You may have noticed by now that I love wearing this black toque. Last year, I had been hardcore searching for one like this; sadly, I had apparently chosen the time of the year in which they were nowhere to be found. So when I saw them available in abundance at H&M last month, I snatched one up without a second thought.

Other than toques (I might get this bejeweled one in grey), my latest obsession is this pair of mirrored Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses that I just received from SmartBuyGlasses CanadaSmartBuyGlasses is an online retailer focusing on eyewear and other optical services-- their catalogue currently includes over 80,000 different products from over 180 leading eyewear brands, including Ray Ban, Gucci, Tom Ford, Carrera, Marc Jacobs and many more. They operate in over 30 different domains globally, of which smartbuyglasses.com and smartbuyglasses.ca are two of the largest.

As I had previously bought a pair of clubmasters from Aldo, I almost immediately chose this pair as I knew that they would suit me well. From past experience, I know that I can't choose larger frames, such as aviators, as they tend to overwhelm my face shape. Therefore, smaller designs such as classic clubmasters and wayfarers tend to be my top choices. 

Lastly, I finally bought another lipstick from the Sephora cream lipstick line-- a dark red shade by the name of "Super Hot." I've already fallen in love and plan to constantly wear this fall-and-winter-appropriate colour for the next few months. 

Aren't these photos lovely? My model-turned-temporary-photographer Paula H was kind enough to snap these around downtown Vancouver before our dinner last night. While we had originally planned to enjoy a free meal at the new Boston Pizza (for the new team's rehearsal practice), an unfortunate delay in the restaurant's opening meant that we had to quickly choose another dining spot. Instead, we would eat at Frankie's Italian Kitchen and Bar located within the Georgian Court Hotel and devour delicious, fancy pizzas (blue cheese is the best) to our hearts' content. We also had too much fun being loud and rowdy in a completely empty but upscale restaurant. For example, we thought nothing of dancing to the random music playing in the background and laughing to the point of actual tears. To make things even better, our Vancouver Tourism Privilege Pass meant that we received a 25% discount on all entrees.

Sunglasses // Ray-Ban (c/o SmartBuyGlasses)
Toque & Jacket // H&M
Top // Cotton On (Singapore)
Necklace // Forever 21 (Las Vegas)
Pants // The Gap
Shoes // Arturo Chiang
Bag // 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Today, I woke up feeling tired and cranky, emotions made even worse when I realized that one of my email accounts had been hacked and was spewing forth spam emails. Luckily, I somehow managed to make it through the entire day of classes until I was able to hit the gym. After a sweaty, two hour session of lifting, my fatigue and frustrations from the day were erased-- I adore working out!

We all have to survive just one more day before the long weekend: are my fellow Canadians stoked for Thanksgiving dinners and family time? I myself plan on hitting the corn maze with my fiance, brothers, and sister-in-law; enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving dinner; venue hunting; having coffee dates with friends; and other fun activities. What do you have planned?  

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by SmartBuyGlasses Canada, all opinions are exclusively my own.


  1. Debbie, these pictures are truly lovely, I love how creative you are getting with them! I've been wanting to take some shots from the outside of a coffee place but my husband/photographer doesn't like the attention! haha :(

    Love the new sunnies!!!! you are getting so many really cool collaborations! I'm very happy for you! the glasses really fit your face and I'm so in love with the mirror trend. I don't own a pair myself yet but I'm def looking for the right ones.

    Canadian thanksgiving sounds great! I hope you have a great time with your family and I can't wait to read all about your lovely weekend eating like a crazy person. thank goodness our thanksgiving is still a month away because I haven't worked out enough to get ready to eat that much lol Have a great weekend dear!


  2. Nice:) x

  3. I am so loving your shoes and sunnies!

    Your daughter is such a lovely girl! No wonder she'll be as dashing as you Mommy Jaq!

    Love your words Mommy Jaq! They are so true! We should not blog for others and we should never seek for anyone's approval. We do what we love to please ourselves and not anyone else. :)


  4. lobe the look the jacket is amazing


  5. Those photographs turned out so great, especially the last one. You look so chic! The outfit seems to be stylish, but effortless at the same time.
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  6. Love your blog! I just followed you on GFC and Bloglovin, would you please follow me back? :)
    Michaella from http://quitealooker.blogspot.com/

  7. I love this jacket, it is so super amazing.

  8. Really cool :)
    I love the sunglasses and the pants :)


  9. Love this look and pictures!! Little bit elegant, more street and crazy :D Nice combination :D
    Greets, Nabil ;)


  10. Ohh Ohh Ohh I'm looking the reflections here and there and those camo pants are so sleek

    Missed your blog for a bit


  11. Amazing pics indeed Debs. You are really creative in shooting blogpics.
    First things first, congrats on another collaboration, I can see that things going very good for you lately and so will the future be.
    Your outfit is really cool. Has a touch of edgy streetstyle, mixed with some ladylike pieces.
    The funky military print fits so perfect to the sunnies. Lovely.
    Somehow I'm having a real crush on each details esp. the necklace which is so chic as well.
    You really know how to dress up!

    Also proud of you that you still keeping it up with the workout not like me haha.
    Sorry to hear that about you beeing hacked but luckily you could solve the issue somehow. Some people just dont have anything else to do than making other lifes harder.

    Hope you had a great weekend with your fiance and friends and as well a great Canadian Thanksgiving with lots of delicious food and enjoyments.

    xx Lori

  12. Great army look, love the sunnies!


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  14. Gorgeousss photoosss! You pull off the toque so well! I look horrible in any head "gear" haha. Those sunglasses are pretty sweet too. My friend was looking for one that was that finish during the summer.

    Raincouver Beauty


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