Varsity Blues and Golds

Well, I'm finally back home. After a grueling total of fifteen hours on two planes and an eight hour stopover at the Shanghai International Airport, I finally made my way to the arrival gates of YVR airport. Luckily, my sweet boyfriend, who had arrived home a few days before us, was there to pick us up and greet me with a very cute "Welcome Home" balloon. We then drove home, ate a very late dinner, and caught up with my brother and sister-in-law before heading to bed.

The next day, I was shocked to find that I had slept until noon! I discovered that the rest of my family was also asleep due to our immense jet lag. Despite this setback, I managed to get most of my unpacking done AND give my room a much-needed cleaning. There's nothing better than having a neat and tidy room (especially a closet in my case). I also realized while unpacking that I bought a ton of skirts in Asia for some reason. Hmm.

After accomplishing these feats, I met up with my boyfriend to have dinner with another couple who happen to be setting off on their own week-long vacation tomorrow. I ended up wearing this varsity style tee that I bought in Hong Kong (please excuse the wrinkles) and this polka dot midi skirt that I got in Malaysia. As well, I bought this gold necklace on my very last day in Singapore while shopping with one of my lovely aunts. 

What do you all think of this more casual look?  

Top // Cotton On (Hong Kong)
Skirt // Dorothy Perkins (Malaysia)
Clutch // Mong Kok boutique (Hong Kong)
Shoes // H&M
Necklace // Chameleon (Singapore)

Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend-- I plan to spend mine squeezing in as much Vancouver fun as possible before heading back to work and school!


  1. You look amazing dear! Love that top

  2. This outfit is wonderful ♥

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  3. super:) x

  4. Love your shoes and top, looks so beautiful!! You always look amazing :)

  5. Cool style! The tee is amazing and I love the skirt!!

    ♘ ♘

  6. Looking very lovely!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin & Google+? If interested, please let me know.


  7. I am glad you got home safe and sound. I love the necklace and top. I think I would pair the top with a skinny or straight leg jeans if I had it. You look great.


  8. O :O :O :O!!!! l absolutely fell in love with your blog, your style is sublime, I really love your top ..your outfit is perfect♥ and you are so pretty... I follow you right now, I´ve just started with my blog, I invite you to check it and If you like it, I would be very grateful you to follow me.
    thanks and lot of Kisses♥

  9. Wow, I like everything. You look fantastic. Great call, a blouse and a necklace I like the most <3

  10. Love that outfit and you are gogeous! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? :)xx

  11. Glad you are back and reached home safe. And once again, congrats on the engagement. So happy for you!
    The time I got back from Holland home I also made sure that everything in my room has its place and is clean as well.
    There is indeed nothing better then a clean and organized room and closet when coming back home. So you probably wont put yourself into pressure while doing it later.
    However to be honest if casual, chic, elegant, dressing up or down whatever - every style or trend is a great match on you.
    So felt in love with your blue and golden top. Would definetly wear it by myself. You have such a great fashion sense and are taking lot of risks with your colours and patterns but there is no one that can pull it off like you do. And those heels are quite stunnig. I wont hold a long speech - all in all love the complete look and can't wait to see your next gatherings of your trip.

    Hope that you've have overcome the jetleg and got to enjoy living in Vancouver again before the daily routine begins.

    Btw I nominated you for "The very inspiring blogger award" because you inspire me everyday with your outfits. The post is about sharing some facts about yourself that we might don't know now. And I also want to thank you that you always take your time to read my posts (or more broken english posts haha whatever) and warm words.
    I haven't seen you posting anything about awards or stuffs before but if you do so I would love to get to know you better with it. So just check out my post.

    Much love

  12. you got really style, such an interesting outift! i like the golden accessoires and the print. and i like that you combine the sporty shirt with a elegant skirt and shoes. you look great!

  13. Debbie!!! I'm glad to read you are safe and back home! and it was so sweet of your now fiance to go pick you up with a balloon!!! so now let's say it (I want you to image my screaming/super excited face): CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! This are awesome news!!!! so how did he do it? I need to read all about it!!! also what date are you guys looking at? what are going to be your colors? outside or inside wedding? Is there any tradition from your or his culture that you would do? ok I know... too many questions! haha but I'm just so excited for you! I had so much fun planning for my wedding last year and I'm sure you will have a blast too! Please let me know if you have any question or need help with anything for your wedding! I would be more than happy to help :) Oh and here is the link to a post where I shared pics of my wedding:

    Time to talk about your outfit! I would have never though of mixing a varsity jersey with a bodycon midi skirt but you look amazing! is like the perfect combination of casual and dressy! all in one look :) your style is so unique! I truly love and admire it! also your statement necklace is just gorgeous! I love how you have a little story for every single piece you bought in your trip to Asia! I think that is one of the fun parts of shopping... there is always a story behind it! don't you think? and as I told you in a previous post... I looooooveeee that clutch!!!

    So how is your sleeping schedule now? I now a lot of the people I work with that go to China and when they come back they are just so tired for like a week! but they still come to work at 8am and drink as much coffee as they can! I hope you get back to your regular schedule soon!

    oh and also I have a quick question for you, what camera do you use for your posts? your pictures are always so pretty and look so professional :)
    Have a great weekend darling!


  14. yay! you must be so happy to finally be home. no wonder you have jet lag after so much traveling. this outfit is super cute. this shirt is really cute and sporty. love it with the skirt -- i think it could look really well with jeans too!


  15. Great combo! Love the top

  16. debbie, i want to add, that i really like your curly hairstyle and make-up. those pinks lips look perfect! that color is a wonderful tone and it looks amazing on you!

  17. Love the skirt styled it in a very cool and edgy way.....stunning <3

  18. Hey girl, I love your mix of sporty and elegant, the shirt is super cool and the skirt so chic! I'm a big fan of your necklace. Thanks for stopping by, hope you're having a fab summer, xoxo

  19. Oh wow congratulations on your engagment that's fabulous!! xxx Enjoy your day and stay gorgeous!

  20. This look is so full of glam!
    Love love love


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