  7. Same here! Not an hour ago i was just thinking the same of how will i create my apartment when i have one and so on. lol
    I don't think that it will be hard for you to design your own living because you are so talented. The purple wall the gold details, the flowers everything so perfect.
    And i love IKEA too, can't wait to finally get started!

    xx Lori

  8. beautiful pictures, very atmospheric)


  10. Oh, your home looks amazing!
    Beautiful accents. I would directy move in :)))

    Svetlana froom Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
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  11. great post, tou have a lot of beautiful things :))

  12. So pretty! Gosh, I should have you visit my place and be my personal decorator. I'm so bad at it and my room is totally bare except for my furniture!! I loveee the gold lip stained tea cup and the chanel framed picture. Both are so girly and fun. My roommates are really into decorating and home styling and they look at pinterest on a daily basis haha.


  13. This is such a nice inspiration coz actually this post give me an idea to decor my room <3 Love this!

  14. Great decoration :D


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  19. I love seeing + reading posts on interior decorations for the home! Esp if it's from a blogger that I trust~~ I love the simplicity but yet refined elegance to each piece like the serving tray & the Chanel No.5 print (which is my fav!). And then on top of that, an added on charm & characteristic of urself with the teacup & saucer! Can't get over the lipstick stains ;D
    Wishing u another very fun wkend, Deborah!

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