Historic in Wuxi

Whenever I'm bitten by the travel bug and feel that restless need to explore somewhere new, I sustain my fantasies by looking back at the amazing places I've already been. Over the summer, I visited China for the first time and was blown away by the depth of culture and history in that country. As a history student, I had studied both ancient and modern Chinese history by reading textbooks, attending lectures, and watching videos. When I was afforded the opportunity to visit some of the places that I had previously only read about, it could only be described as a surreal experience. While there were some moments when I didn't know which city I was in, let alone the background history of the place, I always was wide-eyed and completely fascinated by the new sights, sounds, and interesting people that populated each area. 

In this post, I finally edited some snapshots of this beautiful historic site that we visited one evening in Wuxi. After a long day of traveling on a big coach bus, we were relieved to finally stretch our legs and see somewhere new. This area, which contained beautiful temples, statues, ponds, and other quintessential Chinese artifacts, was also full of mosquitoes that were very happy to find us and our ready supply of blood. As well, it was incredibly hot during that time of the year (mid-July) and we had to constantly fan ourselves to maintain our sanity. As a result, when we had finished our tour and were given some free time, we ended up just sitting around and hoping the time would pass by sooner. Nevertheless, I forced myself to take some pictures so as to not let such an experience be forgotten. Hope you enjoy them!  

My dad looking quite pleased with himself after snapping many candid shots of his tired, sweaty, and so-not-impressed family. 

When my dear brother headed off into some creepy alley for the washroom, I feared that I would never see him again. Speaking of washrooms, this place had the worst facilities I have ever encountered. Think of one single drain running between each of the stalls; as well, the stalls had no doors and had only a small, shoulder-height wall with which to conceal oneself from the next person... Shudder, what a nightmare!  

Since we had arrived at a time of the day when there were few tourists and the park was about to close, we experienced an eerie kind of loneliness in that ancient town. Being in a place that was so empty and so old made you sure that there were a few ghosts hanging around... If any of you know the famous animated film Spirited Away, you would know what I'm talking about when I say that we felt like we were about to be kidnapped at any moment by some rambunctious spirits. Luckily, we managed to escape safely and arrive at our hotel for a good night's rest instead!


  1. nice photos
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  2. Debbie,
    These pictures are so breathtaking! I didn't know you where a history major! what an amazing career, which I also thought about when picking my pad. There is something about history that feels like a good night story haha and there is something about knowing about the past that teaches you for your actions on the future. I'm sure your trip to China was an incredible experience to explore old towns like this one! I'm sorry to read the weather was not cooperating and the mosquitos where too excited about your blood lol but it still sounds like you had a great time.

    Your dad and brother seem so sweet :) it is the first time I saw pics of them in your blog :) it is nice to get to know you better. Oh and the bathroom story! I laughed out loud! yup... there are some places like that in Peru to and I'm always horrified when I have to use one of those!

    Anyways I hope you are having an amazing week :)


  3. Amazing photos dear!


  4. I'm really touched by our photos and writing. that is an amazing place. and your washroom story is really funny! i like that post very much!

  5. Oh wow! I love your photos. I want to go to China so bad. Looks gorgeous!

    - Sarah :)

  6. I went to China last September and I too had a similar experience! I never made it to this town, but my overall experience was similar. It was breathtaking and all the history was unreal. When we went it was soooo hot and humid and I remember sweating when I was on the great wall! Love that you shared this! Brings me back to my travels as well.


  7. Hello Debbie! Is actually very funny because when I looked at the pictures I envisioned you having a very serene and calming experience in between those magnificent and historical buildings, experiencing a very relaxing, pleasant time. But when I read the post and I heard about the heat, mosquitos, the ghosts, the bathroom experience... it was like... OMG, not like I was envisioning it to be! LOL. I am so glad you got to experience all that despite everything else. Traveling is something that is in my bucket list to do more and I am looking forward to that. You have a lovely family by the way:-) Take care! Jeannette


  8. Great photos ! I would like to be there :)

  9. Amazing photos and so interesting. This is really different from anywhere I have ever been.

  10. the impressions are wonderful <3

    x Maria
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  11. Hello!
    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog, I appreciate everything you said! I started watching The Killing this morning but it's the one from Seattle. It is good so far though haha! Thank you for the suggestion :) Anyways, these are some lovely pictures! Hahahah I completely understand what you mean by Spirited Away, this movie freaks me out for some reasons. I hate the part where her parents turn into pigs. O.O
    Have a nice week end :)

    x vonyll

  12. Hahaha OMG! Sounds like a hautend town. Reading your experience about Wuxi made me laugh.
    Esp. when you thought you would lose your brother in one of the washrooms. So cute and funny as hell!

    The worst thing about summer are of course them stupid mosquitos. Been there too several times but luckily this year in Germany there wasn't much of them or at least they didn't sabotage my skin as they use to do.

    However though Wuxi sounds like a scary town I really loved the pictures along with the asian flair in the buildings. China is just so nice and definetely on top of my "To Visit List". I'm really jealous, you get to see all those nice places and I am stucked in my city. But one day or soon ..

    Happy weekend girl ;)

    xx Lori

  13. This was a fantastic post to read through and although eerie, it must have been strangely fascinating to be there as the place was closing. I find that some of my fondest memories have taken place at very popular places that are seemingly deserted due to opening times or weather changes. Have a great weekend! :)



  14. I'd be totally worried too if I let my brother go for a few lol. You had such an amazing trip though, besides the mosquitoes haha. I want to visit China , perhaps Ningbo first! I've seen the beautiful night sceneries in photos, ahhmazing.

    Oh I was running for an interview and I had to get to Coquitlam after, I couldn't stop by briefly, plus you were working. Haha I had to shout your name lol. You looked stunning as always wearing that beautiful smile

    This weather we got now should set us up for a coffee or tea date sooon!

    Coco L'Amour


  15. Such a lovely place. Soo serene and beautiful.


  16. Oh wow! I've never thought about doing that myself, I tend to search the travels of others instead, which is utterly depressing at times lol. I'll be sure to go back on my old snaps, at least they'll bring about joy and fond memories as opposed to melancholy of living vicariously through others.


  17. Hahaha! Being in a place that was so empty and so old made you sure that there were a few ghosts hanging around ........got me laughing. Nice pictures by the way, i love the captures and the fact that they serve as a memory to you.
    I nominated you here : http://auspiciousdeb.blogspot.com/2014/10/sisterhood-of-world-bloggers-award.html

  18. These pictures are just beautiful and you really capture the look of them! I was born in China and I have always wanted to go back. The kind of vacation you and your family are doing sounds perfect!
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration


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