Hong Kong Florals

It's amazing how easy it is to hop on a plane nowadays and visit some place completely new. I just came back from Hong Kong last night and still haven't quite recovered from that whirlwind of a trip. While I was only there for two nights and about three days, I saw enough of that city to want more-- more food, more shopping, and more sightseeing! Sadly, I didn't have enough space to bring my DSLR camera so I will have to make do with iPhone pictures for a future Hong Kong travel post.

The main reason for my visiting Hong Kong were as follows: my boyfriend was there, I heard shopping there was incredible, food is amazing, and some of my friends were currently living there. I'm happy to say that I enjoyed an abundance of each of the aforementioned factors; I fell in love with the city from which so many of my Vancouver friends originated, I ate the most delicious food, I bought way too many things (but for amazingly cheap prices), and I visited two of my friends in their native environment. 


While I will be writing a more in-depth post on my Hong Kong meanderings in the near future, I will list some of the top highlights from my trip here:
  • I'm a sucker for noodle soup so I'm happy to say that I had some amazing bowls of soup during my trip-- both indoors and on the street.
  • Shopping in Mong Kok at an extremely cheap boutique area where all of the "broke students" shop (a special thanks to my friend Natalie for showing me all of the best spots and bargaining for me).
  • Watching my boyfriend constantly wipe his forehead and body with tissues because he can't stand the heat (I think I'm a sadist).
  • Eating the most perfect mochi from a Hokkaido stall in Sogo: peach, chocolate, and melon flavours.
  • Visiting all of the most famous areas of the city, such as Times Square, Lan Kwai Fong, and the Avenue of Stars.
  • Finding out that the Hong Kong malls have way better sales promotions than in Singapore (thanks Zara!). 
  • Visiting another friend who currently works for Lane Crawford and infiltrating a secret lunch spot that only she and her colleagues know about. 
  • Meeting my boyfriend's family and having a delicious Thai and Vietnamese dinner with them (have you ever eaten fried rice out of a pineapple before?).

Top // Mong Kok Boutique (cost $4 CDN)
Clutch // Mong Kok boutique (cost about $11 CDN)
Necklace // Ladies Market (about $12 CDN) 
Pants // Bread and Butter
Shoes // Aldo

Everything I am wearing in this post, except for the wedges, was recently acquired in Hong Kong. I was happy to finally get some street market shopping done in Asia-- I bought phone cases, this clear clutch, statement necklaces, and several incredibly cheap tops. When I return to Hong Kong, I'll be sure to save my wallet for the shopping there!


  1. Oooh. I love that clutch. Now does your boyfriend always live in Hong Kong? That seems far from you! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  2. beauty romantic look ,bag is aww!!

  3. Lovely and uber chic look Doffy!



  4. Beautiful look :)
    The pants look fabulous on you, super nice :)


  5. You look amazing! Love those pants


  6. I'd love to go to hong kong as well, it's seems like a wonderful place to be. You also look really amazing in the pictures, love the colorful pants :)


  7. The pants are amazing.....PERFECT! And you are absolutely gorgeous... Beautiful photos also!

  8. you look so gorgeous :) love it so much


  9. Amazing outfit :-) http://lnx.cindystyle.it/mystyle/?p=1205

  10. love this outfit sooo much, you look so pretty!


  11. hong kong sounds amazing! great food, fantastic shopping and people you love. can't wait to hear more about it!


  12. super:) x

  13. dear, you look so fab! love that top, it's beautiful on you! amazing<3
    Emma xx

  14. Oh boy, Take me to Hong kong soon, that purse though! I need to get to Asia, I would probably take about 5 empty suitcases with me, that's not too much eh? pfft for the kinds of amazing deals I'll bring back :P

    I'm yet to try some more Asian noodles, always love the spicy types. Awwies you two should just get married already, since you guys have both met each other's families too!

    P.S- What lens do you use again? if it's cheaper there, maybe you could help me buy from there too eh? :))



  15. I love those floral pants, they are amazing and make such a statement. Super lovely.

  16. Great Post & lovely Blog!♥
    I follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin, hope you follow back :-)

  17. Debbie!!! I saw a little bit of this outfit on Instagram and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I've been thinking about getting floral print trousers but I don't know why I didn't and then I saw those lovely pants on you and you look stunning. I'm also loving your top! the lace details are so sweet and it goes so well with the romantic floral feel of the whole look. And I can't finish talking about your look without telling you that that transparent clutch is AMAZING!!! love the lips closure and everything about it! ahhhh you are so lucky you are over there finding all these amazing deals!!! I live in this small town where you can't really find clutches like this so my only hope is online haha (laugh and cry) I hope I can travel to Asia soon :)

    So, I really enjoyed reading this post and I can't wait to see more of your adventure in Hong Kong! fried rice from a pineapple! never even though of that combination! but I'm sure it looked super cute haha I hope you took pictures of it and you will share them with us :) how was meeting your boyfriends family? where you nervous? I know I was when I met my now hubby's family! I'm sure they loved meeting you.

    Keep enjoying your trip!!!


  18. It is Official!! I love your fashion sense/style. It is chic and classy. I am so jealous. I want that clutch and the necklace. I am glad you had a nice time in Hong Kong...

    Check out my post on how to properly wash your hands...http://journalofapetitediva.blogspot.com/2014/08/handwashing-proper-way.html


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