Floral Beauty Queen

There are some trends that you try your best to ignore until they become too appealing to deny. This season, that trend has been floral headpieces. Once I gave into my hidden desire to deck my head with flowers, it was like letting dam floodgates open-- I ended up buying not one, but three, headpieces within the space of a week. Granted, the first was purchased at a boutique in Gastown for the slightly hefty price of $18 while the last two were irresistibly priced at a mere dollar each. Once I had begun my collection, it was only natural to start wearing them for nature-y photoshoots.

Yesterday, my fellow blogger Sarah from Crowded Closet and I took a walk at a local park and found some lovely spots to shoot these pictures at. Other than the headpiece, I was excited to finally wear my pineapple print shorts that I bought at a Marshalls in Miami. During that trip, I also had convinced my boyfriend to buy a pineapple printed tank top so it only felt natural to buy a matching item. As soon as I first laid eyes on them, I know I had to own such a cute piece-- I've been having an extremely difficult time resisting the current, extremely adorable fashion trend of fruit prints on clothing.

What summer trends are you giving into lately?

Top // H&M
Headpiece // Urban Behaviour
Shoes // Steve Madden
Bracelet // Ily Couture
Necklace // Forever 21
Shorts // Marshalls (Miami)
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs

[Photos by Sarah M.]

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and managed to get outside to enjoy this gorgeous weather we've been having! I've been fortunate enough to have had a long weekend off from work so I took full advantage of my freedom by going outside everyday.

On another note, it still boggles my mind that it's already June and that I'll be leaving for Asia in almost exactly one month...


  1. I have to confess I'm wanting to get either a floral headband or piece, peer influence at its best! I also love that I'm seeing lots of fruit prints, which are just so darn cute. Loved our photo shoot and can't wait to do more!

    Sarah xo


  2. You look so pretty in these photos! I love your flower crown. Your shorts are super cute, too :)

    xo Azu


  3. Those pineapple print shorts just scream summer! You look gorgeous with the headpiece:)


  4. such a pretty look! I love it that you combined the right makeup with the right look <3

    What do you think of my latest look? Would love to hear your opninion!

  5. Gorgeous! Love this outfit, specially those shorts


  6. You really are the queen here ! You're perfect :)

    Bisous !

  7. Seriously, a beauty queen in this post ;D I have to completely agree w/ u on some of the trends that u can't resist to love. Floral headpieces gotta be one of them! Since I'm dreaming of a wedding in the garden, a floral headpiece would perfectly fit the dream. It's so lovely when I see people make them, themselves & wear them in the countryside areas, so romantic!
    Love urs along w/ the pineapple shorts! What a beautiful way to ease into the upcoming summer!

  8. Precious. I love florals, but I ADORE your pineapple shorts!! Must have! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

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  10. Such a cute look !
    I really love the shorts, they look fab!

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  11. Too cute! I've yet to get the courage to wear a flower crown out but one day.. lol

    xo Jules

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  12. Hardly anything more sweet and fun than a floral headpiece! You pull it off so well because of your beautiful features :) Love the way you styled it with a bold lip and tropical shorts too!


    xo Jess

  13. I love the printed shorts look for summer, and I've also been a big fan of the cut-out sandals and 90's style dresses. Your floral headpiece is fantastic.


  14. Amazing shorts and sandals! I love your outfit!

  15. i love flower crowns, they are so ethereal and light :D

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  16. Aww the colours of that floral crown suites your look very well! I have my own floral crown but in black&white theme :)

  17. Can i say i am smitten by your look! Great styling. Wonder what you are wearing for lipcolor. ITs similar to L'OREAL MOIST MAT in Glamor fuschia that i have worn in my latest blogpost. Come over!


  18. Your Marshalls shorts are super cute and the setting for these beautiful photos is perfect! :)

    *I follow back on Bloglovin'*


  19. I really love this post gurl. Your outfits and those pics are amazing! Esp lovin that floral headpiece, it fits you so well. Hope I can get one soon that looks just flawless as yours, but for now I haven't found the perfect one.

    Anyhow in germany we are also having some higher temperatures lately on weekend and i'm extremly excited for the extended weekend becuase of the pentecostal days.
    So I hope that you enjoy yours too.

    xx Lori

  20. Nice headband ! I love the color of your lipstick !


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