Polka Dotted Cruise

Today my boss returned from her twelve-day-long Mediterranean cruise and Europe trip-- we caught up over some apricot and peanut Turkish delights that she had brought back and reminisced about our cruises ship experiences (she also got me the most adorable souvenirs). Talking about my trip made me desperately wish I was on vacation in an exotic place once more. Luckily for me, I will be visiting China and my homeland of Singapore, which is a tropical island, in less than a month; it will hopefully be a blessed five weeks of relaxation and reconnecting with my roots.

I also realized that I better post all of my Caribbean cruise material before I start on my next vacation or it will never end! On this particular day, we had docked at our third and second last port at Key West, Florida. We started off our day as usual with a large buffet breakfast and subsequently went ashore to explore the small town. Beforehand, I made my boyfriend take these photos of my "tourist" outfit-- a good combination of comfort and cute style. I love these J. Crew polka dotted linen shorts as they can be easily dressed up or down. Also, I could not do without my handy crossbody bag and straw hat; both items were essential for an enjoyable tourist experience of this particular port.

Shorts // J. Crew
Top // 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
Bag // Michael Kors
Sunglasses // Aldo
Shoes // Steve Madden

 I thought you might enjoy this photo above of me trying to keep the hair out of my face in the strong headwind that we faced at the front of the ship. I was clearly unsuccessful. What would you recommend wearing for a long day being a tourist in an exciting new place?


  1. Haha I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen a tourist as fashionable as you! c; I think you go beyond the "tourist" look and just look amazing ahahah. I love how your lipstick matches the bright pop of color of your bag! Lovely look! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  2. great look!!!

  3. You look amazing Debbie! Total crush for the necklace and the sandals!!!

  4. Looks like I just felt in love with every pieces of your outfit.. Especially your necklace and bag :p

    Bisous !

  5. I love this outfit, it such a cute tourist look! I'm in love with polka dots (you are probably aware of this by now lol) these shorts are so playful and fun! Also, your MK hot pink bag is so adorable! and very flexible... I've seen you wearing it with several outfits on your vacation and it just looks great every time! so that was def a great piece to take to a trip where you can't take all your purses you know?

    Talking about your trips! wow I'm so jealous of these trips you get to do! (in the best way! :)) I get to travel a little bit with work but haven't take real vacations since I started my first full time job. My husband and I haven't taken a real honey moon yet so hopefully we will get to travel soon!

    Have a great week darling and thanks for sharing, I don't think I mentioned before but you looked absolutely gorgeous in these pictures, specially with your hair blowing (worked out on your favor at the end!)


  6. You look gorgeous! Love this outfit


  7. It's cool that you and your boss have a good relationship together. I think that's the most important thing about working. If you can't stand your boss it might be horrible to work with her/him. I'm also having a quite good relationship with mine even though he drives me crazy sometimes haha!
    You rocked this polka dotted panty so well. Love every detail on this look esp your neon Michael Kors bag.

    Hmm I think I would wear an simple romper with sandals quite similar to your outfit.

    xx Lori

  8. Love that all your outfit from this cruise were so great! Still looking amaze on vacation!
    Also, I'm so jealous that you get to travel so often. China and Singapore will be amazing and I can't wait for pictures!!

    xo Jules

  9. you look stunning! your hairstyle is truely beautiful. and i like the combination of the pink bag and your lips with the marine dotted pants!

  10. Beautiful look :)
    I really love the shorts and the blouse, it looks so perfect!
    And the pink bag is really an eyecatcher :)
    Dear Deborah I wanted to apologize if my comments in the last time are really short but because of all the stuff for university I jst look and the pics and the gorgeous outfits ;)
    But when my holidays start I promise that my comments will also get longer ;)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  11. I really love your style! Love this relaxing outfit matched with super cute bag hunny! <3

  12. Nice:)) xx

  13. Deborah, u're living the good good life =D Soon going on another vacation & this time to China & Singapore is amazing~~ Can't get enough of the details & of course ur outfit posts from ur recent vacay! I highly agree w/ this outfit being both comfort & cute. Big love for those polka dotted shorts!
    If I were to have a long day at a new exciting place, I be the one to wear only the usual solid colors (too much love for black unless it's extremely hot that day then pass!), a cross body bag so I'm hands free & definitely sneakers that don't look like it's for pure exercising haha.
    Hope u're going to have a fantastic wkend!

  14. I love this! So cute. The pink bag is perfect with those shorts.


  15. Hey Doffy, I have been reading on your blogs and from this post I just know that you're actually from Singapore!
    Is so good that to see that you have just blogged on every places that you have traveled =) Awesome picture anywayy. Stay pretty and have fun every time you travel ! Hope to see your next post of the trip =)


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