Doffy in Distress

I've been searching for the perfect distressed boyfriend jeans for the last while and finally found a decent pair over the weekend. This discovery occurred during yet another guilt-ridden shopping binge with my blogger pal from Keeping Up With Jasmeen. Every time I make the mistake of shopping with this girl, I walk into the mall empty-handed and walk out with several large, overly-stuffed bags. We are just the worst influences on each other! Nevertheless, I will justify my indulgence on that fact that it's nearly final exam season and a gal needs a good dose of retail therapy to help her through. 

Shopaholics always have a ready excuse for their sins.  

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans // Bluenotes
Blazer & Shift Blouse // H&M
Necklace // Aldo
Bracelets // Ardene
Bag // Material Girl
Shoes // Jeffrey Campbell via Jasmeen


Speaking of distressed, I think it's about time that I throw out this satchel bag that I bought from an end of season sale at The Bay. While I originally thought it was a total steal from its reduced price tag, I soon discovered that the quality of this crossbody bag was seriously lacking. After the second day, the inside lining had already ripped out and the underlying backing made out of cardboard was exposed. Talk about shoddy work! 

Anywho, hope that y'all have a fabulous week and try not to let the weird transitional weather or the thought of final exams get you down! 


  1. Ahhh girl I love boyfriend jeans! I have a one teaspoon pair I live in for uni.
    You look great & we all know shopping is the best therapy hehe.

    x Stace
    tee&fame blog

  2. fantastic<3

  3. Oh yes they always have. Sometimes i feel like i'm also an shopaholic because i really can't get enough of some things. My mother is also arguing with me because of my shopping behaviour lol.
    But nevertheless i love ur boyfriend jeans and esp your jeffrey campbell boots. So chic!
    Always wanted to get an pair so bad. Just need to save some money i guess.

    I've also nominated you for an Liebster Award! Just check out my blog for Details.

    xx Lori

  4. I love the look of distressed & ripped jeans! I have a fav pair of my own & I have yet to fit back into them, darn diet ;P The rips on the knees & fitting on u are perfect! And speaking of shoddy bags… I've had 1 or 2 experiences with them as well with the leather wearing out ever so quickly & the lining inside ripping apart. It's such a shame & foul designing but at least on the bright side, they aren't expensive! If this happened with name brand bags, I would be so pissed haha & back to the store I go!

  5. One of my friends and I have the same relationship: we've forbidden ourselves from shopping together in the hopes of cutting down. But I don't blame you for getting these jeans: what a great relaxed fit (and not too holey either, I dislike tooo much distressing).


    Another Beautiful Thing

  6. Oh, that look is sooo nice!
    I love the coat, the shirt and the jeans!
    Oh, and of course the shoes!

    I think this look is one of my favorites :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  7. OOh, love the boyfriend jeans! The lighter wash is perfect for spring. I really want another pair of distressed bf jeans. They're just so comfy and look good with everything! Love the booties! The exposed zipper on the back is edgy and fun. Haha,yeah it's ok, you definitely deserve to left off some steam and shop! Good luck on finals!!! : )


  8. Love the brick Walls , always !
    And this Boyfriend trousers looks so good on you.


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