A Casual Summer in Pink

Happy Saturday everyone,
Life has been a hectic mix of excitement, change, and frenzied planning lately. This past week I met up with several close friends to catch up over various coffees, lunches, and dinners. It's so good to see all of their faces and to hear their stories after missing them for more than a month! Just yesterday, I had a delicious lunch at Kingyo Izakaya in downtown Vancouver with my brother and sister-in-law before heading to Front & Company on Main Street to spend the rest of the $100 gift certificate that I won from a previous blog contest. During lunch, my lovely sister-in-law revealed just in clueless I was about wedding planning by showing me all of the wedding sites research she had already done for me. Now, however, I feel much more prepared thanks to her careful and thorough advice on the matters of venue, decor, dresses, accessories, dates, and many other relevant topics. As the details pour in, I feel myself becoming increasingly excited as I start to envision my future wedding with a clearer vision.

In other news, I've started working out with weights again thanks to a very fit and motivating friend of mine! We started out with a routine of deadlifts, weighted squats, bent over rows, bench press, and other assorted moves. While I'm sadly out of shape after such a long vacation, I'm so excited to be moving back onto the fit and healthy path. In fact, the next day I was so sore from the workout that I could barely kneel down or get out of cars without some degree of discomfort. Let's hope I can keep this up!

Necklace // Isetan (Singapore)
Top // Cotton On (Hong Kong)
Skorts // Sheinside
Shoes // Shoemint
Bag // Michael Kors

I hope that you all are having a most wonderful Saturday. I took advantage of the lovely weather by going for a run with an old friend; I also look forward to a movie night with another friend later tonight!

What are some of your favourite casual pieces to wear during the hot summer days?


  1. Amazing look! You look adorable with the skirt!


  2. Your skorts is amazing...


  3. great look dear!


  4. Great mix of pinks Sweetie! You look so cute!

  5. super:) x

  6. Who's this pretty girl! It is so nice to spend time with members of your family after a while! I would love to visit Canada one day! You look pretty as usual darling :)

  7. I love how the necklace matches the skirt, looks fab! xx

  8. You look so sweet and pretty

    Ciao ciao

  9. Great outfit dear! Love that skort


  10. I love how effortlessly chic your outfit is <3

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  11. Great outfit, you look so pretty, i like your skort. Hope you have a wonderful brand new week

  12. Such a lovely outfit Debs! So in love with your orange skorts. Always wanted to get one but never really got the time to shop them and as it's turning out way too cold for them now I can't make use of wearing them but hopefully next summer. Already counting the days down haha! Also love the simplicity in that look.
    I have to admit that I've been lazy during the whole summer too. I also have to start getting back to a healthier and fitter life! I can't even remember the last time I did sports but I do remember the last time I ate chocolate, sweets and that stuff which was even yesterday. Oh man I'm such a sucker for sweets.

    If I were your sister in law, bestie or whatever I would have started too to organise your wedding. Finding some nice location, food, dresses .. There's nothing about starting early, better early than late huh?! :) .You also told me on my blog that you are thinking about wearing a floral headpiece for your wedding and actually thats a great idea. It would fit you so well. I bet!

    Hmm .. and fav casual summer pieces are definetely some nice and comfortable sneakers, sunnies for the days without make-up and some proper accessoires.

    Wish you an awesome start for the week.

    xx Lori

  13. Looking forward to your next post :) xx

  14. Debbie,
    Love this outfit on you! I've been wanting an asymetrical skirt/shorts for the longest time but for whatever reason I forget about this desire when I hit the stores haha I've seen them in white, black and black leather but never in peach! I loooove it in peach! it gives it such a soft look the already harsh cuts! love how you paired it up with that flower print top and that necklace with peach details! your styles is so feminine and fun, I truly enjoy visiting you blog and always find myself inspired when seeing your pictures.

    You won $100 in a giveaway! that is awesome!!! spend it wisely haha I never win giveaways :( hopefully I will at least once! It looks like you are getting all ready and motivated for the wedding! which is awesome, enjoy this beautiful time as you deserve it! :) and remember you are the bride so whatever you want should be done! haha

    I've started working out too, I've been awfully lazy this summer and then I got some health issues with my asthma so stopped going to zumba for over a month. I went back on the past Wednesday and... I'm still sore from it! haha

    Hope you have a great start to your week :) Looking forward your next post darling!


  15. First of all, big BIG congratulations on ur engagement!!! (Sorrie for the lateness!) U guys are incredibly sweet together! As a blogger friend, I couldn't be happier & so excited for u ;D Can't wait to read more of ur wedding preparations through some of the craziness & stress. It all becomes worth it at the end for the married life with ur one & only <3
    Ur outfit is so sweet here w/ the pretty pink skirt & matching necklace!
    And how inspiring to hear that u are now working out with weights. I didn't work out this summer as much as I hoped but there's still the upcoming fall to continue on. At least it'll be less hot!
    Here's to another great wk~

  16. Love the combinaison of colours with the skort and necklace, the lipstick and bag :) Gorgeous !

    Bisous !

  17. Really nice and cute look :)
    I love the skorts, they look fabulous on you :)


  18. you look cute! loving your skorts. ♥
    goodluck on your wedding prep debbie! *hugs
    Keep in touch!


  19. All this talk of working out is making me want to put on my trainers and go for a run! Go you! Hope you're summer was an epic one, following your travels via Instagram makes me think it was pretty rad though!



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