Travel Diary: Key West, Florida

At long last, I've finally gotten around to editing the last few pictures for my Bahamas cruise trip last month: please bear with me while I post a couple more posts in an extremely late manner. For our third and final port of our cruise, we docked at Key West in Florida-- a beautiful little town full of tourist attractions, heat, and gorgeous scenery. Since we had spent the last couple of days engaging in activity-filled island excursions, we decided to take it easy at this particular port and just walk around buying souvenirs and food. One of the most exciting things that happened when we first got off the ship was that we were finally reunited with wifi! It's crazy how dependent we are on social media and the internet; you don't realize the full extent of your addiction until you're forced to go without it for a few days. 

Now, I'm going to leave you with the following hodge-podge of pictures taken while strolling around town. 

Doing some corny touristy things.

We couldn't leave Key West without trying some of the famous key lime pie.

There were many so-called historic bars and saloons around town. We ended up going into one famous for numerous varieties of beer, where we enjoyed blueberry beer and other fruity brews.

I can't remember the name of this restaurant but I do remember the delicious food. The Bahamian and Floridian restaurants use conch shellfish as a food staple so we were able to enjoy conch soup and conch fritters. As well, we had the most delicious coconut prawns as seen below.

After several exhausting days of snorkeling and going hardcore at water parks, a relaxing day around Key West was just what the doctor ordered. From what you could see in these snapshots, would you be interested in visiting this beautiful little town?


  1. You look gorgeous and stylish in these photos! I like your hat :)

    And how cool are these food pics? I had no idea it's the actual "birthplace" of key lime pie AND sloppy joe's. I LOVE sloppy joe's. LOL! They're so yummy.

    xo Azu

  2. What a fun vacation. You look so nice. I love the shorts!

  3. great photos!!

  4. Great pictures! I love your outfit too Debbie! Really cute!

  5. nice place!:)) xx

  6. Gorgeous! Love this photos

  7. wonderful photos, such a cool post! :)
    and you look absolutely gorgeous as always!
    Emma xx

  8. Yeah sure why not. Seems like a pretty nice place and I have to repeat myself you really like really enjoyed yourself on that trip. And I so love seafood as well.
    Hmm and your boyfriend is wearing a Christiano Ronaldo shirt so I guess he's cheering for Portugal now. Against my team but no probs, we cool haha!
    And your face while sitting next to the seaman figure. I can't help myself, just too funny.
    Yes and it's true, have to give in that I also feel lost somehow when I don't have wi-fi on vacations. Sad to say but social media rules the world.

    Lovely outfit btw love ur hat and bag so much.
    Perfect look for such an trip like that! Well I quit here and better go and watch the game.

    xx Lori

  9. Wow, those photos are beautiful! I really enjoyed watching them. It looks like a beautiful place as well, I wouldn't mind to visit it! :)


  10. Great bag and place dear :D


  11. This is such a fabulous post! I also take forever getting around to sorting through my photos, but these are certainly worth waiting for! I love the 'touristy' photos you take, I always do the same - especially when some things were just MADE to have corny photos taken with them ;) The food looks so, so yummy.. key lime pie will forever remind me of The Sims, because when I was younger and used to play the game, one of the first dishes the Sims could make was that dessert haha!! This was such a great post to read and the second photo down of you with the yacht in the background is award worthy! Have a brilliant weekend! :)
    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  12. I used to live in Orlando, Florida and I miss it so much! There are so many things to do in FL, also people are very chillaxing and friendly! Love your outfit too darling :)

  13. beautiful photos, I love your shorts!


  14. I love all the photos. You look so lovely in your outfit. I love your shorts. :) I got curious about Florida weeks ago because my guest posts were all about different places from Florida. I think it's a nice place especially if you wanna go on vacation or tour.


  15. Dear, you come in France whenever you want ! It would be a pleasure to meet a great blogger like you :)

    You're as stunning as usual, this outfit makes me wishing for sun ! (yes, the weather is rainy in Paris those days...)

    Bisous !

  16. Qué sitios tan bonitos y qué buena pinta la comida :)

  17. Hope you had a great holiday! Beautiful post for a holiday.
    loving the polka dot shorts!!


  18. Great!!! I wanna go to Key West!!!!!


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