Wedding Inspiration: Sparkling Savings on Jewelry (TideBuy)

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There are some girls out there who have planned their entire wedding down to the tiniest details even before they've been in a serious relationship. I am not one of those girls. While I may have casually browsed Pinterest for pretty wedding pictures in the past, I admit that I did it more because my friends have done so than for any other good reason. Now that I am actually in the process of planning my own wedding that will be taking place within a year, I find myself wishing I had prepared myself better for this period of my life!

Luckily I am surrounded by extremely helpful and knowledgeable people within my life who are more than willing to help a poor girl out. As well, there are so many online options nowadays with which one can find affordable wedding materials in order to create a beautiful, luxe nuptial event without breaking the bank. When the online brand Tidebuy approached me to write a post on affordable Tidebuy wedding jewelry for both brides and bridesmaids, I was more than happy to browse their lovely selection and obtain ideas for my own planning.    

Let's take a look at some of my favourite picks:

I personally would love to wear a delicate headpiece for my wedding day, as well as have my bridesmaids draped in some beautiful pieces. I especially adore the simple yet stunning floral headwear worn by the Tidebuy model above; perhaps my ladies would consider such adornments? While planning thus far is a tad slow due to the busyness that comes with the fall season, I'm so excited when I see more and more of my future wedding come to life as details fall into place. You can be assured that I've been getting bombarded with potential choices for dresses, jewelry, venues, photographers, and the like from most of my enthusiastic wedding party. Let's just hope that we all make it through the wedding planning process intact!

What pieces would you most prefer from Tidebuy's wedding jewelry collection?


  1. Great inspiration, thanks for sharing !

  2. You're planning for your wedding now? Gosh, must be really very exciting for you. I didn't really plan mine to the tiniest details too and during my time, there wasn't that many online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to browse. I hope you have fun planning for your wedding and being able to find all the apparels needed for yourself and your bridesmaids!

    Hey Deborah. Oh my, I think we are quite alike when it comes to commenting. I still do reply sometimes with thoughtful comments for those who comment one-liner or one-word on my post and I continue to do so with each return visit to them hoping that they would get it. If they don't get it after 3 times then byebye, I would stop. But you know what, the next time when they return and leave me more than a line, the cycle starts again. Haha... Thank you for stopping by and sharing with me your thoughts. I enjoyed reading them. Thanks for following me too. I am following you back on both GFC and bloglovin as I appreciate our 2-way communication. Hope we continue to keep in touch.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  3. Beautiful! love the jewelry!

  4. ahhhh I love seeing a little bit of your taste and plans for your weddings! Tidebuy seriously have some really cute jewelry items! and I'm sure the prices are not bad either! I don't know if this is a tradition for you, but hear you give presents to all your bridesmaids :) I gave them matching jewelry with many more things! but I though jewelry was a great idea! because they all looked adorable and made them look more like a team since they were all wearing different dresses :) oh wow I'm so excited for you! I wish I could go back one year and find myself in my own wedding planning! it was such a blast and such a romantic time... omg just remembering the look of my husband when saying his vows make my knees go week haha I'm so excited for you girl! congratulations on the collaboration on Tidebuy and I look forward seeing more of you wedding plans!


  5. The headpieces are amazing Debbie! I can't wait to see more!

  6. oh my godness, debbie! All the very best for you and your love! that is so romantic! and you did a great choice - the jewelry looks very tasteful. i prefer the first one, but all look amazing!

  7. Wow I love that first piece! Gorgeous.

  8. Your picks are amazing. I love the crystal wedding set. Oh no! Now i feel like getting married....*

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