Spending These Days in Tropical Print

It finally happened. I've passed the point in my vacation where I'm more than ready to go home. The littlest of things, such as drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe or watching a movie in a theatre, are enough to trigger a tidal wave of homesickness for my favourite spots in Vancouver. Since I only have a few days left in Singapore, I've been making a list of things to do before I leave. So far, I've gotten my shopping list done (souvenirs and gifts for others) and tomorrow I will be visiting the Singaporean Zoo (the last place that I really wanted to visit before I leave). I've also been making my brother take pictures of some outfits for me as I bought him a bunch of T-shirts in Hong Kong-- bribery is always the way to go for these things.

I also have been chatting with a bunch of my closest friends and setting up dates with them for lunch and dinner. I'm already really excited to get up to speed with my Vancouver life and to reunite with my favourite people. Not to mention enjoy the fresh, cool climate of my home city!

For this outfit, I finally was able to wear this white mesh skirt that was the first thing I bought in Singapore. While I initially found this skirt to be amazing, I quickly found that it was sadly much less easy to wear than I had first thought. More specifically, the skirt underneath is quite short and tight and therefore tends rides up a bit when I walk. Nevertheless, I was quite determined to wear it at least a few times before I retire it to the back of my closet. In terms of the tropical print top, I found it at a Zara in Hong Kong for the mere price of $13! I really wish I had saved my entire wallet for that short trip to Hong Kong...

Top // Zara (Hong Kong)
Skirt // The Underground (Singapore)
Necklace // Ladies Market (Hong Kong)
Shoes // Zara (old)

On a side note, I really didn't notice how tanned I was until I took these pictures. After walking around in the hot sun in China, I stayed mostly in the shade and air-con during my stay in Singapore and therefore thought that I had lost most of my tan. Well, I guess that isn't the case!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer-- it's sad that we only have a month left to enjoy. What are some of your favourite summertime memories that you've made so far?


  1. I love your mesh skirt and the pop of red of the shoes Miss!
    Great look!

  2. Amazing look!
    I love the peplum, it's so nice <3


  3. You look gorgeous! Love that top


  4. You look gorgeous in this outfit, love your peplum top paired with that skirt <3

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  5. you look like a princess everytime I visit your blog hun! The tropical top is really a perfect vibe for this Summer, especially how you have paired it with the gorgeous skirt like that! 10/10!

  6. your tropical top is amazing and those shoes suit your outfit perfectly. i always get homesick on long trips, so i totally understand how you're feeling!


  7. You are so pretty Doffy! Really love your shoes :)

  8. I'm in love with your top! I really like the print of it, it's so adorable. You look really amazing in the pictures, love the look! :)


  9. I love your outfit :-) and you are beautiful


  10. Thanks for your adorable comment Debbie! You're always so sweet and insightful!

  11. Such a pretty outfit! xo, Hayley dailydoseofdarling.com

  12. That is such a pretty skirt! It's a shame it's not the most practical to wear, as it really suits you! :)

    Enjoy the last days of your holiday! :)

    Away From The Blue

  13. Love this whole look! The mesh skirt and the print of your top! :) Very nice!


  14. Love this outfit, you look lovely!

  15. Oh I do know that feeling of beeing homesick and been there several times. It happens to me every single time I stay for at least 2 weeks away from home. Even though vacations should be there to escape the daily routine, we do miss the life that we used to know at home, our family, friends, food etc. - it's weird I know and don't ask why because I don't know and can't explain either haha.

    The first pic is so amazing! You really set up a great location and posed perfectly as well. Uh and I hope that the mesh skirt haven't caused you so much issues because it's amazing and so stylish. Not to forget your necklace, which looks so elegant and classy. And lastly the tropical top which I do love the most because of its flowerly elements.

    Hope you had a great time with the boyfriend in Hongkong and enjoy the rest of your days left in Singapore.

    xx Lori

  16. The top and the skirt go so well together, your outfit is absolutely perfect ♡


  17. The tropical top and skirt look great on you, you make the outfit look perfect (: x


  18. This top looks amazing on you, I'm jealous :o

    Bisous !

  19. Love love love your Outfit ......really cool and stylish combined <3


  20. I love your top. I am sorry the skirt rides up when you are walking. It can be annoying i know. When i have such issues with a dress or outfit i give it out to someone smaller than me. At least if i can't enjoy it, someone else should.

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  21. This is funny! you are homesick and I'm sick of home right now haha you can't wait to go back home and I can't stop looking at good deals for getaways! well yeah you have been in Asia for a long time, I think I would miss my own bed, my dogs and my friends too :) a month from now you are going to wish you were still on vacation though! haha

    Ok, so let's talk about this outfit... OMG you look stunning in all your pics! your brother is such a good photographer :) (bravery works with mine to but he lives so far away from where I live, it's kind of hard to get him to be my photographer all the time) Is your brother older or younger than you? mine is older but he acts like he is the youngest! haha anyways, I loveeeee your look! those red shoes are so amazing, did you get them in you trip? the tropical print top is such a beauty! to be honest that is a trend for some reason I haven't gotten into this summer, I guess they are normally very colorful or very busy so I don't gravitate to those items, but the one you are wearing in this post, that one I love! the mint are teal shades are just so beautiful together and the print is not over the top, is the perfect balance! really like this look :) is that the skirt you were telling me about on your comment? I like it! love the mix of materials and lenghts! it is visually interesting!!!

    Oh and before I say bye, I had to tell you, you have an amazing collection of necklaces! they are all pieces that make an statement :) I love them all! actually I want them all lol sometimes I wish we could merge our closets haha

    To answer you last question in this post, I have not made many big memories this summer, my husband and I were working on remodeling our kitchen most of the time! so there was not much time for having fun. The kitchen looks amazing now that is done! it is everything I ever dreamed it would even though I barely cook in it! haha I guess my best memory of this summer is all the time I spent on my blog :) I can't believe how much I'm making it grow and how much I'm enjoying working on it. Now that summer is over I will go back to school in the evenings and work in the mornings so my time is going to be rather limited, I'm not looking forward the change :/ but I'm sure I will manage somehow to do all of that :) anyways... When are you going back home? Are you going to carry a million bags with you or what? haha
    Hope you are having a good week darling!



  22. you look stunning. where should i beginn - your amazing make up, your hair, the wonderful outfit... wow! i really like that skirt and its hot cut!


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