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I'm proud to be from the West Coast. Named after one of my favourite songs from Lana Del Rey's latest album "Ultraviolence", I demonstrated my coastal pride by so-titling these photos taken around Vancouver's gorgeous False Creek. In order to achieve these magical shots, I was fortunate enough to work with a local and very talented photographer, Pierce of PRSPCTV by Pierce. It was an incredible opportunity to be able to meet up with this friendly and thoughtful individual. Not only did I get to witness some Vancouver talent in action, I was also able to make a great friend with whom I'm sure I will be in contact even after this shoot. I highly recommend you check out his work on his website!

Last Sunday, we were blessed with a particularly warm and summery day of which we took full advantage. In the early afternoon, the boyfriend and I visited the Hastings Racecourse to watch several races, enjoy some delicious drinks and food, and have good conversation with the two other friends who I had invited to our boxseats. We originally had planned to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge after the racecourse but wisely reconsidered as it would have been a tight schedule to visit the bridge and then make it back for my photoshoot in Olympic Village. Instead, we bummed around Chinatown and Olympic Village until it was time to meet up with Pierce in the evening.  

For the first portion of the shoot, we entered a secluded dock only known to locals. While the water was a bit cold initially, I ended up enjoying myself immensely while Pierce took pictures and I took in the amazing sunset view of False Creek. 

Dress & Floral Headpiece // Ego Closet
Bracelet // Vintage
Necklace // H&M
Shoes & Sunglasses // Aldo

By this point in my blogging experience, I've become quite immune to people starting while I take pictures in public areas. However, when there are two individuals taking photos and holding up light reflectors to your person, you're bound to get more attention than usual! Regardless, I loved taking these photos in such a beautiful setting when we were having such an amazingly warm night.

For this outfit, I wore two items recently acquired from a wonderful boutique in Gastown named Ego Closet. Since one of my friends works there, she was able to pick out this dress for me and give me a handy discount-- a win-win situation for the both of us. I love the short and flirty feeling of this piece, as well the tropical print that says summer all day long. Also, what's not to love about those cute side cutouts?

Now excuse me while I get ready for a wedding tonight (wearing this very dress). Before I go, I have to ask: are you reppin' west coast or east coast?


  1. you look so pretty in this floral dress!


  2. I love this outfit Debbie, the dress is so beautiful and is so perfect for summer. I love the way you styled it!!!
    happy week hun!


  3. Love the dress so colorful, and the shoes look great too!


  4. What a gorgeous cut out floral dress!

  5. Gorgeous! Love that dress


  6. beautiful dress!


  7. These are all very nice photos, well done to the photographer! Your tropical dress is really cute - I hope you had a fantastic time at the wedding last night (hopefully you received heaps of compliments on your dress there, too!?). Have a brilliant week :)



  8. Lovely outfit. You look beautiful and the pics are perfect! :)
    I have still not got used to people staring :(


  9. OMG Debbie! you look stunning! These pictures turned out amazing, the photographer you worked with did such a great job :) I can imagine the attention you were getting with two guys around you with cameras and lights! haha I don't know why but I'm still super shy about taking pictures in front of people, I get so embarrassed! lol so I'm so proud of you for going through it and not looking uncomfortable at all!

    The dress is so beautiful, I love the print and the side cut outs! I love your head piece too! I'm still looking for one for myself but I can get the right size for my small rounded face lol hopefully I will before the summer ends. Anyways, I'm so excited for you! This post is one of my favorites, I not only love your outfit but I love the beautiful pictures.

    Hope you had a great weekend and a good wedding party full of love, yummy food and amazing drinks, as every wedding should be :)

    Oh and I'm a west coast girl for sure too... I'm originally from Lima Peru so yeah I heart west coast.


  10. The scenery is sheer incredible and you look so gorgeous in this outfit, girl! Love your hair like that and the flower crown is super cute! Have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo

  11. such a stunning dress! you look amazing, dear! :)
    Emma xx

  12. Really quite beautiful! YES ugh I get so uncomfortable on shoots! xoxoxo
    Lovely floral patterns-- J'adore your blog!


  13. loving this dress and your white heels :) xx


  14. these photos are beautiful! though i can understand feeling a little bit funny with all of the attention surrounding the photo shoot. this dress is absolutely gorgeous!


  15. You look so stunning in those pictures! I really like the different shots. The dress is really pretty and looks amazing on you! I really like it :)


  16. Beautiful! I am in love with that dress.


  17. darling you look amazingly beautiful! Love that floral dress which totally matches with the pure white floral crown :)

  18. Same here! Reppin' the West Coat.
    Wonderful pictures and a very nice location. Both of yours made a really good job, you in the modeling part and Pierce by taking this incredibly amazing pics.
    You look so georgous Debbie. This floral prints and colours fits you so well. Seems like the dress was just waiting for you to pick it up and make it your own. Like really it's wonderful and I love them cut-out parts, so sexy but in a classy way.
    Also love how you paired everything together, the floral heapiece with the cute dress and those white heels.

    Btw I've also become quite immune to people starring at me while taking pictures in public areas. I simply don't care anymore haha!

    Hope you had a great evening at the wedding.

    xx Lori

  19. Very nice! You look like a fairy and the photographs came out amazing! I still get weirded out when shooting in public, cause I get distracted and self conscious. Haha.

    Great job though! :)
    Have a wonderful day!


  20. Hey Debbie, you look great in that dress! These photos are stunning! Glad to know that you are enjoying summer :) I'm missing the west coast!

    Walking, Talking Style
    New post: Bright in Estonia

  21. Ahh, both the dress & False Creek are gorgeously stunning! I love the fitted look on top then flared out loveliness towards the bottom & seriously, I always get attracted to flowery patterns while I shop. Wish we had a beautiful calm creek like this in NY but that would be hard with all the tourists & bustling activities esp in NYC unless u go upstate.
    What a wonderful opportunity to work with a talented photographer! I've always wondered how other bloggers take pictures of themselves on the street with bystanders staring. Even when I take pictures of food, I get tons of stares haha.
    P.S- Hehehe, I'm reppin' the east coast ;)

  22. Qué bonito el vestido y el lugar es precioso.
    Besos. http://thediaryofmycloset.blogspot.com.es/

  23. This is just dreamy!


  24. Perfect outfit for summer



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