A Summer Engagement

On the fifth of August 2014, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. We had just finished a long day of exploring the fascinating city of Hong Kong and I was looking forward to calling it a night at the hotel. However, instead of merely watching television, my boyfriend started telling me about how his grandmother had asked if I was the one for him, to which he had replied in the affirmative. I still had no inkling of what was to follow but played along when he asked me to look around the room for a surprise he had hidden. When I finally found the ring box, I was stunned into silence and felt strangely shy when my now fiance knelt before me and said those four magical words. 

I immediately accepted his proposal with no hesitation and since then I have not looked back. While the thought of planning and getting all of my ducks in row before the wedding is truly daunting, I am so excited to begin this new chapter of my life with the man who I love, respect, and trust more than anyone else. Also, I know I have God and many amazing friends and family to help me along the way. For instance, my extremely eager Maid of Honour had already finished the planning stage of my engagement party-- before I had even landed back in Vancouver from Singapore! Thanks to her fanatical ways, I've been spurred into action and have already begun researching possible venues, creating guest lists, and of course pinning a million inspirational ideas on a Pinterest board. 

For those who recently were married, do you have any useful tips for a future bride who would like to avoid becoming a bridezilla?  

Skirt // Bysi (Singapore)
Necklace // Isetan (Singapore)
Top // H&M
Shoes // Zara

This lovely skirt was acquired on my very last day in Singapore when one of my favourite aunts took me out for some last minute shopping. Before long, we had bought several bags of items and I knew I had to leave the mall before it got any worse! Nevertheless, I adore this beautiful skirt for its unique print and ladylike length. And, of course, my powder blue heels could do no wrong.

What are some of your favourite summertime pieces?


  1. Beautiful look, the skirt is fabulous <3


  2. So Blessed ! Congratulation on your engagement <3 xoxo

  3. Beautiful. Love your skirt:) x

  4. Oh my God!!! Congratulations girl. I wish you guys extreme happiness, a beautiful long marriage and plenty of fabulous kids. Your skirt is lovely...


  5. Congratulations!!!! You you look so beautiful in this outfit, love it!


  6. Hahaha at your maid of Honor, she's likely your bestie, who wouldn't, I'd be planning already..

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again Debbie!, I was honored to have heard this yummy news before now.

    Gerrll I'm reading these stories and I'm having goosebumps! Unfortunately I've not being married ever so I can't help with that one question lol. But I can help when indecisiveness troops in when selecting a bridal gown :D :D

    Starting preparing anotherr post, you and your fiance still have more stories to share on your meeting. I'm very happpy you are with a man you can love, trust and respect. See now those two things are key, and keep any relationship or friendship long lasting!

    It's going to be a new chapter now for you, I'm wishing the best and pray God keeps granting your desires :)

    Welcome back ! Love that voluminous skirt, exudes the happiness within you too, it really compliments those fabulous shoes


  7. Welcome back to YVR! Love that skirt, glad you did some good shopping in Singapore!

    Congrats again on your engagement - it's so meaningful that it happened while you were travelling in Hong Kong! Wishing you all the best with the wedding planning!

    Walking, Talking Style
    New post: Vilnius

  8. how did i miss this? congratulations!! your fiance's proposal sounds so sweet. you must be so excited! can't wait to hear all about your wedding planning. also, loving your look here. you bought so many pretty pieces over in HK and Singapore!


  9. Congrats! So happy for you! You'll be such a pretty bride:) Your skirt is lovely xx


  10. Ohw, congrats ! This is so cute, I'm really happy for you ! You're going to be the best bride ever :)

    Bisous !

  11. You look amazing dear! Love that skirt


  12. Congratulations!!!!!

  13. congrats on your engagement, you look beautiful, love the entire look! xo

  14. The combo of this print with stripes is soo amazing!!! Love this look!



  15. This outfit is stunning! I'm obsessed with everything about it. You have a great eye for style!
    I want this skirt!


  16. Congratulations Doffy! ♥
    My advise... be supportive to your husband and always look beautiful even if you already live together. Enjoy being married. *hugs

    Keep in touch! :)

  17. Woow congratulation for you dear! You'l be getting married! <3 And i love your skirt, perfect look!

  18. Congratulations, you must be so excited! Your skirt is so beautiful, wish i could get one of those for my self!


  19. Rhe look is really amazing.love The pastel colors and you wear this skirt so good

    Happy Day

  20. Debbie!!! I was wondering when would you share your engagement story in your blog! and it is lovely :) I love how he made you look for the ring! haha I'm so exctied for you! this is such an exciting and awesome time for you, I'm sure you won't become a bridezilla (giggles) my best advice is to plan! keep an agenda... as long as you keep working on your wedding planning little by little you will be fine. And my other advice is... stay on a budget! it is so easy to end up spending much more than what you were planning! but even though you wedding day needs to be the most amazing day... remember that is just only the beginning :) after that comes maybe buying a house together and you want to save some money for that! My last advice I guess it is relax... (specially on that day!) things never workout like we want them to workout (I def learned that) sometimes it rains! sometimes the liners you get are not the right color! sometimes your rental gets floated when you are having your rehearsal dinner! sometimes you get into a huge argument with your mom a month before the wedding! obviously these "sometimes this happens situations" are just a few of the ones that actually happened to me! but at the end all what matters is that you are marrying the man you love and just because of that, that day is amazing. oh oh if you want to see our proposal video, here is the link! our friends filmed it haha


    Well lets jump to your look! you look SO BEAUTIFUL in this outfit! is so romantic and appropriate for the engagement story you just told us :) I'm so in love with the midi skirt you got! love the print and the lenght is perfection! those blue shoes are just simply adorable! this is one of my favorite outfits on you and the fact that you just look so happy and in love in all your pictures makes me smile!

    Thanks so much for giving me all that info about your camera :) I'm planning in buying a new/better lens for portrait too! mine is not the best.
    Hope you are having a lovely week!


  21. You are so so beautiful and again - congratulations!!! xxx

  22. Awww congratulation my dear! I'm sure your boyfriend would be the lucky one who's got such a gorgeous bride to be like you :)

  23. Oh now that I know the whole story behind I feel more happy for you. This is so romantic and the fact that he made you search for the ring is even more excited because you don't had a clue at all haha!
    And I can confidently say that you are not going to turn into a bridezilla but rather a beautiful bride. Huh let me tell you something, with that fashion sense, there is nothing to worry about.
    Lets come to your amazing look. I love the length of your dress, so ladylike and those shades on it are stunning.
    Love how you paired everything together. Not forgettenly I love the necklace and heels
    I haven't been or getting married before so I can't give you advise at that point but stay who you are and don't get yourself into so much stress.
    From my heart I wish you all the best for the next chapter and everything that is next.

    (P.s: and favourite summertime pieces I would say everything that is comfy and rounded sunnies, sunnies in general)

    xx Lori

  24. flower and stripes go so well together ...you look lovely <3


  25. Congratulations!!!

    and those outfit is amazing! it is elegant, casual and so pretty! i like the your midi skirt very much and it lovely print. and wow the heels have a perfect color!

  26. Love love the printed skirt! Congratulations!!
    Gorgeous outfit post to share on the great news.


  27. Congratulations on your engagement :) U will tend to worry and stress a lot prior to your wedding so do remember to relax, take good care of yourself and stay optimistic! ^^

    Geralyn | http://zhixingeralyn.blogspot.com


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