Animal Print on the Double

There are two things to which fashionistas should always look forward: clearance sales and clothing swaps. It has been mentioned previously that I have a certain tendency to stuff my closet full of Topshop pieces begotten from clearance sales; these python print oxford-style shoes were no exception to the rule. When I am on my way to work, I too frequently make the unwise choice of walking through Topshop beforehand. As a result, I'm ever aware of the various items that are temptingly on sale within that particular store. One day I happened to be looking in the accessory section and spotted these shoes. Seeing as I have nothing like them in my shoe closet and they were relatively cheap due to the sale, I of course made the choice to purchase them on the spot. Unfortunately, I have only had the opportunity to wear them just once thus far. Let's hope I can get some mileage out of them in the near future!

On the topic of clothing swaps, I've become accustomed to swapping various clothing, accessory, and beauty items with several lovely and trusted girl friends. I feel that trust and goodwill are important factors in a successful clothing swap as they will ensure that 1) you will receive good clothing pieces with a honest explanation from the previous owner as to why they no longer want it and 2) other swappers won't attempt to maim you if you happen to snag something they badly want. I managed to obtain this lovely leopard print sweater, along with several other cute pieces, from the most recent swap. When I first wear clothing swap items, I often find myself walking around with the perhaps unnecessary satisfaction of knowing that I didn't have to pay for it. I highly recommend that you try setting up a clothing swap with friends and experience the fun for yourself!    

During this past weekend, I've managed to make the very most of the beautiful weather by exploring yet more of my city and spending quality time with loved ones. For instance, on Friday I was able to spoil my beloved friend Jasmeen by taking her an one hour cruise around the Burrard Inlet and shopping for some new additions to her already overflowing summer closet-- anything for the birthday girl! We then met up with our boyfriends, who incidentally are extremely old friends, and had a delicious, fun dinner of Korean BBQ. After enjoying some ice cream and more shopping, the boyfriend and I left our friends to watch the new X-Men movie. As a huge fan of the series, I was more than pleased with this latest addition; I highly suggest that you watch it as soon as possible if you are also a fan as you will greatly enjoy seeing both the old and new casts onscreen together. Despite the fact that we missed out of the Lady Gaga concert (which was cancelled due to sickness), I was nevertheless blessed with the most perfect Friday day and night.

Top & Bracelet // Clothing Swap
Shoes // Topshop
Pants // Bluenotes
Sunglasses // Aldo
Bag // 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

My Saturday was a much more relaxed affair: I started off the day with a nice coffee and some snacks at the local JJ Bean coffee shop while reading my latest book, IT by Alexa Chung. Then the boyfriend and I walked around a local park, worked out at our gym, and met up with a friend for bubble tea (we also played card games during which I beat them both quite soundly). To end things off on an even better note, we enjoyed a lovely sushi dinner and rewatched the first X-Men movie at home.

How has your weekend been going?


  1. NICE LOOK!!

  2. Great!:)) x

  3. Nice ootd :)

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Im in love with those shoes

  5. Those shoes are fabulous :)

    Bisous !

  6. I love this look!!!! Casual chic!

  7. Really cool look!
    THe sweater looks great and I also love the pink listick! :)

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    Instagram // Faceboook

  8. Okay i was supposed to go watch Xmen this week, arghh the Vancouver rain, everyine has beeen saying its so good! Loove the look, very different side of you actually, the 'I'm not even trying look, yet i'm creating an expression"

    We should tour vancouver together at some point. w d you still use the same number?


  9. Loving your outfit today, the sweater is so beautiful and I can image so many ways to wear it :)

    sales can be dangerous! buying stuff you absolutely don't need and that are going to end up in a corner of your closet for years. I personally love your shoes, they look comfortable and versatile! I think it was a wise shop and I'm sure you will find another outfit where you can wear them with,

    About swaps, I've never really had one but you are right, this seems like so much fun! I will see if I can do something like this with a close friend!

    I'm looking forward seeing the X-Men movie as well, a big fan too!
    Have a great week darling and thanks for sharing!


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  11. Oh gurl I have the same prblm with H&M! I always try not to get tempted of the sales and also to try other brands. H&m is kinda mainstream but they have so many things to offer on the other hand. But I always find myself ending up buying new clothes there.

    I also highly recommend clothing swap parties, as they always been so much fun doing it with friends or goin to event either.

    I love Bubbletea but i guess I had mine a while ago! Need to slurf one with friends soon. Also love this cozy look. Just on point for a chilly day with friends. Love ur shoes and boyfriend jeans. And that leo shirt is amazing and fits u so well.

    My weekend was amazing. Spended some quality time with my fam. Going out and eatin lots of chicken and ice-cream.

    xx Lori

  12. it sounds like you had an amazing weekend! i love the leopard print top you got in your clothing swap. i LOVE swapping clothes with friends -- it's one of my favorite things ever! i've never been to a big swap, but i'd love to try that too.


  13. nice outfit :-)

  14. Those python oxfords are so awesome! Never seen anything like them!

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