Sunhatted Splendor

Happy Canada Day everyone!
While I hope that the rest of my fellow Canadians are enjoying a beautiful and relaxing day off, I am presently working for a few hours before I can join all of y'all in the bright sunshine (and thirty degree weather). Nevertheless, I am feeling quite joyous and happy today as I'm becoming extremely excited about my Asia trip that I will be leaving for on Sunday night! I started packing a few nights ago but still feel like there's so much that I have to prepare for. 

While the trip has been preoccupying much of my thoughts lately, I've also been concentrating on enjoying as much quality time with my friends around Vancouver during my last few days in Canada. For instance, I attended a wedding on Saturday, went horseback riding on Sunday for the first time, and had some girl time with one of my best friends on Monday. Talk about a packed schedule!

(Please forgive the slight wrinkling on the dress, I wore it right out of the packaging as I had no time to iron it out.)

On an equally as important note, let's talk about this amazing dress that I received courtesy of eShakti! I had seen several other bloggers wearing some lovely pieces from this wonderful site and was impressed by the variety and quality of each item. So of course when the site approached me for a collaboration, I was very much excited to have one of their products for my own! I chose this beautiful chevron-stripe-esque maxi dress as I fell in love with its full maxi skirt and vibrant colours. When I tried it on for the first time, I was quite astonished by the heaviness and great quality of the fabric and material. Usually dresses nowadays are quite lightweight and of poor quality, so I could definitely feel a difference in this instance.

Other than the beautiful pieces available on this site, eShakti is known for being an all-sizes-friendly (sizes 0-36) online boutique in which customization is affordable and easy. With the options made available to customers when ordering a particular item, you are able to ensure that your clothing piece will perfectly suit your height, hips, waist, and other important elements. I highly recommend that you check out the site today and see for yourself what a difference customization makes in your wardrobe! 

Dress // eShakti
Hat // Ever New
Shoes // Vince Camuto
Necklace // Ell and Em
Bracelet // vintage

Other than the dress, I was also excited to wear for the first time this enormous sun hat. I recently bought it at Ever New for half price and was quite disappointed that I was only able to acquire such a glamorous piece after I had attended a live raceday at the Hastings Racecourse for the first time (think Ascot in My Fair Lady or the Kentucky Derby). Nevertheless, I hope to get some good wear out of this piece before the summer is through! 

And guess what? You, my lovely readers, can now use the coupon code 'doffy does' in order to receive a 10% discount when you shop at eShakti. This special offer is valid from today until July 21st, 2014-- happy shopping!

Please note:
Code has to be entered in the ‘promotional code’ box.   It is not case-sensitive.  
Code can be used any number of times until the validity period. 
It can be clubbed with any other promotional offer, gift coupon or gift card in the same order unless explicitly specified otherwise in the offer conditions.
This discount code is not applicable on clearance / sale, gift cards & overstock categories.
Not applicable on previous purchases.

Disclosure: while this post has been generously sponsored by eShakti, all opinions expressed within this post are exclusively my own.


  1. That hat looks so stunning on you!

  2. Stunning! Love that dress

  3. Ooh I definitely say yes to the dress. Love the green. :] // ☼

  4. I love your maxi and your floppy hat Debbie! You look great!

  5. stunning!!!

  6. I love your necklace! And you look amazing!


  7. You look like a princess in this dress *-*

    Bisous !

  8. Wonderful dress! You look so chic and elegant! Obsessed with the hat!


  9. What an amazing collaboration! The dress is so beautiful, love the color blocking shapes and the color combination! It looks so classic and timeless. I'm so excited for your for getting a collaboration request!

    So I kind of can't believe you haven't ride a horse before! lol did you take pictures? or they are too embarrassing to share haha I haven't ride a horse in so long, probably the whole time I've been in the USA so almost 6 years. But everytime I did I used to picks the oldest horse I could find! so it won't fight me lol

    Anyways, I'm so excited for your and your upcoming trip! I believe you said you are staying over there for a month? are you going to keep us updated of your adventures in your blog? I certainly hope you do :)
    Have a great week darling and I hope you get to meet with all your friends before your trip to Asia!


  10. The dress is so beautiful Debbie, It fits you well!!!

  11. This is such a beautiful look on you, the colour blocking maxi dress is so striking and you've accessorized it perfectly! Hope this week has been good for you so far and that you've got a fabulous weekend planned ahead of you! :)
    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  12. Congrats on this collaboration Debbie, so happy for you!
    Love the maxi dress soo much on you. The colours and the hat makes such an good match.
    You made a whole classy outfit just with these few pieces. Also love ur make-up esp your lips as every time. So stylish and trendy!

    Horseback riding sounds like so much fun. I remember the first time riding on an horse, I think I was about 6-7 yrs or so and I was so afraid but I tried to keep my cool and not look scarced infront of my classmates haha. Real funny to look back at this. Hope you enjoyed it though and the wedding too with delicious food and drink.

    Looking so forward to your trip on sunday! I wish you all the best, safe journey and peaceful days. See you soon! ;)

    xx Lori

  13. You look truly amazing in this dress! I really love the color of it as well. :)


  14. Extraordinary dress with those colors.I've never seen such a grass green dress before.
    But it fits to your dark hair :)


  15. Stunning dress. You're so gorgeous and your hair is so nice. <3


  16. I love your necklace. What a babe!!

  17. Your dress is stunning. When i saw the first picture i literally screamed, it is really lovely. And i love the red lip color.

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