A Hobo Chic Thanksgiving

This morning, I woke up at 7 am and went for a 2 hour workout with my wonderful gym buddy Tia. After our gym session was over, however, my inclination to do anything productive went steeply downhill and I felt the overwhelming to spend the rest of the day with a hot cup of tea and a good Netflix lineup. Somehow, I managed to push through the feeling of extreme laziness to clean my room, blog, start a class research project, and other necessaries. Believe me, I much rather would have preferred sitting around eating Thanksgiving leftovers (by the way, I had the most delicious dinner last night) and watching ocean documentaries. 

Since we're on a Netflix tangent, I am feeling that quaint depression after completely finishing a noir murder mystery series called The Killing. Set in Seattle but filmed in Vancouver, this rainy, bleak, and devastating drama grabbed my attention from the beginning until the very end of the entire four seasons. I can't remember crying this much for a television series (or for anything) in recent memory-- the character development is amazing and the plot twists are gripping. After falling in love with the main two characters, it was very hard to say goodbye and realize that there are no more seasons to which I can look forward. We are most certainly a Netflix-and-television-obsessed generation! In fact, last night at Thanksgiving dinner I recall that half of the conversation revolved around our favourite shows and movies... 

In terms of this outfit, I decided to give 'hobo chic' a try with this laid back combination of a long cardigan, a midi skirt, toque, and flat booties. I am in love with the sweet details on this Aldo toque and Topshop midi skirt-- both have gotten me compliments aplenty already! I also was relieved to finally find a decent cardigan while shopping at The Gap with Sarah. I am excited to wear it on colder days when I feel like hiding under layers of stylish warmth during long days at school or work.

Toque // Aldo
Cardigan // The Gap
Top // Hong Kong boutique
Skirt // Topshop
Shoes // Jeffrey Campbell

In other news, I just ordered this pair of black boots from Zara the other day. Following that purchase, my fall and winter shopping list includes: one good bag for daily use (possibly this one) and a winter coat. But knowing me, I'll somehow add ten more items onto that list eventually...

What kind of fall trends and styles are you looking forward to wearing this year?


  1. Love you blog :) nice cardigan <3

  2. those boots are so cool! love your makeup too

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  3. nice top!
    you look great!


  4. nice and interesting combo, dear!
    great style!


  5. super cool style!!

  6. I love the skirt.... I have not been watching a lot of shows lately, I think I need to change that soon.


  7. I love this outfit and your midi skirt so much!
    And wow, I can't stand a 2-hour gym session!!! :(


  8. Love the soft palette of this outfit! It got a lot chillier here this week so I'm already nostalgic for transition pieces...I already need to be bundled up!


  9. I love the proportions and the play on fabrics of your outfit Debbie! Your look is amazing! And the embellished beanie is just the perfect finishing touch!

  10. Very nice:) Giveaway on my blog:)) x

  11. Aww i just love this look, all the pieces you put works well together, and im inlove with your JC shoes!

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  12. you look SO cute! love the entire outfit, the hat is absolutely gorgeous and that skirt is amazing!
    Emma xx

  13. Oh my god Debs I can totally feel you at this point. My favourite series is "The Vampire Diaries" and I was a fan and follower since day one and basically everytime something sad or anything bad happens I have to cry too. Even though I know that it's a fictional story and not even equal to reality, I don't care. Felt so in love with all the characters and there are some hot guys too that is even one of the reason why I am still watching since almost 5 years now. But unfortunately every good series has to come to an end and I guess this sixth season will be the last and I also don't know how to deal with it. Neither want to have the thought. I honestly never felt like this before for a series.

    But however haha let me come to your outfit. I don't know what it is but I fall in love with the whole outfit. It even made me go shopping and searched for a similar skirt and lace shirts since I saw it on your IG.
    And I won't lie this might be one of my fav outfits of yours. The cardigan, toque, shoes just everything on point and a great match.

    And about the autumn whishlist I also made mine and I have the same things on it. How funny is that. I need a bag for my daily use too and of course a coat for winter. The bag that you possibly want to purchase is amazing and so classy. Anyway I hope for the two of us to stick to the list and not get tempted by other stuffs, like the struggle is real.

    xx Lori

  14. That beanie is so cute! I look so silly in beanies, but maybe with all of the bling... just maybe I won't look so bad? Haha

    - Sarah :)

  15. I was starting to feel guilty when I read the gym sesh thing. Because I'm eating left over spag bol from last night. It's cold out and I don't want to do anything more than sit on the couch and watch bad soap operas and reality shows. And speaking of shows I don't think I've heard of that one but I can relate to the TV talking thing. Most of my relos overseas our conversations seem to swerve immediately into TV after the pleasantries lol.


  16. Hey dear, you look great, something like chic rock, stylish.
    i am Royal Wang, may i invite you to my blog and we can follow each other?


  17. your make up is on point, great outfit..you look gorgeous as always.


  18. Happy Thanksgiving! :) and... I'm also a Netflix fan and guess what... The Killing is one of my favorite shoes too!!! I saw all the first two seasons in like one weekend lol and the third season las year around Christmas. I've been waiting for so long to see the final season but so far I've only found time to watch the first episode and I think I felt sleep half way. I'm very busy right now I guess, with work, the blog, the boutique, the house and my husband. He doesn't watch the show so maybe that is also one of the reasons why I don't find the time to watch. I like to spend my few tv minutes next to him watching something we both enjoy.

    Ok, enough about me and my crazy life, let's move to your outfit! I love it!!! like truly love it, the midi skirt is super cool, love the grid details and the sweater looks so cozy and perfect for the cooler days. Your booties are pretty awesome too! I've been looking for a similar pair. You look stunning in all your pictures (as always) and I'm so happy for you sticking to your workout routines and working out so hard! I'm sure you are already achieving the results you want. How are the wedding plans going? how is school going? I have a midterm next Monday :( wish me luck!


  19. Why is your headgear so cute? I like it so much and the boots, they are so unique. Hehe... Sometimes the shows on tv are just so good that it sucks us in. I seldom watch tv but recently I got hooked onto The Walking Dead as my country was running the marathon episodes every single day on repeat before leading up to the newest season that opened on Monday. I hadn't quite expected myself to like a zombie show but even my dad was hooked. In fact, he was the one who influenced me to follow up on the episodes.

    I've replied you on my blog but as the comment is too long to paste here, I shan't. Have a good mid week!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  20. Marvellous beanie, darling!


  21. Wow! Amazing look, mostly love your hat and beautiful skirt with coat. So great <3
    Greets, Nabil ;)

    Will be great if we could follow each other :D

  22. That is such a cute beanie! :) really nice mix of textures in your outfit too - that skirt is so interesting! :)

    I wish we had netflix in Australia, it sounds wonderful!

    Away From The Blue

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  24. Love...love...LOVE this look. The gray tone and the red lipsticks just makes everything look so chic.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  25. Hello Doffy! I am so glad I found your blog. I actually saw the cute message you left on one of my good blogging friends and I immediately liked you. I appreciate good, kind-hearted people. So that is why I am here:-) I love your entire outfit especially the skirt. I am a skirt lover so yours immediately caught my attention. Loved the mixed in your look; the booties, the cardigan the hat... You got it all right! Loved your bio too. Like you, I am a coffee lover and enjoy appreciating and embracing the beautiful things in life. Blessings to you beautiful girl:-) xoxo, Jeannette


  26. I am so excited that you're into The Killing too! I was totally obsessed and watched every single episode on AMC, but I haven't seen the Netflix episodes yet. That will definitely be my next thing to watch -- I love both of the main characters. Your hat is so adorable, loving the embellishments. That cardi looks warm and cozy too!


  27. that portrait of you is amazing! <3 so pretty!


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