Tiger Turbaned

Since I only have a month in Singapore before it's back to work, school and reality, I've made a mental note to fill every single day with some fun or new activity. So far, I've been pretty successful-- I've visited some main sightseeing areas, many malls, visited Johor Bahru in Malaysia for a quick day trip, and have eaten many delicious meals. Today I went back to an old favourite: biking around the enormous East Coast Park. We rented bicycles and cycled around the area for about two hours before we called it a night. Along the way, my brother and I stopped at some portions of the beach to take in the scenery, watch people surfing, and take pictures.

To prepare for such an activity, I wore my newly-acquired tiger turban that I bought at Forever 21 (a store that is grossly overpriced in Singapore by the way), my acid wash romper, and my new watermelon print sneakers from Cotton On. These were the perfect items for dealing with the heat as the romper was loose-fitting and lightweight, the turban kept my hair out of my face, and my sneakers were comfortable enough for biking long distances.

Turban // Forever 21
Romper // Bluenotes
Crop Top // H&M
Sunglasses & Shoes // Cotton On

Since it's about 32 degrees Celsius in Singapore during the daytime, we made sure to start our biking journey at around 4 pm when the heat had died down somewhat. Take a look below to see a couple of Instagram snapshots that I took along the way:

How do you try to beat the heat when you're in the midst of a summer heat wave?


  1. I love your style, you look so beautiful, Debbie!! :)


  2. Great look!
    Love the sunnies!
    Kisses from Austria!

  3. can't believe that F21 is overpriced in singapore and it's SO cheap over here! this whole outfit is really adorable. i am loving the turband & the sneakers and overalls are just the cutest.


  4. Love your romper and your sunnies! Perfect summer look ;)



  5. You look amazing! Love this outfit


  6. nice look!:) xx

  7. Thank you darling for leaving such lovely comment on my blog. your style is just amazing. I have followed you back, will visit again on your future post :) x

  8. I'm in love with your jumpsuit!!! you look so adorable in it! love how you combined prints with the turban and the sneakers :) As always, you look gorgeous in this post! great inspiration for a casual look. Wow biking in when is so hot must be a little bit crazy! going to ride later in the day is def a good idea. Did I ever tell you that I design bicycles? so I obviously love seeing posts that feature biking or bikes! haha I know kind of a nerdy thing!

    What do I do when the days are too hot? I eat ice cream! haha and drink lots of water! Your post just made me realize I need to go for a long ride, in between work and the blog I've been pretty busy but I need to make time for such a fun activity!

    I'm glad you are enjoying every day of your vacation trip! so happy for you! I can only wish I took some vacation days this week, it's not only incredible hot in Ohio but also work is so busy I feel like dropping everything and running away! haha Can't wait to see more of your trip!


  9. Loving the retro rocker feel to this outfit! I've been wanting to try circle sunglasses for a while, but I'm concerned they don't match my face shape and/or will go out of style next summer anyway.


  10. I love your romper.....


  11. Sounds like you have such a fab time in SG! I really wanna go back there again though bc I love how clean the city is! Also, you look great with the rounded sunglasses and turban! Love the style girl <3

  12. I have missed your blog, like stalking stalking you, outfits and beautiful photos . I took a road trip outta Vancouver , woots. I have missed quite a bit. Love love love the jumpsuit Debbie ! Very interesting retro detail with the turban . Ths is totally perfect for sightseeing, so comfortable!

    Omg this scenes you visited are so gorgeous, the water, the view. I'm really happy you got a chance to get out of Vancouver for a mini vacation, before getting back to reality. It's NEEDED!

    I can't get over these photos geerlls, I keep going back and forth
    I can only beat this summer heat wave with a really free hairstyle and comfortable clothing



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