VFW 2014

As a first-time attendee, Vancouver Fashion Week was everything I thought a Vancouver fashion event would be-- both the good and the bad. Since I had never gone before and would have been reluctant to attend by myself, I was lucky enough to have a fellow fashionista invite me to view the collections on the second day of VFW. We were fortunate enough to choose a day blessed with beautiful sunshine and heat; however, the high temperature would require that we choose outfits that were slightly more summer than fall in nature. Both of us ended up wearing hats and bold lips (our self-proclaimed style trademarks); however, from there the similarities ended as I wore more black while Bonita wore primarily brights. Nevertheless, we managed to wear somewhat matching outfits without any real effort!
As always, we made sure to have some good food over which to catch up about our latest doings. This time, we decided to have a delicious lunch at Secret Location in Gastown (see below for some shots of my mouth-wateringly good lobster gnocchi and Bonita's halibut). We had both heard about this particular venue before from online features; however, this would be the first time in which both of us would enjoy the luxurious setting and culinary delights of this concept boutique. We both enjoyed the fabulous decor (many were imported from France), appetizing food, and friendly service by the staff during our visit.

Top // H&M
Skirt // The Underground (Singapore)
Shoes // Zara
Necklace // Mong Kok Boutique (Hong Kong)
Hat // Ever New
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs

We arrived at the VFW venue about 30-45 minutes late but were surprised to discover that the show was having a fashionably late start. Luckily, we were able to pass the time while waiting to get into the tent by taking photos and having random photographers take photos of us constantly checking social media on our phones (oh dear). After settling into our seats, we were treated to a rough beginning with the first collection (which I couldn't say I loved) of yoga-inspired onesies from a local 'designer.' I personally thought this show was a tad self-indulgent with its overload of performers, from a violinist to a troupe of ballerinas. I also cringed at the thought of yet another Vancouver style stereotype, the yoga-pant-wearing-fanatic, coming to life in this collection. 
However, the next few collections were quite lovely; one menswear line in particular, Shinya Yamaguchi, caught my eye and attention. In fact, I would choose to write the latest Trendy Tuesday post on his strikingly bold designs here. Sadly, I would not be able to stay the entire night to view the entire set of collections; however, what I saw later on social media was good enough to make me regret leaving quite so early!

On Bonita:
Top // Club Monaco
Shorts // Wilfred by Aritzia
Jacket // Rosebud
Shoes // Louise et Cie
Bag // See by Chloe

Lobster Gnocchi


A special thanks to Bonita for being my trusty partner-in-crime in trying out new lunch spots and finding yet another reason to dress outlandishly (the last time was at the Hastings Racecourse). Dressing in hats and other eye-catching gear wouldn't be worth the many stares on the street and on transit without your joint effort!


  1. You look amazing in both outfits dear!


  2. Let me start saying something about the food then heading straight to your outfits.
    It's always good and for me so exciting to try out new food and cuisine. Never ate Lobster Gnochi nor Halibut before but I can see through the pictures that it's a delish. I mean you wouldn't have shared if it wasn't worth it right?
    I've falling in love with the flower black mesh top. Really from H&M? Hmm and I was about trying to get rid from H&M but honestly they just have amazing stuffs! Love the white skirt too and can say that you couldn't have dressed better Debs. I love the look. Stuuun -ning!
    Also love Bonita's outfit too. Loving her violet ombre too much!

    I am happy that you guys enjoyed the VFW most of the time but I guess making good and bad experience is normal and sometimes to expect. I already told you that I could also attend the MBFW in berlin earlier this year and it was my first official time to be part too and I feel like many doors have open now and that I found a feet in this crazy but exciting blogger life.

    Hope that we get to see more of those events and shows too. Because I feel pretty comfortable beeing around with people from the same genre. ;)

    xx Lori

  3. What an amazing top! The fabric and pattern are amazing!

  4. Fantastic! Your top is gorgeous, Deb :)

  5. Nice:)) x

  6. Two really, really great looks :)


  7. Debbie!!! what an awesome experience, I mean I know you mentioned you were kind of disappointed about people not really dressing up for the show but hey you both looked great and that is all what matters :) love both of your outfits, the 3d textural top you wore is amazing! so edgy and fun :) love how you mixed fabrics with that net midi skirt! you are such an adventurous! that is whay I love your style! your friend bonita also looked great! I'm loving her pink hair! actually now that I remember, you posted a picture of her in your Instagram and I totally though it was you with a new hairstyle haha sorry about that! you would look great with pink hair though. I'm actually giving it a thought for myself. My only problem is that I work in a corporate office... so I would get really weird stares from my coworkers for sure!!!

    The food also looks delicious! you just got me hungry looking at those pictures lol I will check out the designer your were talking about! I love finding new designers with amazing stuff :) thanks so much for sharing!!! I wish I could go to a Fashion Week anywhere haha I just want to go and experience it! hopefully next year.

    I hope your week is not as busy as it was the couple of past weeks and I hope the wedding planning is going great! don't forget to keep me updated :)


  8. this top is fantastic! I love it!! and the food looks incredibly good!! made me hungry! Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog! I am now following you through GFC 288 to keep in touch with your recent updates!

  9. Hi Debbie, what a lovely experience been in a fashion week is so amazing for us who loves fashion, you both look really gorgeous, I'm definitely in love with your top OMG! I want one similar, now i understand why the photographers take pics of you.
    the food looks delicious

    kisses and hugs from Barcelona

    Jackelin Ccorahua

  10. Both outfits are amazing! I love your hair in the second set btw! :)

    Janine, www.itsjaninella.com

  11. Love those shoes in your outfit! And your friend looks really great too. Both of you have amazing style. I wish I checked out VFW too! So nice to find another Vancouver blogger :)

    I just followed you on bloglovin, twitter and instagram. Hope you can check out my blog and maybe follow back :)
    Raincouver Beauty

  12. The whole outfit is amazing x


  13. Love your top and Bonita's boots. I wish you had stayed till the end. I am glad you enjoyed your day though....



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