Gene Cafe: double shot expresso // vegan peanut butter cookie

One of urban life's greatest pleasures, other than shopping, is the joy of enjoying the wide variety of culinary delights that are readily available if one is willing to seek them out. In Vancouver, we are blessed with an extraordinary range of food choices due to our multicultural society. As a result, we can treat ourselves daily to anything from Japanese to Persian to French cuisine. As well, many Vancouverites are also obsessed with finding their next favourite coffee spot, as you may be able to glean from the previous photo alone (it was taken at a very hipster little cafe in Mount Pleasant). In this post, I wanted to share some of my most recent and favourite #instafood experiences from across town. 

Medina Cafe: Cassoulet 

Medina Cafe: Lavender lattes

One sunny afternoon in early spring, Sarah of Crowded Closet and I decided to meander our way around Gastown and settled at this beloved dining spot. A popular spot known for its delicious brunch menu and soothing lattes, we enjoyed chatting over our food and drinks at this cafe as the perfect way to wind down our afternoon after some relaxing shopping.

Pacifico Pizza: Pizzetta Margherita

Pacifico Pizza: Caprese salad

I had the opportunity to try out this delicious pizza place when attending a farewell party for my coworker-- we ended up ordering about five pizzas, two salads, and finishing off our meal with some delicious homemade cheesecake made by another coworker. Much different from the typical fast-food pizza chain restaurants, these pizzas were deliciously oven-made and offered a good range of fresh, healthy toppings to make everything even more delicious. 

Starbucks: Asiago & Cheddar Bavarian pretzel // Gold Coast blend coffee

Before heading to work or class, I always have time for a Starbucks stop in which I will usually opt for a tall drip coffee and a cheese pretzel-- the perfect fuel for a tedious lecture or boring work shift. 

Browns Socialhouse: Corned Beef Hash

For a friend's birthday lunch, I treated myself to this heavy, yet delectable, brunch consisting of two poached eggs, corned beef, and breakfast potatoes. I went into a deep food coma following this meal but it was completely worth it!

Juicin': green juice // pineapple mango juice

After buying these super cute Kate Spade acrylic straws, I knew that I had to showcase them as soon as possible on Instagram with some of my favourite smoothies and juices.

The Famous Warehouse: mac and cheese // hot wings // chicken quesadillas 

After we had finished our exams, my classmate and I celebrated our freedom by eating cheap but yummy food at the Warehouse on Granville Street. You can't go wrong when almost everything on the menu is a mere $4.99!

Cray Kitchen + Bar: "Cray-ving Crawfish" combo 

The boyfriend and I finally tried out this cajun restaurant on Main Street and Broadway the other week as we had purchased a groupon deal for a shared platter of mussels, clams, prawns, crayfish, andouille sausage, corn and potatoes.

Sushi Shelter 101: assorted sushi platters

A few weeks back, the boyfriend and I had a relaxing evening in Port Coquitlam checking out the Urban Barn outlet and shopping in bulk at the local Costco. After our little expedition, we indulged in our favourite choices at this little gem of a sushi joint.

What are some of your favourite foods and eating spots?


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  2. Beautiful pictures!!!!


  3. I was going to say "Ohwwwwww, bacon and coffe are my life !" and I saw the rest of the pics.. You're showing there almost all my favorite dishes *-*

    Bisous !

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  6. Gosh too many many goodies in this one post!! U had my eyes wide & gulping :D I can't even say which one looks more delicious than the other but if I really had to choose haha, I love entrees that come out in a skillet & I have a forever love for both pizza and mac & cheese, yum! I love that u dine at various restaurants & try out new foods.

  7. Yum indeed! Why do I always come across these posts after midnight...? All this delicious looking food makes me hungry :D


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  10. Seriously, you're making me hungry right now lol Everything looks so good here!

  11. Looks super yummy and love th glasses! Love ur blog will defo be back soon!

    Much love xxx

  12. Oh my god! These foods looks so tasty. You are really enjoyin yourself. I'm a foodlover too and in germany theres a lot varity too. From german food to mexican, asian and so an. i love it!
    Also adore your instagram pics as they been always delightful to watch.

    xx Lori

  13. oh yes! that are all really yummy photos! i like the option of instagram - you can make a cool photo and share your food experiences! wishing you a great weekend!


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