Plastic Pink Transitions

While I love the city of Vancouver, it's always nice to have a mini break from our rainy home. As Raincouver is returning from its summer hiatus, I am excited to experience 30 degree (Celsius) weather again in sunny Las Vegas this upcoming weekend. I'll be enjoying a girls-only trip with two good girlfriends; so far, we have tons of shopping, eating, and partying planned. While we will only be leaving for two days and two nights, we all are looking forward to just relaxing and having a good time together. As long we get some cute clothes, delicious food, free drinks, and lots of sunshine, I'l consider it a trip well-done. This will be my third trip to Vegas and I am looking forward to revisiting all of my favourite sights and sounds in that crazy city. 

In terms of this outfit post, I was lucky enough to be asked by Roxanne to be featured in Hush Magazine for a fall transitional outfit post. We met up early Saturday morning for a quick brunch at Wildebeest before heading over to the Vancouver Art Gallery for a photoshoot with the talented Isaac. It's always a fun time with that girl, perhaps even more so as she is a fellow Singaporean fashionista!  

In terms of this outfit,  I wanted to wear some pieces that were somewhat reminiscent of the summer but still appropriate for the fall season. As a result, I decided to wear a toque, this long jacket, and a plastic-textured skirt from Topshop. I have literally scoured the Topshop end-of-season sales lately and have a bought a total of three skirts so far. I have been debating the likelihood of my being able to wear skirts all winter since my wardrobe seems to consist mainly of skirts and dresses lately...

Skirt // Topshop
Top // Zara
Necklace // Chameleon (Singapore)
Toque & Knee-Highs // H&M
Shoes // Forever 21
Bag // Michael Kors

[Photos by Isaac]

A candid snapshot of myself going crazy shopping at Ego Closet in Gastown. How will you be spending this upcoming weekend?


  1. Veeeeeegas! I'm so dam jealous of you. 3rd time?! I haven't even seen it once lol. And I'm pretty sure you'll be scoring heaps of sun, drinks, fun and sartorial bargains. Especially the later. I predict a massive shopping spree ahead. Congrats on the feature, love your take on the transition look. So fun and cute while still being practical with the coat. I suppose you could wear skirts and tights during winter no? I have no idea, don't take my advice. I've never seen snow and our winters don't go below 7 degrees (Celsius) so...


  2. oh, I've got to say you look incredibly original and chic. The outfit turned out super stylish and eye-catching. Besides, those snapshots are so wonderfully done, good job!
    Have a fabulous time there, enjoy your trip!

  3. Oh wow, this outfit screams chic!!! I totally love the TopShop skirt !!!

  4. Amazing outfit dear! Love that skirt

  5. Nice:) x

  6. Wow love this look at all!!! Pink skirt, bag, amazing coat. Pictures, this how beautiful you are. Everything <3
    Greets, Nabil ;)

  7. I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  8. Really great look!
    THe skirt has an amazing color and I also deeply love the coat!


  9. you look so hot! wow! that pink skirt and your crop top - perfect look! you remind me of barbie!

  10. Gosh that pink and animal print goes so perfectly! On point with your styling again!

  11. I love the skirt (then again i love anything pink) and your jacket is awesome...

  12. A trip with gal pals is always so precious. Other than cute clothes, delicious food, free drinks, and lots of sunshine, the time spent wit treasured friends are valuable. Glad to hear of you enjoying yourself. Your skirt and sling reminds me of Barbie doll.

    Thank you for your sweet comment, Debbie.Ah, I'm guilty of making you hungry with those food photos. Hehehe... That's what always happens when I read blogs and scroll Instagram when I'm so hungry late at night. I hope you and your fiance had a lovely dinner.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  13. Oh wow this is stunning. I really want the skirt and coat. Pink is my favourite colour and this is also one of my favourite prints.

  14. Hey Debs!
    First off I have to apologize for my absence lately (I seriously feel so bad) but unfortunately I damaged my laptop somehow and I'm actually still waiting now for about 2 weeks to get it fixed. I'm literally dying esp because I have so much freetime and can't spend it on blog things. But anyway I still got my phone, its not the same but at least something to keep up with you.
    So lets get to your outfit. Already saw your pics on IG and I'm loving that shinny kinda plastic skirt and its colour, like so chic and unique. Over here in Germany we've been also experiencing some warmer autumn days and its amazing when waking up and sunshine fulfilling your face. I can't wait either to pull off some cozy and bold autumn looks. Congrats on the collab btw girl!

    And you must be so lucky to spend sometime in Vegas. I so want to get outta here and see some other places like so bad.
    Hope that you really enjoy this trip with your girls.

    Fingers crossed that my laptop will be fixed tomorrow.

    xx Lori

  15. Totally loving the print mixed with pink look. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm following you now on G+, Bloglovin #139 and GFC #280. Please follow back.


  16. I adore this look head to toe. I love the addition of the beanie with the feminine skirt. Such a stellar combo. :] // ☼ ☯

  17. Look maravilhoso amei essa sia esta show tenha uma semana abençoada.
    Canal de youtube:

  18. oh wow going to Vegas for a weekend sounds amazing!!! specially when you get to go with your girlfriends! I look forward to see your pictures in that trip! My husband and I just came back from a short trip to North Carolina, which I absolutely enjoyed! and in a couple of weekends one of my girlfriends and I are going to spend a weekend in New York! I can't wit for all the shopping, eating and partying we are going to do too!!!

    Your outfit is awesome! like seriously! love that plastic skirt, it is so 90's! love how you paired it up with more fall pieces, it brings a pop of color and a little of the an unexpected visual experience! if that makes any sense!

    Congratulations on the magazine opportunity! you totally deserve it, your style is truly flawless.
    I hope you are having a great start to your week.


  19. You really look cute, between, i love your outfit.

  20. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and thank you for following dear!! Sure I am following back now :)
    You are really pretty and I love this outfit! Can't wait for your next posts!!

    Have a nice day, Johanna from ShoppingMeadow

  21. your outfit looks great, and love the leopard jacket with the pink skirt, have a great time in vegas!

  22. Super duper outfit dear!

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