Finding Neverland: A Kitsilano High Tea Date

Full disclosure here: this post is being posted about 2 months late. After the excitement and stresses of my Asia trip and returning to work slowly subsided, I realized that I had better post some "drafts" on my blog before they become hopelessly irrelevant. First on the list was one of the best high tea experiences I've had thus far at Neverland Tea Salon, which we visited in late June in Kitsilano. After one of my lovely girlfriends recommended that we try out this place, we headed out for a lovely sunny afternoon of chitchat and delicious treats.

Once we had reached our destination, we were pleasantly surprised by the warm service we received, the mouthwatering food that we quickly devoured, and the incredible teas that were available. While I usually claim that I am a tea aficionado, I quickly realize whenever I am in any sort of tea-oriented place (like David's Tea) that I know next to nothing (other than "green" or "oolong"). So when I was presented with the extensive tea list at Neverland, I chose the Peter-Pan-themed tea name that most appealed to me: Peter's Promise (mostly because someone near and dear to me is named as such). It turned out to be one of the best pots of tea I've ever sipped! Since afternoon high tea included never-ending tea, we were free to choose as much tea as we could drink; as a result, we ended up ordering about two pots of tea each, including a delicious iced tea. As a parting gift, we were presented with small bags of Take Me to Neverland tea leaves-- a very cute touch.

For high tea that was reasonably priced at $30 per person, we received much bang for our buck! The sweet and savoury treats included culinary delights such as smoked salmon sandwiches, croissants with cheese, egg salad and cucumber sandwiches, and scones. In my experience, high tea towers always look dainty and small; however, the food always packs more of a punch than expected and you find yourself feeling full before even half of the tower is finished.

And I haven't even gotten started about how cute the decor was at Neverland! Outfitted with the sort of vintage, retro chic in which you could spend all day relaxing, this tea salon was the perfect place in which to enjoy a lovely pot of tea and dainty treats with a good friend. 

The lovely Roxanne reclining in our comfortable spot by the window. Thanks so much for being such a great partner-in-crime as we try to explore more and more of what our wonderful city has to offer!


  1. Nice:) x

  2. this looks like such an adorable place! i am a tea lover too, so i would be in heaven there. those sweets look absolutely delicious too!


  3. Beautiful photos and informative post! Next time you go for tea, let me know. I am a huge fan. :)

    P.S. what camera do you use for photos?

  4. im a sucker for places like this!!!! the pastries look so yummy!! :D

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  5. Lovely pictures! The food looks incredibly yummy!

  6. Debbie!!! what a cute post! I laughed a little bit when you confessed these pictures were taking two months ago! because I have so many DIY I've taking pictures of and I just haven't had the time to make them into a post lol hopefully I will soon. Ok... this tea place looks AMAZING! I'm obsessing so much about it that I'm trying to find one where I live (which I highly doubt I will but maybe I can find something similar in the bigger cities a couple of hours away). Love the details I saw, the little chandeliers and vintage plates!!! so flipping adorable! that is my kind of place to hang out haha I also love tea (mostly green tea and chai tea lattes) but I'm sure I don't know much about them as I think I do. The treas also looked delicious and all of that for $30 sounds like a very accessible price to me :)

    Thanks so much for sharing! I truly loved this post! I will let you know if you I find something similar over here!
    p.s. Thanks for your sweet reply on my last post, you don't have to do the award post if you don't find the time for it! I normally let them accumulate so I can do all of them at once but I completely understand if you don't get to it :)



  7. i can believe it. such an amazing and lovely place. it looks totally stunning there! and roxanne looks wonderful and really relaxed!

  8. It is a very lovely place and your pictures are amazing. I want the cupcakes *crying*

  9. wonderful photos, it is certainly very interesting



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