Cozy in the Cold

In true Vancouver fashion, our weather has gone from summery heat to rainy gloom in about thirty seconds flat. While we were joyfully experiencing weather in the high twenties (Celsius) just a couple of days ago, we were 'treated' to a rainstorm last night that had me glad that I was paranoid enough to stick an umbrella into my purse. Fortunately, I made the most out of the sunny weather while it lasted and managed to spend each of those days doing something productive outdoors. For instance, I managed to go running around the seawall twice this week before I went to work-- the weather was gorgeous and I never had more fun on a forty-minute run. I also spent a lovely and very warm evening having dinner with the boyfriend, my brother, and my sister-in-law at a beachside patio restaurant at Jericho Beach. If you follow my Instagram account, you would have seen several pictures from that lovely mini-adventure. 

More importantly, I started visiting Vancouver tourist attractions for the Tourism Challenge: this annual tourism industry event is held from April 19 - May 30 and serves to encourage tourism industry professionals to explore their city's best attractions in order to better promote them to tourists. During this time period, we use little booklets, or "passports," in order to experience whatever attractions capture our fancy for free; as well, we get to bring one other person to enjoy them with us. If we manage to visit fifteen attractions, we receive a "privilege pass" for all of the attractions and some special offers for almost an entire year-- definitely something worth working towards!

As a result of this challenge and my one-week trip to the Bahamas (less than one week to go!), the month of May is looking to be extremely busy and full of fun. For instance, this upcoming week will be spent going to the Vancouver Aquarium, the Vancouver Lookout Tower, Vancouver TheatreSports, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Flyover Canada, and a one hour cruise around Burrard Inlet!

In later weeks, I plan to visit TELUS Science World, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, The Roof restaurant at The Hotel Vancouver Fairmont, and many other attractions-- and all for free! This challenge is making me very happy that I work in the job position that I do.

Top & Hat // Ever New
Cardigan & Necklace // H&M
Shorts // Zara
Shoes // Jeffrey Campbell
Bag // Tory Burch
Tights // Ardene

I hope that you all are taking advantage of the good weather as well and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You look so lovely Doffy! :) I love your floppy hat and your lip color ;) so cute and chic!
    Hope you're having a lovely Saturday!xx
    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  2. The weather has been acting really weird lately here in Italy too... I have no idea what to wear any more :) You look wonderful with your perfect make up and white cozy cardi, I really need something like that right now, because I'm at my desk typing on the computer and my fingers are turning into icicles...The heating has been turned off because, you know, it's supposed to be May...

  3. You guys on the coast have seen 20s already?'s barely been 13 degrees in Toronto. You look really cute and cozy though. Love the hat!


  4. That's a great outfit. I wish I could bundle up a little bit, it's been about 90 degrees here in LA :(
    lexi @

  5. Super cute! My cousins live where you live :)

    Love from Aus


  6. Love <3

  7. amazing outfit!
    so cute and cozy!
    I hope u'll have a great time
    in Bahamas!
    xoxo Rose

  8. Jolie tenue :)

  9. You look absolutely beautiful with that red lipstick! Love it hun!

  10. supeer:) x

  11. You look lovely, love your hat and necklace. The weather in the UK is not too bad at the moment, today is 17 degrees :)

  12. Really really nice look :)
    I love the hat and the necklace :)
    You look fabulous :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  13. Gorgeous, I love the cardigan! x

  14. In germany is the same with the weather. From warm to cold. Clouds, rain everything. Its horrible!

    Sounds like there is lots to discover and i wish you all the best and fun on your journey doll!

    Also love ur very simple look. I always love to pair shorts with an maxi cardigan and an simple top preferable with cropped tops. Love your hat and make-up as always.

    xx Lori

  15. You look so perfect! From the outfit to the red lips

    xx Cissy

  16. wow, you look stunnning! your make up is amazing - the red lips look perfect! and your combination of hotpant and the warm cardigan is a great opportunity to create a summer inspired look, which is also warm. (by the way: i'm also a fan of your necklace) :)

  17. You look amazing and I'm in love with your hat. You just gained a new follower!

  18. You look so cute! Love this outfit, specially the cardigan

  19. Cool look!


  20. Gorgeous outfit, I hope it gets warmer soon!!! Love your hat!


  21. Love the use of layers! Great hat as well ;)


  22. Nice Blog you have here! perhaps we could follow each other?
    Follow me and I'll follow you back for sure :)

    A Day in September


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