Rainy Days Fails

Skirt // H&M
Crop Top // Ardene
Shoes & Bag // Material Girl
Necklace & Tights // Forever 21

There comes a time when enough is enough. In Vancouver, rain is a common occurrence that we generally have accepted as our fate. Nevertheless, we all get a bit angsty when it's all that we experience day in and day out. This particular day was no exception as I attempted to take the photos for this post while getting gently soaked by an annoyingly persistent drizzle. To make matters even worse, my darn midi-skirt-overall's suspenders kept falling off my shoulders (which is why I getting them properly taken in by an awesome coworker of mine who knows how to work a sewing machine)! I'm just happy that some of these pictures were somewhat salvageable or I might have thrown a fit. Also, I'm pretty impressed at my deceitful ability to look happy when I was actually silently cursing the rain.

I'm somewhat glad that spring is almost here; however, as we Canadians know, spring is just a slightly milder continuation of winter. It's been known to snow as late as April. Can summer just be here already?

Although I know that all of my "issues" are most certainly the most minor of #firstworldproblems, it still feels therapeutic to rant about them somewhere. Do you have any angsty stories to share?


  1. I have this Shirt too :) Love your Boots


  2. Lovely look, love the boots!

  3. U're a pro in taking these pics in the light annoying rain plus w/ ur suspenders falling off ur shoulders. I don't know abt u but I get annoyed actually when it's lightly raining outside… either rain or don't rain at all haha. As for suspenders falling off ur shoulders, that is an extra addition to any woman's crankiness! My bra straps tend to fall off my shoulders a lot when I'm outside & it's just so arghhh. Oh the little joys ;)
    I love everything abt this look! My favs is the top & booties!

  4. Oh i hate rain as well. Its even worser than snow! Can't wait for summer to come as soon as possible.

    What i like on your outfit is your croped top as u know i'm also havin a favourite for them.

    xx Lori

  5. Oh, I love having firstworldproblems! I love complaining about the weather, the food and so on. I mea, I love complaining and complaining about firstworldproblems is somehow really useless but somehow also really funny :D

    I really like your outfit, the skirt looks fab on you :)
    I will send some sun over to Vancouver :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  6. Oh wow, I couldn't even tell it was rainy from the pictures! Love your crop top and skirt, it's such a fun combination. And I can totally relate with the weather ruining a shoot...crazy wind, lack of sun, the list goes on of annoying photo shoot obstacles! But you and the photos both turned out beautifully :)

    xo Jess

  7. Loving this all black look! So stylish! Visit me sometime :)

    xx opinionslave.com

  8. Awwh Can you not tell that you're very passionate about what you do, rain come, sun shine? :)) I know that feeling, but we've been quite lucky these past days with the sun ehh. Couldn't notice neither your distress or the rain drizzle, with that big smile on your face, loove it. I also loove the fun pattern on the crop, and of course with a simple black but cool suspender high waisted skirt... those were from Hand M? you have good eyes geerll!

    Summer is on its wayyyy!!!!



  9. your H&M skirt is nice
    look even nicer for a tall girl like you

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