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The first week of September is a confusing month. On one hand, it still feels like summer when the sun is shining, the air is warm, and people are still walking around in tank tops and shorts. On the other, many of us are looking forward to autumn activities, such as drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, going back to school, and wearing darker, fall layers. 

I've recently made a mini-resolution to attempt to wear more neutral and dark shades this season; I usually try to ignore the arrival of winter by wearing my usual bright shades and bold prints. Luckily, I was able to work with the brand proud, a German fashion brand, in order to work edgier and darker pieces into my wardrobe. This European brand, which was founded in spring of 2013, is now available online and in select stores in San Francisco, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Each jacket produced by this brand is washed with a unique method, which results in an individual and special look for each piece. Thanks to the generosity of proud, I have two jackets that I will be reviewing for your reading and wearing pleasure. 

For this outfit, I wore this proud grey jacket for a more toned-down, yet still chic autumn look. This piece comes with many interesting features, such as long-tasselled zippers, a detachable vest (which I am not wearing in this post), and lace-detailed backing. I also loved how the slightly fitted cut of the jacket's waist gave this more edgy material a more feminine look. I'm excited to style the next piece in a future post! 

Hat // Ever New
Jacket // proud (Instagram + Facebook)
Necklace // Mong Kok boutique (Hong Kong)
Skirt // Express
Shoes // Jeffrey Campbell 

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend, this sunshine and warmth is just perfect for living out the last days of summer!


  1. You look gorgeous in this outfit! Love your skirt and shoes <3

    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  2. You pull off this darker-tone/feel look so well! The jacket is so beautiful and I love how you paired it with something so feminine as the flippy skirt! And yes, I totally agree that the first week of september is that awkward time when you see people wearing flipflops and sweaters.. regardless, I think you've mastered transitional style here! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad, a fashion and social action blog

  3. Debbie!!! congratulations on this collaboration, I check their website and they have AMAZING jackets! love all the details on yours, specially the lace on the back and the cool zippers :) I can't wait to see the other one you got from them! Also, I love your bright colored and bold prints style but I'm so excited to see your new approach to autumn and winter outfits with more neutrals and black pieces of clothes! I'm sure I'm going to love everything you wear (as always!).

    Oh and question... where you burning up wearing a jacket in the warm weather? haha I know I am! I'm trying to incorporate some jackets or layered outfits to show some inspiration for fall outfits but it still pretty hot over where I live.... so it can get pretty hot and sticky in the middle of a photoshoot! hahaha part of me wishes it would be colder already so I don't have to suffer! haha not really!

    Before I forget, I nominated you for some blogger awards in my blog! I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy visiting your blog and you deserve all these awards! Don't worry if you can't do this soon or if you don't want to do it all. I normally struggle finding time to do them as well but I just wanted to be able to somehow express how much I like your blog and appreciate your friendship :)



  4. Nice:) x

  5. Super nice look :)
    I love the necklace :)
    And the hat looks great on you!!!


  6. you look lovely


  7. this is a really cute jacket! i like the lace detail in the back and it's awesome that it turns into a vest. i have the opposite problem -- i wear so many neutrals that i have to focus on wearing color sometimes!


  8. Firstly congrats on this amazing collaboration girl! Happy for you.
    I've never heard about this brand even though am from Germany but this shows that there are plenty of brands and stores that I have to discover yet.
    And I feel just the same as you. It's beeing really difficult for me to decide whether it is summer or fall because in the morning it is cold then in the other hand in the afternoon it gets warmer then cold and so on. Real confusing! But I guess I should better enjoy the last days of sunshine over complaining.
    Can't wait to have my fall warderobe all set and re-design my room to have a better view on my closet.

    So love the flower mesh detail on the jacket. You look so pretty in the whole autumn kinda "summer" look and made your best at combining the jacket. The hat really fits you too.
    I seriously need to get me a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots soon. Always told myself to save on that but never really did. So need to stay focused haha.

    Refering to your question on my blog about my internship beeing paid or not - it's beeing paid but could be more because I'm working full time and am doing lot of things that a trainee shouldn't be doing but at least its beeing paid and luckily I could talk to my chef to double my salary as its my last month and am doing way too much.
    Hope you'll find a paid internship anyway.

    Wosh you a awesome start to this week. <3

    xx Lori

  9. Nice look. I love the jacket and the necklace.


  10. lovely outfit and a nice shoot. it has some kind of a vintage feel about it!



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