Sunday in Singapore

Although I haven't finished posting all of my China trip photos yet, I thought I'd better blog about my first week in Singapore before I forget anything! Our trip to Singapore was peacefully uneventful-- we started off our first night here eating some cheese roti prata with my sister-in-law who was returning back to Vancouver the very next day. After spending a week in China, the sights and sounds of Singapore were extremely pleasant (it's nice to be understood by everyone here when you speak English). Also, it's very easy to navigate around this city/country with the efficient transit system in place; all I've needed is some wifi and Google maps to find my way.

I may not have mentioned this before but I did absolutely zero clothing shopping in China; as a result, my urge to shop was overwhelming when I got to Singapore. You can perhaps imagine the kind of damage that I've done so far (and it's only been one week so far...). I've been to at least seven malls so far and have been taken advantage of many tempting sales as "The Great Singapore Sale" is currently underway. I've been trying to avoid the stores that we have in Canada in favour of stores that we don't have, such as Mango, Pull and Bear, and many others. After each visit to the mall, I promise myself that it will be the last time I go in a while; however, since malls are so convenient and equipped with comforting air-con, it's so hard to avoid them! 

Other than shopping, I've been greatly enjoying myself by spending time with old family friends and relatives. Just the other night I had a fantastic time walking around the beautiful Garden by the Bay with two of my aunts, an uncle, my brother and my parents (check my Instagram for more). And let's not forget eating. If you didn't already know, Singapore is the biggest foodie place-- everyone knows anything about this country knows that we take our food very seriously. My family always has to pace ourselves when we first arrive or we will eat ourselves sick with all of our favourite goodies at once. While it may seem to others than I'm posting a lot of food pictures on Instagram, I'll let you know that I haven't posted the half of it (I have many more stored on my iPhone).

I also had to get used to living in a HDB flat on the east coast of Singapore as my aunt used to live on the west coast in a condominium. While I certainly miss the private pool and gym that we once enjoyed, I have to admit that living on the east side is certainly convenient as it's very close to transit, food markets, and a mall. 

Top & Shoes // Zara
Sunglasses // Cotton On
Pants // TEMT
Necklace // Forever 21

I feel like I've done a ton of things already but there are still so many things left to do! For instance, I have yet to have my first tropical beach day on Sentosa Island, visit the zoo, and eat my first satay. Follow me on my Instagram to see if I manage to get everything done!


  1. Amazing! Love those pants and top dear

  2. You look so great :) And looks that you have great trip to Singapore ;p

  3. oh dear your sunglasses are rocking it! Love the whole outfit and everything in this look tbh. I love Singapore though I was there a few years ago. Did you try Kaya toast? It's my fav! <3

  4. perfect:) xx

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I'm so exctied for you!!! It seems like Singapore is a great place to visit and you are having so much fun :) seven malls!!!! wow you are definitely making some damage there haha lucky you! you are going to go back home with extra bags I bet! It's so nice you are getting spend time with your family. I'm originally from Peru but I have not visited there for a little bit more than 3 years. Everytime I go I do some serious damage at the malls too lol and of course spending time with family members is always nice.

    The outfit you are wearing in this post is so adorable! I love the printed trousers and the white and black color combo is so sophisticated and elegant, but of course the hot pink extra pop of your pumps make the whole outfit so fun and playful :) I also love you sunnies! I tried on some rounded sunglasses too and I just look hilarious! haha I will stick with the aviators!

    I'm so excited you are posting again, I also checked your past post and the all pink look is so cute!!! you have such great style :) can't wait to see more of your trip!


  6. Gurl you know that I'm literally dying for that sunnies. They are just so hot and lookin all cute on you. If am wearing these types of sunnies my little brothers and sisters used to call me an owl but whatever I'm so feeling them.
    Are you serious there are still more foodie pics? Oh my gosh, like really it was an real foodie blast on IG but can't believe there is still more. Apparently I defo need to visit Singapore or at least China once in my life. Feels like am really missing out! So many stuffs to discover and amazing food.
    Also love that very simple look. You are just so purty girl. The prints on your pants are amazing and that colour blocking heels. On pointé hun. Seriously!

    Btw don't get too much tempted at the market, malls etc. Haha .. I totally feel you in that point. Can't wait for more posts and for me to finally arrive in Netherlands.

    xx Lori

  7. Great look!
    I think the pants are super duper amazing!


  8. Seems like you're enjoying your singapore time! It sounds amazing to be there. I really love this look on you as well :)


  9. Looking fab hun. I love the print on your pants and the pop of color with your shoes.

  10. I'm in love with those shades. looks lovely on u hun, you got great style. x

  11. I love your outfit especially the top and the pants.

  12. You look so good Debbie! Your sunnies are perefct! I love the print of your trousers too! ;)

  13. You look gorgeous dear !! I love your shoes and your top ^^ I really like your blog, keep up the great work =D

    If you want, you can check out my fashion and fitness blog and if you like it, maybe we could follow each other on GFC ?

    Hope you'll say yes,


  14. Singapore is seriously AMAZING for shopping. I'd be judging you if you weren't shopping up a storm lol! Plus there's a super sale happening, how can you resist!? I mean really?! Impossible! I've never actually been outside Changi airport if I'm honest but the airport itself is impeccable for shopping and food so I can only imagine the delights the country has to offer outside those walls. Need to plan an adventure there asap!

    Thanks so much for your gorgeous comment a while back on my blog, I'd love it if we kept in touch darling,

  15. great look. i really like your rounded glasses. and the drapped shirt is wonderful! such a tricky shirt


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