Neon Brights

Guess who managed to get a mini-tan after enjoying so much time in the sunshine last week? Sadly, that weather didn't last and we are once more experiencing the cool, rainy weather that's so typical in Vancouver. Nevertheless, I didn't let the gloomy weather stop me from enjoying the bright neon shades that I can't wait to rock during the summertime (and my vacation that's in less than a week)-- I wore this bright pink skirt, my neon Joe Fresh necklace, and this lovely shirt that I picked up on sale at The Gap last week. While it was a good attempt to ignore reality and pretend that it was summer, I reluctantly had to change into pants and boots before I could head downtown for a dinner with my coworkers. 

In other news, this morning began with complete normalcy until I got to work and had to deal with the most bizarre situation. While we interact with many odd characters who regularly pass through the mall, this was the first time in which I had to deal with a wild bird being released into a nearby shoe store! A random woman had insisted on "rescuing" some poor bird that apparently had been run over by a bus. Her solution was to corner the bird and place it into a cardboard box so she could call the SPCA. Strangely, the injured bird was healthy enough to fly out of the box and elude the store employees and maintenance crew for a good hour or two. On top of all that, she insisted on hanging around my workplace and repeatedly telling me the confusing story of how she rescued the bird instead of attending her nail appointment. Finally, I got rid of her by suggesting that she go into the shoe store and help them recapture the bird since she was so "experienced." Well, at least there wasn't a dull moment during the whole thing!

Shirt // The Gap
Skirt & Jacket // H&M
Shoes // Shoemint
Bag // Tory Burch
Necklace // Joe Fresh

I hope that you all have a wonderful week and work in some fun activities. I plan to visit as many Vancouver attractions as possible for the Tourism Challenge, as well as to prepare for Miami and the Bahamas as I leave for the trip on Saturday! How are you planning on spending the week?


  1. I love how you combined these two juicy colors! Your make up is absolutely flawless. I love that shade of lipstick, but sadly it doesn't look as good on me as it does on you :)

  2. pretty :)

  3. OMG! There are so many crazy people out there haha.
    Love your outfit. You look like and fine but also cute lady. The neon necklace is an very good ensemble to highlight the look. Can't wait to see you wearing neon and also looking forward to your holiday pics.

    My week its always the same. Same shit different days!. Work, Eat, Sleep kinda weeks haha.

    xx Lori

  4. gorgeous skirt!

  5. Nice:)) x

  6. You look gorgeous! Love the necklace and the shirt :)

  7. Gorgeous look!!


  8. This outfit is so girly and cute!

    xo Jules

  9. Looooove the poping color of the necklace mixe with the pink skirt ! :)

    Bisous !

  10. You look absolutely lovely, dear. Perfect for spring/summer!
    Kind regards from lovely Potsdam,

    Jana & Vanessa

  11. this outfit is so gorgeous! :)

  12. absolutely gorgeous! love the necklace

  13. Gosh couldn't help to laugh & shake my head at that odd customer story! Seriously, the kinds of ppl u can meet outside. At least there are plenty of funny & strange stories to tell others about haha. Ooh love that u actually had the chance to get a little tan. Getting really tanned outside while being active is one of the things I actually like abt summer!
    This is such a sweet outfit u have there w/ the necklace & skirt~ Hope u are having a great wk, Deborah!

  14. you look so cute! love the pink color of the skirt and how you paired it with the bright necklace <3

  15. Such a great outfit. I'm loving neons more and more!
    lexi @

  16. I love how you combined these colors. It's like a mix of classic and PURE FUN. It has been very rainy in my hometown too... trying to adjust. *sigh*

  17. Nice outfit! Love your style! You look genius! Love your outfit!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

  18. This look is so amazing!
    I love the blouse and the skirt together :)
    I also have the same skirt :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook


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