Whistler Weekend // Part I

Sometimes it's easy to forget how beautiful your home is until you're forced to see it with new eyes. Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be taken for a short trip to Whistler by my fiancĂ© (it still feels odd to call him that) for a work-related treat. There we enjoyed the luxuries of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler and a delicious (but extremely late) dinner at the Bearfoot Bistro. The drive to Whistler is always a spectacular experience; it was made even more so by the brilliant weather that we've been having of late. Throughout the entire trip, I felt continuously blown away by the spectacular beauty that surrounded us from all sides-- it's no wonder that there is so much art inspired by the stunning landscapes of that area. I'll be sharing some photos taken at places like Brandywine Falls Provincial Park and in parts of Whistler in future posts. Until then, I'll be leaving you with this quick outfit post taken during our second and last day in that beautiful town. 

Coat // Front and Company
Hat // H&M
Necklace & Top // Hong Kong boutiques
Sunglasses // Cotton
Shorts // Dynamite
Shoes // Bamboo
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs

In other news, I'm happy to report that I've been staying productive with things with working out (I'm getting completely addicted to lifting), hiking, eating, and maintaining this blog. Tomorrow I am checking out Vancouver Fashion Week for the first time with a fellow fashionista-- thank goodness for free passes. As well, the day after I am attending and reviewing the advance movie screening for The Maze Runner. A busy week if I do say so myself-- wish me luck that I make it through intact! 

How have you been staying busy these days?


  1. This outfit is PERFECTION!You look sooo beautiful! BTW, love the hat and this sunglasses!


  2. Amazing outfit! Love that coat


  3. Nice:) x

  4. loving this outfit! what a gorgeous coat and the beanie adds so much character. have fun at vancouver fashion week -- how exciting that you get to go!


  5. Wow, really nice look :)
    the outfitlooks simply great on you and I love the cardigan <3


  6. Beautiful outfit choice! The necklace is a big statement piece for this outfit and I completely love it!


  7. What a cool coat Miss! It looks amazing with the shorts!

  8. Debbie,
    I love your outfit, it is casual and chic but with a touch of sophistication given by that fluffly sweater :) I'm also loving your sandals!!!! so so so cute! I would buy them but now where I live the weather shifted to fall in on day! so now it is pretty chilly, boots, coats and scarfs are in my list of shopping now.

    It sounds so nice to travel with your fiance and get to see new places next to him, I can't wait to see all the other places you described. Also, Fashion Week!!! Free passes!!! that is so awesome! I'm so jelous haha so I hope you can share that experience in your blog too.

    I got your comment on Instagram apologizing about not being able to check my blog. It is ok, I understand you are busy :) I hope you get the time to scroll through my latest post though, I feel like you are missing out some cute outfits I put together haha anyways! enjoy your busy week!


  9. Hi Debbie, I love black & white outfits, they are my favorites colors, and you look so pretty on this outfit. Traveling with you loved and visiting places is wonderful, I love going out and knowing new place, and this place looks amazing.
    Hope you have a wonderful day

    Jackelin Ccorahua

  10. Wow you got a busy week ahead of you, i can't wait for your review of The Maze Runner! And you look chic and edgy in your outfit!

    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  11. Good luck D! You sure have a busy week coming up but an exciting one at that. I loved getting a little peek at Whistler on my phone the other day through your Insta. Man it is gorgeous, really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them with us and enjoy your week. BTw can't wait to watch Vancouver Fashion Week through you once again!


  12. Already seen this amazing and cozy outfit in one of your instagram post and its so chic girl. I really love your fluffy cardigan (I guess I mentioned that before but its just the truth). However you've created such a feminine, timeless and comfy look.
    Haha and you really have to get use of calling your "then boyfriend" your fiance. But in that due of time am pretty sure that you'll realize what just happend.
    It also seems like a awesome and stressless trip with lots of enjoyments. If there wasn't those free times where we get to escape from reality which is the tough work life, we would surely go crazy haha!
    And congrats on attending the fashionweek. I can also remember the last fashionweek we had in Berlin and it was like my first offical time I could attend the Mercedes Benz show too and I was soo happy. Hope that next time I can be a part once again and same for you.
    And I do accept your apology for not checking up my blog lately and past posts or post lol. I can understand. Been there too and its sometimes hard to maintain everything together. I feel guilty too sometimes!

    Have a marvelous weekend doll!

    xx Lori


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