Double Rainbows + Sweater Weather

This evening, after receiving some sad news, I was lucky enough to see a double rainbow shining over Burrard Inlet. My spirit was lifted as I remembered that rainbows, traditionally symbols of hope, were originally a promise from God that there will be sunshine after the rain. A reminder that, in this world, there is no beauty without pain, no joy without sorrow. And that He will be there to hold us up when we feel that we have no strength to carry on.  

In British Columbia, we are blessed with much natural beauty, such as those double rainbows. Just yesterday I stood in awe of a glacier at Garibaldi Lake in Squamish. While it took us a good five hours to make our way up and down the 18 km trail, seeing that silent and ancient place made us pause for a few minutes to appreciate the enormity of nature (and realize how small our own human concerns are). 

Hiking that trail before the unofficial close of summer was probably one of the favourite things I did since returning to Vancouver from Asia. I can't wait to discover my next favourite trail and take advantage of the stunning landscapes that are so readily available to us Vancouverites.  

Long cardigan // Pink Martini (via Front and Company)
Shoes // Arturo Chiang (via The Hudson Bay)
Skirt // Forever 21
Top // Zara (Singapore)
Necklace // Mong Kok Boutique (Hong Kong)

These photos, which were taken before Labour Day, showcase my latest attempt to create an all-neutral outfit rather than my usual print and colour crazy ensembles. Firstly, I wore my new favourite piece: this mohair long cardigan that I obtained with a gift card won from Front and Company. As well, I wore these Arturo Chiang python print sandal flats that I recently acquired from The Hudson Bay at a lovely 75% discount-- the end result was an affordable $30 instead of $110.

I hope that you all enjoyed your Labour Day long weekend and your last few days of summer freedom. While I've certainly enjoyed my summer vacationing, I feel like I've also grown through all of the experiences that I've encountered within the last few months. Do any of you feel the same way?


  1. Such a lovely neutral outfit! I like that cardi, it looks warm and cosy! :)

    Sorry you had bad news, but it's great you were uplifted a little by the rainbow! :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. I love this outfit, especially those shoes! <3

  3. Gorgeous! Love that coat

  4. Nice:) x

  5. Beautiful look :)
    I love the cardigan, it's amazing <3


  6. I so want that your sweater. Nigeria particularly Uyo is so cold, the rains have refused to go and i keep feeling cold. Lovely outfit...

  7. Love that unique cardigan! Great skirt too.


  8. Debbie,
    I'm sorry to read you received some bad news, as you said after a bad storm, there is always something good like the double rainbows you saw (which by the way... how cool is that!) you mentioned you went for a hike on labor day so that is pretty cool! that is def the best way to spend the last day of summer :) even though I'm not ready for the cold weather yet!!! ahhh :( how cold does it get in your city? over where I live it is pretty ridiculous! you are going to see a couple of good pictures in the amazing fall background and then boom! just snow and dead threes till next summer haha (not even kidding!)

    I just saw your comment on my Kawaii Box post (For some reason I didn't see it before) and I was so excited to read you are looking into weding venues!!! how big are you thinking your wedding is going to be? I had an outside wedding but it was pretty small (not more than 100 guests). Also, outside weddings can be tricky!!! on my wedding day it rained all morning.... it stopped for our ceremony (the sun actually shined at that moment believe it or not!) and then it rained pretty hard when were under the tent for the rest of the night! so we were pretty lucky but I'm sure not everybody gets that lucky lol people say is good luck when it rains on your wedding day... I think they just say that so you don't get that mad about it haha so tell me!!! how are the wedding plans going?

    I just realized I haven't even talked to you about your outfit yet... I love your fluffy sweater!!! your all-neutral outfit is adorable! love the chunky necklace (def a great detail) and those shoes!!! you got such a great deal because they are so cute!!! you always come up with really gorgeous outfits :) I truly enjoy following your blog.


  9. wanna visit van city someday!
    great look, love everything in it, especially your skirt, it's really really amazing(wanted the same, but never found one :( )

    new post “Getting Rid Of The Habit Of Wearing Black” by Kyle R.
    G I V E A W A Y

  10. Hi Debbie, first i hope that bad news is not too bad, as you said you have seen two rainbows which I will interpret like, all the bad things happen and then the sunrise (sorry if I made some mistake in my writing), When summer ends I feel the same as you I thing I have learn something and also september is like a new year for me because I start with many project and thing to do even though I like winter too because the snow.
    by the way I like the way you matched your outfit, you look gorgeous and the pics are great.
    I follow you on G+ to stay update of your new post.

  11. Chic and elegant outfit, you look great! This week was nothing but bad news somebody I know died 2 days ago from multiple sclerosis and today Joan Rivers just died, Fashion Police will never be the same without her. A very sad week indeed.. this made me realize a lot of things about life! xo <3

  12. Such a gorgeous look! I just love the shoes!
    Would love if you could check out my blog if you get a chance!

  13. Totally crushing on that cardigan!!! I miss winter so bad especially
    layering and dressing up.


  14. First off .. Wow wow wow! Like seriously this outfit is soo amazing, you look fine.
    Got a real crush for your new fluffy cardigan. So simple and pure with a classy, shiny touch.
    I guess I wouldn't have bought it too for its normal price but for 30$ yes! Which is even cheaper in euros.
    Love to see a more neutral look on you besides from your "crazy" prints and colours. (well you said that. I just take it from here haha - because its actually not crazy at all!)
    The location just fits in perfect to your outfit.

    Btw don't worry about the bad days, there are better days to come, believe me! With god all things are possible and he'll never let you down.

    I also realize that over all my experience that I made, whether good or bad during the past months or years I also learn from them and surely they made me grown too. Refering to my blog I never believe that I'll come so far. I feel comfortable in this whole blogging world and it is soo much fun. Esp when I have such amazing follow bloggers just as you.

    Can't wait to see your new blog design. Also need to update mine asap.

    Wish you a good day and weekend Debs!

    xx Lori

  15. lovely outfit I never would have thought of that combination.


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