Sunshine + Savings

Saying goodbye to summer is never a simple task. When the sun is shining bright and early as you're waking up for work or school, it's difficult to picture the shorter and gloomier days of winter ahead when we're still feeling sweaty in shorts and sandals. The end of season sales don't make things any easier: I recently bought a bunch of summery pieces in the last few weeks that I'm trying my best to wear before we pass the point of no return weather-wise. First and foremost, I was happy to wear this simple sun dress that I bought from Joe Fresh for the astonishing price of $2.94! It was the perfect piece to flaunt on an extremely warm Saturday on which I was meeting with friends for coffee and a high tea date downtown. Other than the irresistible price, I adore the neon yellow eyelet details on the white material; it feels like a modern, fresh twist on an older, more demure style.

While I had originally planned on wearing a bright pair of heels with this dress, I decided on a more casual option with these bright yellow flats from Topshop that I obtained for a mere $7.80. Yep, I seem to be attracted to these crazy end of season sales like a magnet of late.

Dress // Joe Fresh
Shoes // Topshop
Sunglasses // Cotton On
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace // Chameleon (Singapore)
Bracelet // Vintage

[Photos courtesy of Luvania]

Other than the sunshine and savings, I hope you noticed the new blog design! Thanks to a wonderful designer, an old classmate with whom I reconnected, I was able to obtain the fresh and minimalist design that I was longing for. What do you think?

I feel like I've been getting lots of things done lately: this blog design, wedding planning, catching up with good friends, and even working out. Just the other day I had a two hour gym session in the morning followed by a 6 kilometre run in the evening! I find that becoming a morning person of late has increased my productivity dramatically. Do any of you have some recommendations for how to stay on track with personal goals and avoid procrastination? 

Lastly, I am looking forward to a weekend spent in Whistler after I finish one last day of work tomorrow-- be sure to follow my Instagram account for some posts from my mini vacation.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and enjoy those last few days of summer-like sunshine!


  1. Ok. What? Are there typo's in this D? $2? $7? I'm living in the wrooooong country! Hahaha! Hope you've been doing well girl!


  2. lovely dress!

  3. This is such a sweet outfit, love this dress you look awesome! xo

  4. You look amazing debbie! Goodluck on the upcoming wedding. ♥
    keep in touch!

  5. You look amazing dear! Love that dress

    Please help me by cliking on the links of the post

  6. So pretty! I really do enjoy your sunglasses--I don't think I could pull them off, but they look amazing on you! Also, YES I noticed the new blog design--it's lovely! I've been tweaking my blog a lot lately as well, really trying to find something perfect that I won't be bothered to mess with when the academic year starts!
    And (except for today) I've also gotten into the habit of waking up early--you really feel so much more productive! I've also been putting all the small, quick things at the top of the list, so I can get the morning started by getting all of the little things out of the way (and makes me feel more energized to tackle the larger things on my list)! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  7. you look great, love the dress

  8. you scored some amazing deals here! such cute flats & i'm loving the dress. i'm sad to say goodbye to summer too. it does sound like you've been super productive though! i'm so not a morning person, but i am pretty good at getting things done. making lists really helps me stay on target! i usually keep one in my phone and erase each task as it's completed.


  9. very nice:) x

  10. Nice look, Debs! I've been doing well with the Topshop final sales too..they're unbelievable!

    Walking, Talking Style
    New post: Krakow

  11. Your dress looks great. However i would love to see the back view...

  12. Saying goodbye to summer isn't really hard to me. As I always say I am a autumn kinda person who loves to pull off trenchcoats, boots and whatever it takes to be warm and cozy. During the last weeks I've been active on shopping too but for autumn. Can't wait to finally wear my new pieces that I've been searching in forever.
    But girl you made some really good deals. That dress for less than 3$ ?! Wow unbelievable and those flats too. Lovin your sunnies but you already know. Unfortunately I've lost mine somewhere ugh!
    I also love the location you choosed for this outfit. Fits in just perfect and showing your look from a brighter side.
    For me I think I am not a morning person. I rather love to sleep till afternoon and then catch up some healthy breakfast instead of waking up early in the morning for a workout.
    But as for the coming colder days I think I'll visit the gym soon as I always feel more active in the colder days. Hate to workout in summer.
    And about your blog design - its amaaazing!
    Love the new buttons with each topics and the idea going more into minimalism. A fresh new page that I even love more to visit.

    I think to stay in track with personal goals is more about beeing focused on what you are doing and want to reach. You have to be highly motivated to reach your aims. Not everything comes from itself. You have to put afford into it, never loose your goals.

    Wish you a amazing mini trip Debs!

    xx Lori

  13. wow those prices are pretty amazing! I still can't believe your dress was under $3!!!! that is pretty awesome. I'm also having a hard time letting summer go but these past couple of days had been very cold... gray skies, cold winds and I just came to the realization that maybe just maybe is going to be like this from now on until it gets even colder :( hopefully I'm wrong and we still have at least a couple of warm days left.

    Ok let's talk about your dress!!! absolutely amazing!!! love the pattern and yellow and white color combo! you always look so elegant in anything you were so I truly love stopping by your blog! and your yellow flats are so cute too!

    It sounds like you are getting tons of things done! so good for you :) I need to start including some workout time in my schedule, lately I've only spent time at work, blogging and with friends! days should be longer so we can do all what we need to do! don't you think?



  14. Wow, love your look and beauty. Great dress ;)
    Greets, Nabil ;)

  15. I always adore the minimalist feel. I'm particularly fond of blogs with white background and muted tones of colours for header or text. I was actually deciding between white and pink or white and blue/turquoise (like yours) for my blog template the last time I switched to the minimalist feel.

    I can't believe you got the dress and shoes at such a steal. They certainly don't look the price at all. Glad to hear that you accomplished so much. It is always a great and satisfying feeling.

    Thank you for your sweet comments, Doffy. I love seeing newcomers around and I like meaningful engagement with fellow blog readers. I hope you had fun at your staycation. Sounds fun! I hope we continue to keep in touch.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  16. Your sunnies look like they were made for you!

    Froso M.
    Style Nirvana

  17. This is one amazing post!
    Love how you have supported with a brilliant visual story . just fab !

  18. wow! how can you find that dress at that price you were lucky, I like how it looks, I love the way you have matched this outfit whit the yellow flats, and your sunglasses looks pretty cool.
    Jackelin Ccorahua


  19. amazing look. such a classy outfit! i like your makeup very much, that red lips are really hot!

  20. Hi dear,

    you look great! Love your sunglasses :)
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  21. That dress is so beautiful! You styled it really well

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