Nature Walkin': Capilano Suspension Bridge

Sometimes all you need to do is step out into your backyard and you'll find an amazing adventure awaiting you. For my friend Tia's birthday, we decided to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge, a Vancouver attraction located in the beautiful semi-wilderness of North Vancouver. Before we headed down there, we woke up early for a 6 am workout and ate a hearty brunch at The Red Wagon in East Vancouver. We wanted to start our day as early as possible so that we could get as much work done as possible after visiting the bridge; in the end, we ended up getting a full day's worth of sight-seeing before 1 pm! There are most certainly some great benefits to becoming a morning person.

When we got to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, I was able to get us into the park for free (normal price was about $35.95 plus tax) with my Vancouver Tourism Privilege Pass. As soon as we entered the area, we were immediately struck by the rustic beauty of the attraction-- while we weren't very far from civilization, it was definitely nice to get out of the urban jungle for a bit. We also loved seeing cute autumn touches like pumpkins lying around the place and the beautiful changing leaves standing out like bright jewels amid the evergreen trees.

Toque, Sweater, & Scarf // H&M
Cardigan // The Gap
Pants // J. Brand
Shoes // Zara

Special thanks to Tia for capturing these shots even though we were battling obstacles like a moving bridge and crowds of people walking over the bridge. As well, it was definitely a good idea to bundle up for this mini-adventure as the temperatures were dropping and we were feeling the chill. I chose comfort over style with this ensemble; however, I was happy to wear this leopard print sweater that I received last Christmas from the lovely Sarah of Crowded Closet. Yay for making use of great presents! 

We were pleasantly surprised at how the park had been expanded to much more than just a mere suspension bridge. There were three main segments of the park: the bridge itself, the Treetops Adventure section (pictured right above), and the Cliffwalk (of which I only took iPhone pictures). 

Every time I explore another area of my home province, I am continuously struck by the natural beauty that we still are privileged to enjoy. While cities are beautiful in their own right, nothing beats the picture-perfect landscapes that God made!


  1. Dear Debbie, I was anxiously waiting for this post. I kept seeing the pictures you posted on IG and was wondering if you were going to do a post about them, and you did! So thanks very much! I am speechless about the beauty of that place. You are so blessed to have all that so close to you. You have inspired me to plan some travel and see more of the world. The bridge is stunning and simply amazing. I can imagine how much fun you had. I am also glad that got to spend time with your good friend. What a good day you both had. Pictures are amazing and you look super cute. Love the sweater you got from Sarah and the J Brand pants and of course, your new boots from Zara. The boyfriend cardigan I also like very much and your smile is so enchanting. You are super beautiful. Take care and looking forward to your next post. XOXO, Jeannette

  2. Great look!) Beautiful pics)

  3. nice comfy look!

  4. super photos:) xx

  5. AMAZING location!! You look adorable

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  6. these photos are stunning. nature is so amazing! you really do live in a beautiful place. i have a sweater that looks just like the one you're wearing. love how you paired the two different shades of gray together!


  7. wow, nature is so beautiful - and so you are too! i love your natural smile!!! and such a cool outfit - the shoes are so amazing! wishing you a happy halloween weekend :)

  8. followed u back dear....
    keep in touch

  9. Hey Debbie. Wow the photos captured the beauty of the place perfectly. You're making me wanna go to this Capilano Suspension Bridge too. I wished Singapore has such great nature scape but we are just too tiny. Oh yes, sometimes when you are up early in the morning and witness the beauty of the morning, it does give you a sense of appreciation for being a morning person.

    Thank you for your lovely words, Deborah. I didn't quite like the crab broth ramen as the rest of the group. Everyone finished it except me. Hehe.. I do love clear crab broth Chinese style. Oh we have very warm climate here but I wear those fluffy socks in the air-con room. It is good that your fiancé consults you for new styles. Mine is so stubborn. He doesn't like anything which I think is nice. =/ Ah, you have sweet students too. How lovely. They always make our day, don't they?

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  10. Goshhh! It must have been funny taking photos on a moving and huge bridge. I can imagine that it was in some part kinda nervwracking to have to cope with such a struggle. But anyways you guys made the best out of it and managed to have great shots.
    I am not the nature type but seeing all of your nature pics on your blog and Instagram brings the love for it out of me.
    Anyways am still impressed on how you've been really staying in track lately and manage to do like a lot of stuffs beside. You rock girl!

    But lemme come to your very cozy outfit which is really appropriate for this kind of occassion or adventure. The cardigan is so chic in combination with the rainy boots. Also loving the leo printed top which is your signature in this outfit. Because I know that you literally can't go without a bold print or detail. But that's nothing bad about to complain because its just another great outfit.

    Have a lovely week Debs.

    xx Lori

  11. Ahhhh geez I am so envious of where you live! Imagine living next to this! Wow, seriously! Oh and I am totally making a note of that tourism card thing you got happening there. If I ever mange to get my ass to Canada then I am so looking one of those up. Free entry, yes please! If I recall places of interest in the USA are super expensive (why? I have no idea? I mean compared to where I live most things are free or well under $10!) and I'm guessing Canada would be much the same


  12. These pictures are so great! Saw these on your instagram and was like this looks sooo awesome. Can't believe you went in this adorable outfit!! I would have gone in sweats. This suspension bridge looks so amazing and the scenery is unreal! Hope you had a fab time!


  13. Yay, the photos look good! And you look gorgeous. Thanks soo much for taking me, it was a blast :) <333


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